Sustainability is smart business (events industry)


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The business case for sustainability for event industry leaders. Directed at destinations, hotels, venues and industry influencers, the points here help show that sustainable practices are fundamental, integral and benficial to business.
Prepared in collaboration with Mariela McIwraith of MeetingChange, these slides were presented to the World Meetings Forum on behalf of the Green Meetings Industry Council.

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  • The researchers paired 90 firms they labeled “high sustainability” with 90 firms labeled “low sustainability.” Annually, they tracked the difference between the pairs’ financial performance from 1992 to 2010.
  • WTTC: Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative: 23 global hotel companies. Uniform way to measure and report. Client demand.Social responsibility: 36% of planners expect increase : 2013 Successful Meetings
  • *Each participant –in 3 days- emitted more than twice what a person in Mexico emits in a year (4 tonnes)
  • “Moderator: Is it more expensive to deliver a sustainable event?”
  • Incentives market: mixed messages
  • “Moderator:
  • All are found in standards, what does this mean?
  • Sponsorship opportunity: PCMAGuests want to feel good about what is being done at the hotel as well. Hotel in SF donated to the battered women’s shelter
  • Sustainability is smart business (events industry)

    1. 1. Sustainability is Smart BusinessMichael LuehrsSustainability Advisor,President, Green Meeting Industry CouncilMariela McIlwraith, CMP, CMM, MBAExecutive Director, GMIC Sustainable Meetings FoundationPresident, Meeting Change
    2. 2. Our AgendaX AboutGMICSustainability &Smart BusinessXHow we will worktowardssustainability
    3. 3. About GMIC
    4. 4. Who is the GMIC?The GMIC is the premierglobal meetings community solelydedicated to sustainability not onlythrough education but also byspearheading research, policy andstandards for the meetings and eventindustry.We inspire industry leaders of all levels tomake meetings better throughsustainability.
    5. 5. GMIC Current Initiatives:• GMIC/IMEX Green Awards• Standards Development– APEX/ASTM, ISO 20121, GRI• Education, Training & Annual Conference• Global Network: Chapters & SupportingBusiness
    6. 6. BetterMeetingsThroughSustainabilityMembersready to helpSustainableMeetingsExpertsEfficiency &InnovationTools, Research &Knowledge
    7. 7. GMIC’sVisionUsingTNSEnfuse scientific principlesDevelop Vision of SuccessCatalyze industry collaborationResearch, Communicate &EducateDevelop standards, tools andsystems
    8. 8. Why is SustainabilitySmart Business?
    9. 9. “Highly sustainable companiessignificantly outperform theircounterparts”Eccels, Serafim, Harvard UniversityIannou, London School of BusinessSept 2012
    10. 10. • 70%: sustainabilitypermanent partof theagenda• “necessary to beingcompetitive”• 1/3: “contributes toprofitability”• 68% have increasedcommitments
    11. 11. • “Business cannot survivein a society that fails””• The need for companies toplay a more active role isvery transparent”– Paul Polman• Share price has doubledsince 2010 when planwas launched
    12. 12. Return on Investment66% customers prefer to buy from companiesthat give back to society62% want to work for these companies59% want to invest in these companiesNeilsen Survey, 2012
    13. 13. Meetings Industry Statistics66% of attendees would pay more for productsthat are ethically and socially responsible.30% more than 30% of buyers give precedenceto suppliers that use externally accreditedsustainability certification, only 12% have it70% of attendees want to see CSR activitiesreported on websites, only 58% of meetingbusinesses do this.MPI Research, 2012
    14. 14. The Business Case forSustainability• Operational efficiency• Stakeholder relations• Public relations• Business benefits• Employee morale• Risk mitigation• Decision-making ability
    15. 15. Operational Efficiency• Streamlined use of resources– Less paper use, fewer shipping miles, lessmaterials brought on site, which reduces wasteand recycling streams.• Green meetings programs address manyoperational inefficiencies in terms ofpurchasing, resources, waste, and energy.• APEX/ASTM green meetings standardsdirectly target operational inefficiencies
    16. 16. Stakeholder Relations• A focus on supporting the communityimproves trust and strengthens relationships,• Relationship management is a corecompetency of many meeting professionals.• Benefits of working with value chains includecost-effectiveness and buy-in, saving eventprofessionals time and money.
    17. 17. Public Relations• A comprehensive sustainability programthat has successfully built trust andenhanced brand and reputation in thecommunity will help counteract negativepublicity.• Improve your reputation
    18. 18. Business benefits• Customers and stakeholders areincreasingly looking for organizations thatdemonstrate a link to their own values.– Example, if an organization is shopping for asupplier, all other things being equal, theymay use CSR as a tie breaker.
    19. 19. Employee morale• Employees want to work for organizationsthat share their values. A CSR programthat involves its employees in theirinitiatives can enhance retention andimprove morale.– Coro Strandberg, The Business Case forSustainability, Strandberg Consulting (2009).
    20. 20. Risk Mitigation• CSR helps build brand, organizational andeven industry reputation.• By having a policy and program in place, itis less likely that the industry will faceregulation and can help mitigate poorpublic opinion.
    21. 21. Decision-making ability• Having a sustainability policy helps guideactions of employees, volunteers,speakers, consultants, and suppliers.• By providing guidance, it assists decision-making ability in a variety of situations.
    22. 22. How will we implementsustainability?
    23. 23. • 27 kg waste (2 at home)• 3200 l water (976 at home)1 event, 15,000 participants:• 127000 t C02• 8.5 t / pp*• Each participant –in 3 days- emitted more thantwice what a person in Mexico emits in a yearTypical Event participant
    24. 24. Overview of StandardsISO 20121Provides information required for creating an eventmanagement systemAPEX/ASTM Sustainable Meeting StandardsCollects data required for planner and supplierstandards compliance in 8 areas, across 9 sectorsGRI Event Organizer Sector SupplementIdentifies data required for GRI criteria
    25. 25. VisionStrategyActionsResults
    26. 26. Exhibits Food & Beverage Onsite OfficeTransportation A/V & Production CommunicationMeeting Venue Destinations AccommodationsAPEX/ASTM Standards
    27. 27. EnergyWaterWasteAir QualityProcurementCommunityStaff ManagementCommunication
    28. 28. The cost of sustainability
    29. 29. Case Study• 8 different NGO’s directly benefit fromevent• Supplier Collaboration• Exhibitor incentive• Sustainable event assessment• No added costs
    30. 30. IMEX America• Impact measurement• Collaboration with partners• Social Responsibility– Shade Tree– Opportunity Village– Clean the World• No additional cost
    31. 31. Oracle• 46,000 people• Measurement & Communication• $1.5 Million saved since 2007–Eliminating bottled water–Reduced fueluse–Reduced waste
    32. 32. Get StartedPoliciesRequest for proposalsContractsReports
    33. 33. Sustainability & ContractsSet ObjectivesDiscuss ObjectivesDetermine Measurable ObjectivesInclude in ContractMonitor Compliance
    34. 34. What it is mattersHow it is grown mattersHow it is moved mattersWaste generated mattersWorking environment mattersFood & Beverage
    35. 35. Do you give back to the community?Do you have a list of NGO’sWith whom you partner?How will you measure?Community Service:Getting Started
    36. 36. CSR Projects: MAUDE FrameworkMeaningfulAlignedUnique SkillsDestination SpecificEngagingMAUDE Frameworks is from Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in theMeetings and Events Industry by Elizabeth Henderson and MarielaMcIlwraith. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved.
    37. 37. Tell Your Story• Measure and report• Social Media• Articles• Apply for awards
    38. 38.
    39. 39. Resources•Green Meeting Industry•Convention Industry Council
    40. 40. Thank You!