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Get Storied is an advisory, training, and media company devoted to transformational storytelling.

Based in San Francisco and NYC, we serve CEOs and CMOs with a big and important story to tell. We work with a wide range of leading Fortune 500s, mid-cap companies, and visionary nonprofits. Our portfolio of clients include Ariba, Audubon, California State Library, PwC, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, SustainAbility, and Zappos to name a few.

As storytelling architects, we help clients accelerate their efforts around marketing, innovation, and culture creation. As a global learning company, we have taught thousands how to deepen their narrative intelligence. We lead dozens of workshops every year and publish an extensive stream of online content and resources. Whether you’re dealing with issues of perception, relevance, or idea adoption, your story determines your future.

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Michael Margolis & Get Storied Speaker Kit

  1. 1. Storyteller . Anthropologist . Author . Entrepreneur . Human . Michael Margolis
  2. 2. Hello there! Thanks for the chance to share my story with you.
  3. 3. Delivering keynotes that translate the epic power of storytelling to the dramatic issues of our times: - Innovation - Marketing - Culture creation - Brand perception - Transformation For the last 10+ years, I’ve been devoted to Business Storytelling, helping to convey it’s relevance into popular consciousness. Storytelling, Unveiled
  4. 4. Who I’ve worked with Corporate Brands, Conferences & Summits
  5. 5. Regularly speak to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 2,000. Through the power of storytelling, can generally connect to any interested audience. My truth-saying yet self-depricating style makes even delicate messages easy to digest. Audiences includes senior executives, marketers, activists, writers, entrepreneurs, technologists, physicians, healers, librarians, and especially visionaries, rebels, & heretics.. Typical Audiences
  6. 6. Popular Topics & Speeches Culture Creation How to Shape and Transform Culture through the DNA Strands of Story Innovation Adoption 7 Storytelling Reasons Why Innovation Fails and How to Solve Them Character Rules 7 Steps for Building Authentic Personal Brands Through Story Reinterpretation Chief Storytelling Officer What Every CMO & CEO Needs to Know About This New “Age of Storytelling” Re-Imaging Change 5 Patterns of Self-Sabotage & How to Tell a Story That People Want to Be a Part of Brand Story Mojo How to Find Your Epic Voice & Truth to Become a Brand People Adore
  7. 7. Raised in Europe and California. The son of an inventor and a teacher, artist, and toy designer. Career began as a social entrepreneur, co-founding two nonprofits before the age of 23. Trained as an anthropologist, with a deep intuition for culture, language, and systems. Left-handed, color blind, believes chocolate is a food group. My Back Story...
  8. 8. I am the CEO and founder of Get Storied, an advisory and learning company devoted to transformational storytelling. We work with a diverse range of blue chip companies and social institutions that want to build storytelling as an organizational capability. About
  9. 9. Our mission is to humanize business by helping innovators and change-makers better translate their epic ideas into cultural acceptance. Our vision is to build the largest global learning community devoted to in-depth, actionable, & transformational teachings on storytelling. Mission & Vision
  10. 10. Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers & Innovators For anyone trying to get their audience to own the story, read this book! Believe Me reminds us that real lasting engagement requires a much, much bigger story. Margolis re-frames the conversation of social transformation in a very refreshing manner that will be useful to any leader doing something meaningful to create change in their organizations or communities. – Judy Braus, SVP of Education and Centers, National Audubon SocietyBelieve Me has been read by more than 20,000 people around the world The Story Manifesto
  11. 11. Producing & curating the world’s largest Storytelling Conference online, two years in a row. The Reinvention Summit “The Summit has been an incredible journey through the many uses of and perspectives on storytelling and has been invaluable in my development as a storytelling entrepreneur. But most of all, I’m deeply grateful for having found a home in this new, emerging storytelling tribe. Thanks you for making this happen!” - Marleen Vente, Founder/Owner, monxies “Reinvention Summit awakened my awareness of the storytelling tribe, which is an amazing community of diverse and talented professionals.Ilearnedalotbothfromthespeakersatthesummit and from the community participating. Once I got involved, I canceled my other appointments to attend every session. It was incredible.” - Jocelyn Wallace, Founder, Red Eleven Group, LLC
  12. 12. Core Teachings Include: Personal Story Brand Story Innovation Story Culture Story
  13. 13. There are few storytelling experts that translate this timeless wisdom into a future-forward context. As a publisher, podcaster, and conference producer, I have a unique pulse on how storytelling is redefining the worlds of business innovation, social marketing, and cultural evolution. From CEOs & CMOs of Fortune 500s to visionary leaders of social institutions, my message connects across sectors, fields, and industries.. Why Am I Different?
  14. 14. Sectors I Work With Most Technology Financial Spiritual Start-ups Non-Profit/NGO Public Libraries Sustainability Health/Wellness
  15. 15. How We Can Serve You
  16. 16. Convey the Story of Innovation, Vision, or Change Reframe Perceptons of Value and Relevance Translate the Complicated into Real Coherence Get People to Find Themselves in Your Story Increase Meaningful & Sustained Engagement Avoid Relationship Patterns of Self-Sabotage Humanize Your Business/Brand/Message Challenges You Might Have
  17. 17. Inspiring & Provocative Speaking Philosophy & Process Often asked to open or close a conference to frame the entire gathering. AWESOME Factor! Consistently ranked as one of the best sessions and speakers at every conference. Conversational Style Very down to earth and candid, treating the audience like we’re already friends. Customized Content Take the time to learn your context and design every talk to reflect your audience’s reality. Always Interactive No 1-way lectures. Even keynotes include a short interactive story exercise.
  18. 18. Recent Speaking Highlights
  19. 19. Invited to teach at the Zappos Culture Bootcamp, a corporate university where companies learn how to build a more innovation-based workplace culture. Led session on storytelling and the culture-creation process. Zappos Insights “Michael brings a dynamic understanding of how story is an integral part of everything we do. At Zappos Insights, culture transformation is the name of the game, and his speeches, consulting and workshops have been fantastic.” – Robert Richman, Product Manager, Zappos Insights
  20. 20. After delivering a keynote and workshop for Ariba’s CMO and marketing team, I was invited to speak at their annual user conference. Both of my sessions received Top Ratings for its provocative yet actionable content. Ariba Live (SAP) “Best session and speaker of the conference... by FAR. Bring him back!” - Dan Reilly, Supply Chain Optimizers “Outstanding job. Engaging with very actionable information. This needs to be a staple of the new enablement toolkit.” - Frank Griffith, Sodexo
  21. 21. Invited to speak at SXSW 2012 alongside Kahlil Ashanti, storyteller, performer, and character actor of Cirque de Soleil. Our interactive session was extremely popular with attendees. SXSW 2012 Character Building as an Attention Magnet Lets skip over the bluster and bragging of social media storytelling. Instead, lets talk about the kinds of stories that get people’s respect & attention. When you think of the leading voices who are crushing it online, their influence seems almost effortless. Because you feel like you’ve known them forever. What’s the secret? They’ve developed a style of personal narrative that reveals more of who they are and how they think, to the point of death-defying vulnerability. So lets talk about developing your own storytelling mojo for greater recognition and playing on a bigger stage.
  22. 22. Hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about my speaking & offerings. If you’d like to discuss an upcoming conference or event, please contact Jodi Bepler. We’d love to connect and learn more about your needs. Contact Info Jodi Bepler, Operations Manager 855.GO.STORY Ext 701 jodi@getstoried.com Thanks, Lets Talk Story!
  23. 23. “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” - Hopi Proverb