Marketing Automation Basics


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A basic primer on marketing automation, lead management and demand generation as presented by Michael Ward, Founder & CEO of Net-Results Marketing Automation.

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  • Most leads – even qualified – don’t close right away. Increasing your effectiveness at pursuing those leads long term means an increase in revenue.This is because it helps close higher % of those leadsn/aQualified leads search – but most don’t buy immediatelyEffective use of MA generates great returns
  • It used to be that prospects had to come to you – you could startbuilding a relationship.Now they can research your company’s services onlinewithout ever contacting you at all.
  • What do the really want to know?
  • These days, they’re going to find that information somewhere.
  • Build a relationship without ever speaking to the prospect.Your content builds relationships with an unlimited number of prospects in a scalable manner.
  • Contact info or…Like us on facebook or…Complete a brief surveySUM UP: At this point, we’re providing content – people are finding it!We’re driving traffic, we’re capturing contact info from our leadsThis is called (next slide) Inbound Marketing
  • Website, blog, tips, tricks, white papers – all the content you shareIs bringing traffic to you(content is great SEO)PPC, etc. are all part of inbound marketing.
  • Marketing Automation Basics

    1. 1. Marketing Automation Basics, an Introduction, and Knowing the Path Michael Ward, Founder & CEO
    2. 2. Happy Fishing! | 2• 60-70% of the qualified leads that engage (live, web, email) will buy from you or competitor within 12 months (IDC)• Lead management leads to 10% increase in annual revenue according to (IDC)• Marketing automation decreases costs -per-lead by 44% on avg (IDC)• 83% of the B2B buying process starts with search (Sirius Decisions)• Sirius Decisions expects the adoption of marketing automation technology to increase to 50% by 2015
    3. 3. Happy Fishing! | 3 Marketing Has ChangedProspects research online before buying Long before buying for B2B
    4. 4. Happy Fishing! | 4Prospects doing research want information.What do they want to know?
    5. 5. Happy Fishing! | 5• What questions they should be asking• Guides, Reviews, Overviews• How-To’s, Tips, “Thought Leadership”• Case Studies, Product ComparisonsThey really just want to know how to succeed.
    6. 6. Happy Fishing! | 6 The company thatprovides this informationbuilds a relationship with the prospect.
    7. 7. Happy Fishing! | 7 Be the source.Give prospects the information they seek …in exchange for their contact info This is called “Offer Content”
    8. 8. Happy Fishing! | 8 “Inbound Marketing”Generate Leads at the Top of the Funnel
    9. 9. Happy Fishing! | 9“Nurture” these captured prospects:Give them the information they seek.
    10. 10. Happy Fishing! | 10 “Lead Management” (marketing automation)Nurture Leads through the Funnel
    11. 11. Happy Fishing! | 11What is “Lead Nurturing”? Feed your prospects’ hunger for information
    12. 12. Happy Fishing! | 12 A Basic Process:• Capture Leads• Categorize by who they are (qualifications) & where they are in the research/buying process (you’ll need excellent segmenting capabilities to do this well)• “Nurture” those prospects with information relevant to where they are in the process (send them emails with the information they seek)
    13. 13. Happy Fishing! | 13 Marketing Automation allows you to automate…• Lead Capture• Lead Classification (early/late stage, well/poorly qualified, etc.)• Nurturing them with appropriate content
    14. 14. Happy Fishing! | 14Put simply…Email, track, score, repeat. (well, that’s putting it very simply but I’ve only got 20 minutes to get through this presentation)
    15. 15. Happy Fishing! | 15 What’s hard?• Understanding (or developing) your lead management process – what are you going to automate?• Feeding the inbound marketing & lead management machine with content
    16. 16. Happy Fishing! | 16 What’s easy? Using Net-ResultsMarketing Automation (of course)
    17. 17. Happy Fishing! | 17 UnmatchedSegmentation Capability.Simple segmentsare created inseconds. Complexsegments in a fewmore seconds.Use your segmentsto drive Alerts,Reports,Campaigns, LeadScoring, Auto-CRMimport, ListManagement &More.
    18. 18. Happy Fishing! | 18 Snazzy Analytics! Build any Segment you like and analyze instantly! Unlikeanything available from any other marketing automation system (of course)
    19. 19. Happy Fishing! | 19Simple Drip& Nurturing CampaignsCampaigns canbranch based onsimple Yes/Noquestions orcomplex segmentconditions of yourcreation (that takeonly moments tocreate & areimpossible with allthe marketingautomation systemsyou may be lookingat)
    20. 20. Happy Fishing! | 20 Great Dashboards!Always know exactly where you stand – and communicate to executives with charts and data that illustrate the great results you’re achieving!
    21. 21. Happy Fishing! | 21 Beautiful ReportsStraight to your Inbox Set it and forget it. Until the awesome stats come in. Then forward them around the office and brag about the arse you’re kicking.
    22. 22. Thank youMichael Ward, Founder & CEO @NetResults