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Trade ppp investment programs

  1. 1. TRADE PPP INVESTMENT PROGRAMSHello,TRADE PPP INVESTMENT PROGRAM OVER VIEWI just thought, if you are not aware of, I would explain to you an investment program thathas no risk, which is a private placement program, or known as ppp.They usually last asmall number of weeks, before they shut down to new aplicants then new programsopen up.What they are is platforms for investment privately invited made by banks forvarious amounts of substancial money to be locked in investment for a given length oftime, simular to high investment accounts that is popular with conventional banksinvestments but they are substansonally lower in amounts of money, but ppp`s amountsmin. usually is 1.2 million, to 10 million, and upto billions, these higher amounts enablealot shorter lenghth of time your money to be locked in and alot higher payouts ininterest profit, of which varies according to program and amount invested which variesof 100% to 400% average of investment locked in for average of 30 days to 40 weeks orhigher, the longer length of time the higher investment the higher returns. These ppp`smost of the time accept as investment cash, or banking instruments such as mtn(medium term notes) BG (bank guarantees) etc. If investors decide to go with theseinvestments, when investing brokers get their commission with a small number ofbrokers involved, depending on the program, get average of 5% - 10% of face value ofdeal which is guaranteed in writing with a imfpa contract all signed and sealed by allbrokers, investor and trader seller at time of closing, lodged with bank at the time ofclosing with the other comepleted documents of trade ppp contract signed sealed byinvestor and trade seller, also initially the investor providing the neccessary documentsto start the process to enter trade to be verified with due dilligence the documents of cis(customer information sheet), pof (proof of funds if cash bank statement or copy ofinstrument) and copy of passport, all updated to todays date or dated no older than 3days old.There is no risk to these programs !As this type business is little known andhas great benefits to the investor.___________________________________________________________________Various trade ppp programs:HERE IS THE WORLDS BEST HIGHEST YIELDS PAYOUTS ON TRADE PPPPROGRAMS THAT PERFORM DELIVER !ALL PROGRAMS REQUIRE CIS, POF (CASH-BANK STATEMENT-UPDATEDTODAYS DATED NO OLDER THAN 3 DAYS OR BANK INSTRUMENT UPDATEDWITH OWNER CONTACT INFO) AND COPY OF PASSPORT ALL DOCUMENTSMUST BE UPDATED WITH TODAYS DATE. AFTER DD VERIFICATION INVESTORGET CONTRACTS TO COUNTERSIGN TO CLOSE AND START TRADEING INAROUND 72 HOURS.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. 2. The ping program pays 100% a month which will equal 25% weekly.The funds stay inhis account.The funds are not blocked but are pinged CIS, PASSPORT PROOF OFFUNDS, CORPORATE RESOLUTION to get started TRADE RUNS FOR 40 WEEKS.The ping program pays 100% a month which will equal 25% weekly.The funds stay inhis account.The funds are not blocked but are pinged CIS, PASSPORT PROOF OFFUNDS, CORPORATE RESOLUTION to get started TRADE RUNS FOR 40 WEEKS.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Here iswhat I have for client that have funds or instruments under 100M$10.M and up programThis is a Program for all clients with $10.M and up.Our bank has been approved to except cash, CD, BG, SBLC, and Ect from top banksthat has a face value of a minimum of $10M and up.Once all is in place and ready to go, at the set window time the traders bank will blockthe clients account and the trading will start .The clients funds never move.Here is the payout.30% of face value within 96 hours of the Block.60% of face value after 20 bankingdays.100% of face value after 45 days.To get started we will need to get the following documents.A Passport copy;Client information Sheet;Corporate Resolution if Corporation;A POF, Tear Sheet, or Statement;After DD the trader will send to the client all other documents needed to be filled outsigned and returned. NO project required, No Swift required, program will continue aslong as fund stay in the clients account.Once the program is completed, the clients funds are released. The client can re-interthree times after the first.Intermediary Fees is 5% payed by trader.All is in place and ready to go.(Bank has to be approved for internal block.There is no Ping. Major US banks and HSBC an accepted for Internal blocks. all othersunless apporved by trader are MT760 DTC or Euroclear are used for blocking)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$This is different, and I believe much better, than the program we had previouslydiscussed. You will notice at the bottom we can also use mining assay / geologistreports. We have just received the next step in the process of putting programs togetherto make things as easy and clean as possible for our clients. This is a program that willeliminate your clients anxieties over sending monies to an escrow account and the fearthey have of not knowing what will happen to their money. In order to get started we
  3. 3. need the NCND, non-solicitation, Client information sheet , coprorate resolution if itapplies, and a color copy of the clients passportWe have two options for bank instruments to obtain the project funding funds...Option A: The SBLC ($10M increments) w/Zurick Platform (21 days in 3 wk payouts) ...TEMPORARY MORATORIUM UNTIL THE 5 PRESENT SUBMISSIONS ARECOMPLETEDOption B: The CD ($100M) w/managed investment platform program (40 weeksw/weekly payouts).....Advantages:No delay No escrowLess depositA 40 week programOne stop - lease, loan, and managed investment platform Timeline is as follows:Compliance: 2 days, Instrument: 3 days; Managed Investment Program Start: 4 days(business days)So, I am recommending the CD Program with the info attached and below...All we will need in order to get you started is a filled out CIS with a scanned copy of theindividuals passport and a generic proof of funds for the quantity you intend to engagein. eg. 125,000 Euros per 100 Million USD Leased CD We understand that in thisbusiness there are lots of individuals/company that take funds up front and do notdeliver. Since it would be our first transaction together and to develop trust among eachother we have attached the procedures that are safe for both parties and that do notrequire you to place any funds up front.Our current program is amazing for a few reasons. It would seem that this platform hasbroken through some traditional aspects of the typical PPP. It used to be that only thereally affluent could join. To participate in some platforms you needed as muchas100mm in cash. Even up until recently, when platforms were still taking leasedinstruments - you still needed proof of funds to the tune of 7-10% of the face value ofthe instrument and the actual instrument cost about 20 - 22%. Also, you needed to usethe money totally towards projects.An instrument of up to 100mm can be leased with $125,000 EURO, and that moneygoes to the bank (not to any brokers) that issues the instrument. It works as follows:once the client has submitted all the docs and shown the POF and he officiallycomplies, then, initially, (after speaking with the provider and getting all aspects aboutthe process clear), a contract is then provided and signed by client. At that time theinstrument is then leased and paid for by the provider. Once it is "created", a copy issent to the client. The client has been told beforehand that they should get the correctcontact at their bank, or at any other bank, that can verify that the instrument that will beprovided for them is valid. The client will then have their bank connection validate theleased instrument. Then, and only then, is the clients 125k Euro transferred to the bankthat created the instrument. This is to ensure the client that their money was truly beingused to get them the leased instrument and that there was no scam involved.. The 125kEuro is refunded at the end of the 12 months of the program at the expiration of theinstrument. It is obvious that with a HUGE LINE OF CREDIT put on to the PPP, there isvery likely going to be the 125k Euros made back in a very short time.
  4. 4. OUR PROGRAM HAS 2 UNIQUE PARTS TO IT1- Our program has THE MISSING LINK- we have a bank that will put up a LOC (cash)of approx. 85% of the face value of the leased instrument and put that on the PPP forthe client!!! (There must be something that this bank knows, that we are going to findout!!)2- Typically, there needs to be projects tied to the profits generated by the PPP, andwhile this is true regarding our platform as well, nevertheless, its not an important focusof the PPP.As you may already know, it is strictly forbidden to quote any real returns of a PPP,however, suffice it to say that this platform is performing with numbers that are parallelto what all the other real PPPs are returning. (Maybe thats why the second bankdoesnt mind putting up a real cash LOC against a leased instrument with no security atall backing up their money!!)The actual leased instrument typically will cost about 10%, and that money comes out ofthe LOC that is put up against the Leased instrument, nothing is out of the clientspocket. The whole process takes about 2 weeks to get on to the platform.The profits generated go straight to the clients bank account. Typically 10% will betaken off for administrative fees and broker fees etc. ( you will receive a full 1% and itwill be your responsibility to determine how you would like to pay the brokers orReferrals under you) but you still end up with a huge return. The money is usuallydistributed every week, and whatever money goes into your account is yours to useimmediately!In the event that the client has either their own cash, or their own Instrument, then wecan take it straight to the platform. Also, we can use mining assay/geologist reports togenerate an LOC against it as well to put on to the platform!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$At HSBC we have the standard 40 week trade that pay 100% a week less the fees Wehave a manged buy/sell that pays 120% a week less the feesWe need cis passport, pof(pof must be within 5 days)Corportate resolution if necessaryThere are other documentsthat needs to be signed before the HSBC final docs will be sent to the client.The moneydoes not move from the accountThe money is not blocked or swiftedThe money isscanned With HSBC, the client will recieve a guaranteed pay, it is a BANK ENDORSEDCONTRACT DIRECTLY WITH THE BANK.It is not best efforts, the client will beguaranteed his pay.Min entry is 100M no maximumBroker fees are 5% On the 50M I amdirect with a platform that will pay 100% a week as well. Cis passport pof is necessaryto start. The POf need not be within 5 days old, but please dont come wiht a pof that islast yearsCorporate resolution if necessaryAuthority to VerifyBroker fees are 5% Again Iamdirect.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. 5. There you have it.......I think all are intriguing....Great effort gents!Thank you for your time,