Marine air systems


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Marine Air Conditioners A/C units for boat providing year-round heating and cooling capabilities, removing moisture from the air, preventing dampness, rot and mold and controlling humidity, not just in the living spaces but other parts of the yacht too.

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Marine air systems

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Marine air systems Marine air systems are responsible for the movement of heat inside your boat. Both commercial and private boats have this type of systems since they effectively remove heat from your cabin spaces giving you cooler, comfortable temperature while on board. But how do these units work? Again, the basic principle of a marine air system is the movement of cabin heat. Heat is transferred from the air inside of your cabin to the refrigerant gas which is responsible for releasing heat outside the boat into the sea water. Also, part of a marine air system process is not only to remove the heat inside your spaces but also to remove moisture inside and cool down its temperature. Lowering the humidity inside your boat as well as lowering the temperature in all cabins not only provide you comfortable sailing but also help in reducing mold growth and other moisture problems inside and outside your boat.
  3. 3. There are three types of marine air systems 1. self-contained unit A self-contained air conditioning unit is ideal for smaller boats measuring 40 ft or 12 meters. It is the cheapest marine air system and requires very minimal installation. Though smaller in size and lower in cost, this type still has everything you need in a marine air conditioner. It is most suitable to be placed in your boats living area, in a locker, or under the seats.
  4. 4. 2. Split air conditioning systems A split gas air conditioning unit is idea for boats measuring 80 ft or 24 meters. It is most suitable to be placed in your mechanical space provided or if possible mount it in your engine room. It is quieter, available in different handler types, does not occupy space in your boats living area like the self-contained units, but a bit more expensive.
  5. 5. 3. Chilled water air conditioning systems Chilled water air conditioning systems are for large boats and super yachts. This is also most suitable to be placed in your engine room. It effectively cools freshwater, then distributes cool air through air handlers all over your boat. It is the most expensive type of marine air system but the most powerful air conditioner too. It observes flexible load management, no limitation on the number of air handlers in a system, and no limitations on the distance from the chiller to the air handlers.
  6. 6. Elite Marine Yacht Services Contact Us 2786 SW 3rd Ave Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 (954) 763-9677 We're exceptional with chilled water refits and we're highly focused on indoor air quality. We've solved ongoing air quality problems for yachts that have resulted in maintenance savings for the boat as well as creating and maintaining a healthy environment for crew and onboard guests. We design and install equipment for great reliability and ease of service. We're a master dealer for Marine Air equipment and a long-time Cruisair dealer. We're remodeling our new location to make room for a huge amount of inventory and we're launching our parts department to give our dealers and customers a convenient location to source parts and equipment.
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