Chancellor Michael Harris Transitions Indiana University Kokomo To Be a Force To Be Reckoned with 10 New Degree Programs


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Chancellor Michael Harris Transitions Indiana University Kokomo To Be a Force To Be Reckoned with 10 New Degree Programs

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Chancellor Michael Harris Transitions Indiana University Kokomo To Be a Force To Be Reckoned with 10 New Degree Programs

  1. 1. IU Kokomo introduces new degree programs - Kokomo Perspective: Local News[6/20/2014 4:55:45 AM] Call Now at (765)453-4111 Most Recent Transparency problems continu… The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles overch… More than handbags and acces… Each piece in Deborah Casteel’s store, Hand… 17th annual Shoe Carnival Car … Each year for the past 17 years the Shoe Car… Celebrate the ‘longest day’ of t… If you haven’t been to the Kokomo Downtown … Steve’s Amazing World of Scien… During Professor Steve’s Amazing World of S… Kingdom Come Festival gains … More than 30 bands are making their way to … Kokomo names new boys' head… On his application for the boys basketball coa… Project helps Pine Valley resid… Jackie Harris has never cooked with herbs bef… City of Fists Rollergirls to hold … The City of Fists Rollergirls flat track roller der… Returning racers look to better … To be a rookie in any sport is tough. Rookie pi… Advanced Search 70° Broken Clouds Home News Vitals Sports Lifestyles Blogs E-Edition Events Coupons Login | Signup Welcome to the site! Login or Signup below. Home News Print Font Size: IU Kokomo introduces new degree programs Biochemistry, health sciences join eight others as Bachelor of Science options for students Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 9:19 am Indiana University Kokomo has been transitioning itself into a force to be reckoned with in the regional campus scene, and with the addition of 10 new degrees, other regional campuses had better watch out. IU Kokomo has always focused on giving students a well-rounded education in the liberal arts, but that has been a detriment to some of the students focusing in the hard sciences. When Chancellor Michael Harris came to the campus, it was one of the first things he recognized. He felt the university needed to offer more Bachelor of Science degrees to go with their Bachelor of Arts degrees. Students with B.S. degrees spend more time taking classes in their major. "When Chancellor Harris came to campus, that was obviously one thing that he really noticed was that we had a whole complement of B.A. degrees, but really not a complement of B.S. degrees," said Susan Sciame-Giesecke, executive vice chancellor of academic affairs. "He urged all of us to really take a look at that because he felt it was really important that we have a full menu of options to offer our students." After the proposals went out, it was a matter of waiting for approval from the Indiana University Board of Trustees and the Indiana Commission on Higher Education. "I am delighted that the Commission for Higher Education has approved our request for additional degree programs, which will help Indiana University Kokomo meet the needs of the region," said Harris. "With the addition of these new programs, we will continue to provide academic excellence and student success, contributing to the economic well-being and quality of life in north-central Indiana." Harris noted that providing these additional majors is necessary to the growth of north-central Indiana with the changing economy. "We are moving from a traditional manufacturing and agricultural society to a global economy, which is based Story Comments Posted on Jun 27, 2011 by Tim Turner Tweet 1 0 8 0 Like GO AVpt3mjw
  2. 2. IU Kokomo introduces new degree programs - Kokomo Perspective: Local News[6/20/2014 4:55:45 AM] … … … Print on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship," he said. "We have to change the way we compete in order to continue to allow for the American dream to go on." Two of the new degrees, biochemistry and health sciences, never before have been offered at Indiana University Kokomo. The additional eight programs, currently offered as B.A. degrees, now will be offered as B.S. degrees as well. They include biological and physical sciences, chemistry, biology, psychology, mathematics, sociology, new media and communication. Sciame-Giesecke discussed the importance of offering several of the new programs: "The B.S. in biology and chemistry is really important for many students when they are thinking about professional schools like medical school or dental school. "The B.S. in new media really allows students to do more of the practical kinds of courses that they want to take, like writing for the web and graphic arts, where they have time to concentrate on that and really develop their portfolio of skills. "The B.S. in sociology really was directed towards a concentration in applied sociology and human services. It allows students who really are interested in doing more social work kinds of activities to really focus on that. When you major in that, you have to do a lot of interning -- a lot of practicums -- because you obviously want to be learning those skills with the different populations." Sciame-Giesecke said the university still will produce well-rounded students under the new degree programs, and their liberal arts education will not suffer. "I think we see it more as an opportunity to really educate students when they come in and talk to them about the advantages of both," said Sciame-Giesecke. "Don't get me wrong; there still is a nice compliment of general education and rounding in the B.S. program. Students still have to meet the general education requirements. "They are still getting a little piece of some things. They are probably not getting as much depth in some of the areas they would have gotten." She also feels that IU Kokomo's small size will contribute to attracting B.S. students. "We do believe a lot of students are overlooking the advantage of being in a small school with faculty who will really help you know that you are well-trained and well-versed in what you want to do," said Sciame-Giesecke. She shared a quote that Harris likes to make. "Chancellor Harris always says you get a private school experience at a public school price," said Sciame-Giesecke. Students can start enrolling in the new programs now. Posted in Local news on Monday, June 27, 2011 9:19 am. ITT Tech - Official Site Associate, Bachelor Degree Programs Browse Programs Now & Learn More.
  3. 3. IU Kokomo introduces new degree programs - Kokomo Perspective: Local News[6/20/2014 4:55:45 AM] © Copyright 2014, Kokomo Perspective, Kokomo, IN. Powered by BLOX Content Management System [Terms of Service | Privacy Policy] Sections Home Blogs Sports Xtra KP Savings Radio Video Weather Services About Us Contact Us Subscriptions Submission Forms Contact us Kokomo Perspective Phone number:(765) 452-0055 Address: 209 N. Main Kokomo, IN 46901 All Daily Sports Xtra Kp Savings Radio Video Photo Galleries Search Search in: More From This Site Celebrate the ‘longest day’ of the year at Farmers’ Market Kokomo names new boys' head coach Residents try to escape Howard County Returning racers look to better times More than handbags and accessories From Around The Web Teachers: This App Will Change Your iPad Classroom (Fun Educational Apps) Teachers: Master's Degrees Mean More Than Just a Salary Boost (Concordia University) The 10 Dumbest States in America (TheStreet) You will face a 2% penalty in 2016 if you don’t meet Meaningful use this year (Practice Fusion Blog) NY Times Corner Office: "If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO" (The New York Times) Recommended by by TaboolaSponsored ContentFrom The Web Lululemon How To Pick Your Perfect Yoga Pants SheKnows What Moms-To-Be Can Expect As Due Dates Approach Survival Life You Won't Believe What This Lighter Can Do... Next Advisor Daily How To Severely Reduce Your Credit Card Payments Facebook social plugin Also post on Facebook Search AVpt3mjw Comment AVpt3mjw Comment AVpt3mjw Add a comment...