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The Ezine Articles very powerful for email marketing …

The Ezine Articles very powerful for email marketing

it can help to skyrock your business in a short of time

the reason I post ezine articles want to help to all who

love to work online to provide and share this information

to you all who straggled to get the business bring to live

The Ezine Articles I got from my Teacher his name Charlie Page

All this email he personally sent to me not in the public.

Right now I share with you all, it couldn’t be shared thispersonal information but I remember my dismal time

I’m a human been I get a feeling and understand how

the tragedy journey is only way I can do just share

I speak from my heart I tell you the truth and only you can

prove is take action when you are ready it will reveal you

then reconsider what about I’m talking about I’m not

the one who Hype if you don’ttake the action and invest

a little money into you business like this phases:

Watch your thoughs they becomes your words

watch your words they becomes your action

Watch your action they becomes your habit

Watch your habit they becomes your character

Watch your character they becomes your destiny.

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  • 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSEzine Articlesby mmok | on January 26, 2013 1 TweetThe Power Of Ezine ArticlesThe Ezine Articles very powerful for email marketingit can help to skyrock your business in a short of timethe reason I post ezine articles want to help to all wholove to work online to provide and share this informationto you all who straggled to get the business bring to liveThe Ezine Articles I got from my Teacher his name Charlie PageAll this email he personally sent to me not in the public.Right now I share with you all, it couldn’t be shared thispersonal information but I remember my dismal timeI’m a human been I get a feeling and understand howthe tragedy journey is only way I can do just share Recent PostI speak from my heart I tell you the truth and only you canprove is take action when you are ready it will reveal you Ezine Articlesthen reconsider what about I’m talking about I’m not Great Effective Leadershipthe one who Hype if you don’ttake the action and investa little money into you business like this phases: Home Business OpportunityWatch your thoughs they becomes your words Make Money Online At Empower Networkwatch your words they becomes your actionWatch your action they becomes your habit Earn Extra Money From HomeWatch your habit they becomes your character Define VirtueWatch your character they becomes your destiny.
  • 2. the answer will be clear for this There are no guarantees of any income the secret formulas Easy Way To Make Moneyto earn money online is to take the action for it and believe in yourself like we go to workevery day and we believe we going to earn money but we never think about money first and Rob Force is Awesomedo the job later but it still some job you have to take money first but later on you have to dothe job nothing happen in this reality world without learning how to perform the job it meanstake action for it we don’t expect to get all those income without doing some works but amount Compensation Empower Planof some criminal in our society will do that what they thinking for a short cut how their ways toearn money but for us are different opinions we like to earn the right way and take all our Show Ya How Making $$$ 1000 A Dayability to perform the job to make it happens ,it must be taken some works on it and spendsome money for our business what ever kind of business are we have to do, if not nothing for Encourage yourselffree because we exchange all kind of our knowledge and special skills to make our livingeasier depend on what kind of our passion intend to these all reasons must be have reason Tony Rushfor it to keep it goes to reach our goal we have to have a goal set up what we want if not ithas no result only a bag of potato chip sit on the couch and get fat watch TV but if we ready Live with David Woodto get our hand dirty or any action we have to be wise spending, it’s nothing we know aheadas same as all collect students need to know what they are going to take class for if not waste Daily Audiotime and money as thing like us if we want something work for us we must be wise be surebefore spend money we can put a little invest to it and wait how it works if we tried it 2-5 timesbetter move to the next keep repeat this till we see the result but it’s really really take time Feating Excutive, the Failure Diseasenothing is going to work over night same as collect student if they want to learn all over nightand can use it tomorrow to earn the amount of income what they want , this is thinking not The Art Of Creating Magiccanna happen but if we understand that we will be accepted it because from ourunderstanding source that the way things are we can’t really change anything from the truth, the secret key wordthe truth is the truth no one really do or change anything from the reality state of the truth like2+2=4 this number really accurate this simple math make thing go better if we understand From Showering With Homeless To Livingabout easy and simple thing to start from if we’re not sure what it is going to work for us we’ll On The Beach Of The Worldrepeat over and over again to clear our understanding about making money online Imentioned all above, without any effort or take action then learn from there than you commit How to Turn Tragedy into Triump with kevinfor yourself if so no even only just penny can’t see in a year no matter what how hard you and Melissatried, every thing works it is not from we tried to work very hard on it to make it happenswithout any understanding how the thing works and what are the reason to make you do that Empower Network Boot Camp Day 5we have to have clear intention what we want then we start and focus from there learn little bylittle to make our better understanding, the reason why it works why it isn’t works every thing lazy man do SEOmust have their own reason we have to fine what is causing and after we apply to ourbusiness what is affecting to what ever we focus on and we start to scale it from there to get itworks better and better if something don’t works just stop don’t continue with the way don’t Empower Network Boot Camp Day 3works this a clear understanding why we stop why we start because we knew that way notcanna works and this way it works are you clear now? , whatsoever, I posted all my Get trafiic For Freeexperience learnt from Empower Network and where else on every page of my site, because Ilike to help and share to clear all this vague concepts. 8 Core to succeed and blog dairyfor me I believe in in myself, and I don’t believe in get rich programs or any hype withoutimplement by myself – only in hard work, adding value and serving others to make me to Easy SEO Score…make huge easy moneybecome a better understanding and get better experience to apply to my business. on blogThe secret formula at Empower Network are: how to make money quick1-commit to yourself How to make more money money2-you have to understand ( education you are on now not making money yet) position thinking or Right thinking3-don’t wish to get rich over night( don’t think about money in front)4-have to learn and listen (To all successful leaders and copy from them) Mind set5- take action for it( blog dairy and learn from there) Team up and share6-don’t give up( keep going)7-believe in yourself( self confident) The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 20128-learn how to appreciate with your little success9-your Business not suck forever (if you don’t bust yourself) 25 dollars make you Poor or Rich?10-give them time to work after 30-90 days( any question after 90 days ask Empower Network Keys to successsupport or your sponsors or join the call every monday night or Webinar will dig your answerout) It’s about character and destinyAlright guys hope this can help
  • 3. if you want to join click here Brand Yourself Worry is a total waste of time How to lose weight information NewbiesIf you want to learn only 25 dollars click here If making money in your business isn’t EASY, you ain’t doing it right…if not crab your free downloads Search for: Search MEMBER LOGINThat’s all I can help you guys …!Enjoy…! Get Started Now!Another Free *Emailthe power of ezine articles start nowfrom my personal email it shouldn’t on the public Categoriesmy teacher sent to me…now I share with you guys…Enjoy….! Select CategoryBy Charlie Page the owner of Directory Ezines——————————————————-I speak with people every day who are confused anddiscouraged.They have been done wrong, ripped off by some site thatpromised the moon and delivered only disappointment.But here’s the cool thing – after only a few minutes onthe phone almost every one of these bruised andbattered seekers are ready to push on. Ready to takethe next step, learning from their mistake.What makes them so resilient?Today’s article holds the key!Charlie Page866-824-8966————————————————–No List? NO Problem!————————————————–Ezine advertising is BOOMING! If you are not usingEzine Articles marketing yet, now is the best time. Drive highly interestedPROSPECTS to ANY website you promote using the power of ezine articles marketing!
  • 4. Ezine Articles Enter your name and primary email address to get my $47 eBook … FREE! You will learn how to … Blast your ad to 200,000 people for under $50 Find the right ezines for your offer … FAST! Submit articles for maximum exposure! Find Joint Venture partners who will mail for you! Work one-on-one with Charlie Page! And MUCH more!Where else can you send your ads to millions of opt-insubscribers without having your own list?Ezine Articles ARE the answer!——————————————————Never Surrender Your Dream(c) Charlie Page——————————————————Do you have a dream today?Can you see yourself in one year, three years, tenyears?Far from some pie-in-the-sky hype, dreams are thecurrency of the Internet.Many reading these words right now dream of quittingtheir job and working at home.Some dream of having a home of their own.Sadly, some don’t dream any more.But we MUST dream in order to thrive!From the time that man has been able to record thoughtindividuals and societies have dreamed big dreams.So what is YOUR dream today?No matter whether you dream of riches and a luxurylifestyle or of more time to develop deep relationshipsor ways to serve your fellow man better (or all three!)your dream is your roadmap.Without it how will you know where you are going?Recent events have driven home the fact that life isshort indeed. Too short to spend it working at a job wedon’t love.Listen to these words by Brian Tracy …“All successful people men and women are big dreamers.They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every
  • 5. respect, and then they work every day toward theirdistant vision, that goal or purpose.” – Brian TracyIf you were my brother or sister, this is what I wouldsay to you.You must have a dream to make a dream come true.And you must *never* surrender your dream.If you are like most people you will spend more timeworking than doing any other activity. Yet many don’tlike their work.If you are in that situation you will be encouraged bythe words below.First things first, I truly believe that ANY man orwoman of average intelligence or better can make a fulltime living online.It is with that basis of belief that I share, from myexperience, five simple keys to help you define yourdream and take action toward that dream.Time is fleeting. Begin now.—> Embrace The ChangeThe Internet really has changed things.The fact is, jobs exist today that didn’t five yearsago.Even though many online marketers would have you thinkthat the word job is a four letter word, there isnothing at all wrong with having a job.I’m *very* grateful for the people who work with me,and I hope they feel the same.Whether we work for ourselves or others, we all have ajob to do.The GREAT news is that the Internet has created so muchMORE opportunity than before.Just think, only 20 years ago there were no pay perclick specialists, SEO outsourcers, eBook editors orany of the 100 other jobs we can do online.How does this apply to you?Start by identifying your skills and what you want todo (more on this in point 2) and then look for thattype of work online.You might start by working for someone else on acontract basis and then move into your own thing.Or you might just find a partner and form a workingrelationship that spans decades.If you can dream it, you can DO it!—> Know YourselfWhat do you REALLY want?Spend some time with yourself and think expansively.If you could do anything, if money wasn’t a factor,what would you do?Keep asking until you find an answer.When you find that answer pursue it with all yourheart.It might take days, weeks, months or even years before
  • 6. it becomes real. But real it will become if you movetoward it with all your heart.Once you know what you really want you will become anopportunity magnet for the thing you desire.As you think, so you will become.—> Research Your AnswersYou will be shocked to discover the money earningpossibilities online.Pick your favorite search engine, start a bookmarkfolder just for this, and find everything you can aboutyour passion.Visit forums in the area of your interest and lurk fora while, learning from those who are active. When youare ready announce yourself to the forum and startlooking for ways to get active in the area of yourinterest.—> Be Willing To Start SmallYou may only be able to commit a few hours at night toyour new field because you have to feed the family.That’s OK.Time is your ally.And time will prove if your idea will work.Be willing to work for the chance to learn and soon youwill be where you want to be.Internships work – consider starting there.Jobs like being a virtual assistant, a net researcher,or doing graphic art for e-Books exist today because ofinnovative thinkers who found their passion.Find your passion.Don’t stop until you find (or create) that type of workthat both makes you happy and pays the bills.Who knows, YOU might be the innovator who creates thenext online industry.Winston Churchill said “The nose of the bulldog hasbeen slanted backward so it can breathe without lettinggo.”When it comes to our dreams we need to be like thebulldog. We must never surrender our dreams.Because having a dream is a beautiful thing indeed.————————————————–Charlie Page helps people succeed online with productsthat educate combined with personal support.To see all that Charlie offers, including a chance towork with Charlie personally, visit him now at …——————————————————–Content For Your Website Or Ezine!——————————————————–You may use this ezine articles in your ezine or on your siteas long as the article and resource box remainunchanged.——————————————————–Name: Michael Mok
  • 7. Email: This entry was posted in Empower Network Tags: Article In Ezines, believe in yourself and, Solo add email, take action, The Power Of Article In Ezines, [ezine articles] « Previous Post About The Author: mmok Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support: The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can put in Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting a support ticket here, and we’ll answer Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and you your questions, live : Get Money Here. can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934Copyright © 2010-2012 Empower Network. Income Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions | Refund | Privacy | Contact Us | Support Desk | Member Login ShareIf you have any billing questions please contact our billing support team. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (EST) at: 1-888-262-1934