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Letter private placement mailing Letter private placement mailing Document Transcript

  • May 24, 2011Dear parties involved:My name is Michael Kleven I am a fundraising agent for my own firm MJK INC aprivate placement firm.MJK INC is non-profit, dedicated to the economic development of an underdevelopedcountry’s infrastructure and to provide education and training for the people of thecountry.I have the pleasure serving the less fortunate with a team concentrating on part ofeconomic development involved in building projects and providing its management indeveloping countries. Currently, we have the opportunity to facilitate our financingthrough Private Placement Programs with Private Trusts. This refers specifically totrading programs with a high return on the investment associated with humanitarianproject funding.My principal responsibility is to continue with our experience in finance and inviteother investors who are interested in raising capital for their projects.If you are aware of private placements you know they are hard to find and it is aprivilege not a right. You will earn high nominal yields at no risk to you. (See enclosedpacket).Some facts to ponder according to Wealth Dailey: Americans owe more then 900 billion in student loans. Average income for 90 billion Americans was 33,400 in 1988 and 33,400 in 2008. 1 in 7 Americans (or 14.3% of the population) rely on food stamps. There are 6 million fewer jobs then in 2008. Of the 7.8 million jobs lost since 2008 only 1.8M have returned. American is on a path leading to the have and have not’s.
  • Top 1% own 43% of financial assets 2/3 of income. Next 4% own 29% of financial assets, and 40% of income. Gasoline is up 91 cents since December, a cost to consumers of 125 Billion lost in discrecenary income. According to the Case-Shiller index, property values in 20 cities fell 3.3% from February 2010. 11 Million Homes were underwater at the end 2010. One in 4 mortgages is in foreclosure. As mortgage rates rise we can see a double dip in the housing market. Rising debt, falling dollar, default, war, weak housing, stumbling markets, and rising interest rates all spell trouble for the U. S. economy. The last event affecting the market is baby boomers are retiring and drawing money out of their IRA’s and 401k’s which will devalue the stock market. Combined with the government hitting 14 trillion in debt, it makes it a nerve racking market.That’s why it’s critical to get into this program. 1 Million is the minimum. We do nottake your money, it is blocked for 40 weeks and then after 2 weeks the payouts comeevery week for 40 weeks, at high returns.The first step is to meet with us in person and let us explain the project which is ahumanitarian effort in South Africa which increases the yield.For your security the Federal Reserve, IMF, SEC, The World Bank, US Treasury and ICCagencies regulate the transactions Private Placement Programs. Our backgrounds havebeen investigated by the FBI, CIA, Interpol and the KGB.I am also gold and silver trader for PMA, Inc. those are also a great investment, but weare talking Private Placement has no risk and high yields. Yet my forecast andknowledge on the metals market, with being accurate, more than 90% of the timeinforms you this is also a market with high returns.After reading the above and looking over the attached program, I would hope that youfeel this is the right investment at the right time. You will own high yields withminimum risk.Sincerely,Michael J. KlevenMJK INCmichaelkleven@hotmail.com952-935-3905 or 763-245-1656