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Some selective slides from my talk discussing the Habit Design cooperative at the Quantified Self Conference, September 15, 2012, at Stanford. …

Some selective slides from my talk discussing the Habit Design cooperative at the Quantified Self Conference, September 15, 2012, at Stanford.

For more info check out: http://www.habitdesign.org.

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  • 7. Self-tracking for personal health “We lose 90% of our users after the first 14 days...” “Anyone who can code can create a self-tracking app....”©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
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  • 9. ... “the results were mixed at best.... The mythology surrounding the Hawthorne experiments arose largely absent careful data analysis, and has persisted for decades even in the face of strong evidence against it.”©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
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  • 16. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 17. “Finding causality is the goal of data analysis.”©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
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  • 19. The Behavior(s) ? Self- Knowledge©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 20. The Behavior(s)Positive Self-Habits Knowledge©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
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  • 22. When he awakens at seven, he already has a jump on things. He arrives at the gym on the third floor of the residence, above his bedroom, at 7:30. He works out until 8:30 (cardio one day, weights the next), then showers and dresses in either a blue or gray suit. “My wife makes fun of how routinized I’ve become,” he says. He’d moved a long way in this direction before he became president, but the office has moved him even further.©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 23. Big victories are a result of small habits. Just ask Michael Phelps’s coach, Bob Bowman. Phelps started swimming when he was seven years old. But Bowman knew that habits would play a huge role in turning this talent into a champion. So Bowman developed a series of daily habits that drew on what he calls “the science of small wins.” “There’s a series of things we do before every race that are designed to give Michael a sense of building victory. If you were to ask, Michael would say nothing’s going on in his head before competition, he’s just following the program. But that’s not right. It’s more like his habits have taken over. When the race arrives, he’s more than halfway through his plan and he’s been victorious at every step. All the stretches went like he planned. The warm-up laps were just like he visualized. His headphones are playing exactly what he expected. The actual race is just another step in a pattern that started earlier that day and has been nothing but victories. Winning is a natural extension.”©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
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  • 25. Future Now Past©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 26. Past Future NOW©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 27. ©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 28. Most are here...
  • 29. ... but we want to be here
  • 30. This is the easiest place to start©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 31. Key Opportunities in Habit Design Behavioral “SoLoMo” Conditioning (Captology 2.0) Resiliency Relationships & Self-Efficacy & “Limerence”©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse. 41
  • 32. ©Kairos  Labs.  Contact  michael@kairoslabs.com  for  reuse.
  • 33. 43
  • 34. http://www.slideshare.net/tinyhabits/dr-bj-fogg-ways-to-celebrate-tiny-successes 44
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  • 36. Please join a @habitdesign meetup!Or tweet @michaelbkim to start a new chapter