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Power point 05 24 2012 i com pp presentation cbc

  1. 1. iComply,Inc national .Wo r k p l a c e S c r e e n i n g & C o m p l i a n c e S o l u t i o n s www. i c o m p l y n a t i o n a l . c o m
  2. 2. iComply,Inc national .We strongly believe that iComply possesses the experienceand expertise to help your organization meet or exceed thehighest of standards while minimizing operational impact inall ways possible. Our commitment to the protection andsafety of our customers and its employees demands completebackground screening evaluation and review of everyunverified positive drug test result within 24 hours fornegative results and 72 hours for positive results upon receiptfrom our laboratory. We know of no other administrator in ourindustry with this level of dedication and concern for itsclients.
  3. 3. ContentGetting the Most from our Comprehensive Services• Single Administrator Benefits 5-6• Substance Abuse Testing Options 7• Adulterant Screening, TestSure® 8-9• Statistical Reporting 10• Drug Test e-Scheduling 11-13• High Risk Rapid Response - HR3 14• Process Flow 15-16• Facts and Figures 17-23• Background Investigations 24-28• Summary and conclusion 29
  4. 4. Benefits of a Single AdministratorOur experience has found most companies do not have acomprehensive understanding of what substances their current providersinclude in their testing program.For example: What drugs comprise a 5-panel test?Depending on the company and laboratory, it can vary greatly. By usinga single administrator you ensure your companies are all testing for thesame substances and to the same standard.Quick Question & Fast Fact:What is the second most abused drug in the United States?
  5. 5. Benefits of a Single AdministratoriComply uses only federally certified laboratories, collectionprocedures and medical review. This is the only process proven tobe constantly legally defensible.We also keep our clients informed on changes in trends of theabuse of drugs and make recommendations to keep a company’sprogram as effective as possible.The benefit to our clients is reducing the risk substance abuserspresent at the lowest possible cost.
  6. 6. “5 Panel” “10 Panel”Amphetamines Amphetamines Methamphetamines - MethamphetaminesCocaine / Crack Cocaine - MDMA/ MDA/ MDEA (club drugs)Opiates Cocaine / Crack Cocaine Codeine Opiates Morphine - Codeine Heroin - Morphine Oxycodone / Oxymorphone - Heroin Hydrocodone / Hydromorphone - Oxycodone / OxymorphoneMarijuana - Hydrocodone / HydromorphonePhencyclidine (PCP) Marijuana Phencyclidine (PCP) Benzodiazepines Methadone Barbiturates Methaqualone Propoxyphene
  7. 7. Adulterant Screening, catching cheatersTestSure® is an exclusive screening procedure with one specificgoal, identifying people that are attempting to cheat a drug test bythe use of one of the many masking agents. This screeningprocess identifies the specific adulterant that was used.Why is identifying someone intentionally attempting to alter theresults of a drug test so important? Because, there a number ofmedical conditions and medications that can have similar effectson a specimen sample and render it untestable.TestSure® is a tool that provides the critical information to makethe proper decision that may have a profound and lasting impacton a person’s future.
  8. 8. Adulterant Screening, Catching Cheaters27,700,000 “Hits” for the key phrase “pass a drug test”
  9. 9. Benefits of Statistical Reporting Comparative statistics that are a powerful tool in identifying locations that may require greater supervision and counseling in management of their program. A poorly managed program can lead to greater attempts to cheat the test, delayed test taking in an attempt to “flush” the system, the use of additives and adulterants and management allowing a “free-pass” to personnel they know will fail a test if taken. Over many years we have developed unique analytics that help identify potential problems and offer tools and training that provide solutions.
  10. 10. Drug Test e-SchedulingOur innovative online scheduling system offers a simplified process byeliminating unnecessary paperwork and an unmatched level of control overthe testing process. For decades testing has been ordered through Custodyand Control Forms (CCF), where the donor was given a CCF and sent to aclinic. Managers would only know if the test was taken when the result wasreported.With iComply, tests can be scheduled online and the information regardingthe test are transmitted directly to the collection facility. An authorizationcode and instructions are sent to the donor, all in a matter of minutes. Notonly can managers view when the donor arrives and leaves the facility inreal-time, we can also set an expiration date for the authorization code. If adonor does not complete the test within the preset time, the code becomesinvalid and the collection site will refuse to complete the test. This ensuresdonors don’t procrastinate taking a test with the intention of “flushing” orwaiting long enough to be able to pass the test. No other system offers thislevel of visibility and control in the testing process.
  11. 11. Drug Test e-Scheduling The importance of controlling time Marijuana Methamphetamine Cocaine Time
  12. 12. Example of e-scheduling order
  13. 13. iComply - High Risk Rapid Response (HR3)At iComply we find the standard protocol for resolving positives for high risksubstances inadequate. We realize that certain potential positives such asCocaine, Methamphetamine and Heroin represent a real and immediatedanger to any environment and the standard practice of allowing three daysto contact a donor leaves too many opportunities possible perilousconsequences. We therefore developed our own process for contacting andresolving potential positives. The process is simple and is within mandatoryregulations; we first attempt to contact the donor as required, if that attemptis unsuccessful we then contact a predetermined manager and simply ask ifthey are presently working or when are they next scheduled to work and thatwe would like to speak with them without mentioning the reason why. This isour subtle method of gaining our client’s assistance in quickly verifying theresult so the appropriate actions can be taken and mitigate risk.
  14. 14. Management and Process Flow – Current System CBC Drug Test Location CBC Partner
  15. 15. Management and Process Flow with iComply CBCResult reported Test is ordered Test appointment sent to company iComply Results Reported to iComply MRO
  16. 16. What is Your Strategy?Pre-employment Random and Annual Testing:screening: • Current drug use • Active drug abuser• Current drug use• Active drug abuser • Stop accidents• Stop problem from • Treatment program - increase performance entering workplace• Reduce cost /liability Date of Hire Event-driven Testing: • Under the influence during event • Confirmation of abuse • Liability protection • Treatment programs (counseling)
  17. 17. DID YOU KNOW…74% Of Drug Users AreEmployed!On Average, 17% of YOUREmployees are UsingDrugs!
  18. 18. A Dollars and Cents Issue: $7,000 - $10,000 Per year, per employee who uses drugsThese costs are usually experienced for 5 common reasons: • Absenteeism • Increased illness • Accidents • Injuries • Theft • Productivity Source: National Institute of Health (NIH)
  19. 19. Legal Issues and Arbitration• Many cases involve adulteration and substitution and are more difficult to prosecute than drugs• The laboratory staff provides testimony in about 75-100 cases per year• November 1, 2004 the latest SVT regulations took place to adjust substitution numbers and set more guidance for adulteration testing and reporting• Fewer issues regarding substitution with the lowering of the creatinine cutoff to 2 mg/dL
  20. 20. Annual Cost of Substance Abuse
  21. 21. iComply,Inc national . One of the Most Innovative Safety Companies in the United StatesiComply’s nationwide network of researchers conduct felony and misdemeanorsearches of county criminal records at each applicable courthouse. We performsearches of county felony and misdemeanor records in the applicable countycourt. Information is gathered directly from court maintained records to ensurethat we deliver the highest quality and most up-to-date information possible.
  22. 22. iComply Background ScreeningNot knowing whom you are hiring will cost you time and money.Knowing the backgrounds of the people you hire is absolutelyessential because a business can be held liable for accidents andcrimes committed by its employees. To protect your company andminimize risk, get reliable background information about everyoneyou consider for employment. Patriot Testing offers a full range ofbackground check services.Criminal Background Check and Reports* Education History* MotorVehicle Reports* Credit History/Background* Pre Employment DrugScreening* Post Accident Testing* Reasonable Suspicion* RandomTesting
  23. 23. Criminal Record Services & County Criminal SearchiComply’s (iCom) nationwide network of researchers conducts felony andmisdemeanor searches of county criminal records at each applicable courthouse.We perform searches of county felony and misdemeanor records in the applicablecounty court. Information is gathered directly from court maintained documentation toensure that iCom delivers the highest quality and most up-to-date informationpossible. Our county criminal record services provide the following information whenavailable from each jurisdiction:- Court - Charge Level- Case Number - Disposition Date- Date of Offense - Disposition- Filing Date - Identifiers- Date of Charge
  24. 24. iComply Central Systems Management Background Screening Section & iCom LiveScan ServicesiComply will be duly authorized to conduct the following services to meetthe needs of our customers. Department of Justice and FBI certifiedfingerprinting service provider to electronically capture and submitfingerprints for licensure, certification, volunteer, job, business permit, record review, Immigration clearance for licenses and /or Employment purposes.
  25. 25. Criminal Record Services & County Criminal SearchiComply recommends a search of all counties of residence including all othernames known by the candidate in order to ensure a proper and thoroughinvestigation is conducted. We access the most current information availableand report felony and misdemeanor convictions based on applicable federaland state law. County criminal searches are availablenationwide.----- Statewide Criminal Search----- Federal Criminal Records----- National Criminal Research Database (NCRD)----- Sex Offender Registry Searches----- National Wants and Warrants----- Homeland Security Plus (OFAC)
  26. 26. Summary and conclusions: the iComply Advantage• Single standard for drug testing and background investigations• The use of only federally certified laboratories and procedures• Online scheduling offering ultimate control over the management of substance abuse tests• TestSure® identification of adulterants 3• HR Risk Management• Consolidated reporting and superior analytics• National Background Screening