Chancellor Michael Harris Leads IUK to a Summer Enrollment Record Up More than 12.5 percent


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Chancellor Michael Harris Leads IUK to a Summer Enrollment Record Up More than 12.5 percent

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Chancellor Michael Harris Leads IUK to a Summer Enrollment Record Up More than 12.5 percent

  1. 1. US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent | Universities News HOME + SUBMIT RELEASE BECOME EDITOR ADVERTISE WITH US! CONTACT US + like AVryAJoE Like ASIA Share AFRICA You and 1,472 others like this.1,472 people like this. Sign AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND CANADA Follow @univnew EUROPE MIDDLE EAST UNITED STATES May 20, 2012 SOUTH AMERICA Search here... US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent Universities News Recommend this on Google Search Comments Off 0 Share Upcoming Education Event Featured Universities Harvard University Indiana University Kokomo continues its growth trend into the first summer session, with increased August 3, 2013, Comments Off enrollment of more than 12 percent. Overall enrollment on first day of the session, was up 12.5 percent Share About Harvard Harvard University is devoted to excellence in ... from the first day of the 2011 session. The number of credit hours taken grew 14.4 percent. Like Chancellor Michael Harris credits the increase to the quality of degree programs, the wide variety of classes offered, and the Student Success Tuition Discount program, which saves a student a year’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) worth of tuition and ensures degree completion. February 6, 2013, Comments Off IU President Michael A. McRobbie announced earlier this year that all IU campuses will offer a 25 Share About MIT The Institute admitted its first students in ... percent summer school discount in an effort to provide financial relief to students, promote year-round college attendance, shorten the time it takes students to graduate, and make more effective use of campus facilities statewide. “IU Kokomo is becoming a campus of choice for year-round education,” Harris said. “We offer the degree Newsletter programs our students need to graduate in order to be ready to compete in a global economy, as well as Get the latest News, Reviews & Articles about be prepared to move on to graduate and professional schools.” Norma Fewell, information management Universities Worldwide.[1/21/2014 10:37:24 PM]
  2. 2. US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent | Universities News specialist, said the campus’s newest students are enrolling during the summer as well. Enter your email Sign up! “We are seeing a lot more of our incoming freshmen taking summer classes,” she said. “Those students usually wait for the fall, so the tuition discount and the wider availability of summer classes is bringing them to campus earlier.” Overall, she said, preliminary data showed Kokomo to have the second-highest From the Desk of Education Minister Produce more research work to ... increase in summer enrollment among IU campuses. January 21, 2014, No Comments IU Kokomo students who take a full academic load during the summer session can save about $700 with the summer tuition discount. Jack Tharp, vice chancellor for student affairs, said most of the increase is Share He said universities here will have to focus on ... junior- and senior-level students. “Our upper-level students are seeing the value of making progress toward a degree, rather than taking the summer off from school,” he said. Terrorism Law will be applied ... January 6, 2014, Comments Off Share Education Dr Hossam Eissa mentioned in a press statement ... In the last two years, the campus implemented team sports and joined the NAIA, revised its academic advising center, reinvented recruitment strategies, enhanced financial aid, developed a stronger relationship with Ivy Tech Community College and area high schools, and emphasized campus beautification. Slovakia: Government cuts funds for ... December 23, 2013, Comments Off IU Kokomo students graduate with the least amount of debt compared to other IU regional campuses. Share Funding for colleges and universities for 2014 has been ... The campus also earned the highest grade in the state, along with three private institutions, from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which is based on what is taught in the classroom. Ninety-nine percent of the campus’ students are Indiana residents, the highest number of any IU campus. Ninety percent of those students live and work in Indiana, while 80 percent reside in north central Indiana. Asian Universities News Produce more research work to ... January 21, 2014, No Comments “Students in our area are recognizing the quality of education we provide here, and are choosing to earn their degrees on our campus,” Harris said. “We are innovative and forward thinking. Our enrollment reflects the hard work and commitment of our faculty and staff to prepare our students to succeed.” India’s virtually challenged universities January 21, 2014, No Comments Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast) Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) TAGS » Change in university term dates ... POSTED IN Indiana University About the author: Universities News » Press Release, United States January 20, 2014, No Comments View all posts by Universities News African Universities News ASUU, FG on war path ... January 21, 2014, No Comments Related Posts Psychology program at center stage in Brazil January 20, 2012 Share Sacramento State’s Psychology Department’s Applied Behavior Analysis program, which trains graduate students to become boardcertified behavior analysts, is going international thanks in part to ... Chinese universities study SDSU’s Student Affairs Program Armenian universities bump up fees September 9, 2013 Share Students doubt extra income will improve facilities or teaching. Students entering leading universities in the Armenian capital this September are furious that the fees ... South Africa: Universities trying to ... January 14, 2014, No Comments Matric quality has grim effect ... January 14, 2014, No Comments Kamikazes to be trained in Azerbaijani universities[1/21/2014 10:37:24 PM]
  3. 3. US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent | Universities News August 14, 2013 October 6, 2012 Share Two Chinese Universities traveled Share Military training courses will Australian & NewZealand Universities to San Diego to learn more about San Diego State. Officials from China’s Xiamen University—San Diego probably resume in all Azerbaijani universities staring the next academic year, Azeri MP, Baku State Students flock to revamped Canterbury ... State University‘s partner university ... University rector Abel Maharramov said. ... January 20, 2014, No Comments Comments are closed. New high for Monash in ... January 20, 2014, No Comments As new students enrol, employers ... January 17, 2014, No Comments Canadian Universities News As Ottawa pushes for foreign ... January 21, 2014, No Comments Government hopes more international students ... January 18, 2014, No Comments Yukon College raises tuition fee ... January 16, 2014, No Comments European Universities News Cambridge University pay more than ... January 19, 2014, No Comments Universities’ group appoints new director January 18, 2014, No Comments Student dropouts cause massive financial ... January 18, 2014, No Comments Middle East Universities News Cairo University faculty call for ...[1/21/2014 10:37:24 PM]
  4. 4. US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent | Universities News January 20, 2014, No Comments Change in university term dates ... January 20, 2014, No Comments Scholarship boom in UAE Universities January 18, 2014, No Comments South American Universities News UA announces partnership with universities ... January 17, 2014, No Comments Latin America becoming fertile ground ... October 5, 2013, Comments Off Latin American universities have catching ... September 17, 2013, Comments Off Central American Universities News Nicaragua: Free computers for 30,000 ... July 31, 2013, Comments Off Share Program offers computers with educational applications to children at ... Costa Rica signed a loan ... July 14, 2013, Comments Off Share Costa Rica’s government signed a loan of 200 million ... Projects in Education, Food and ... July 4, 2013, Comments Off Share The eighth summit of heads of state and governments ... US Universities News 134 Congress members blast ASA ...[1/21/2014 10:37:24 PM]
  5. 5. US: IUK Summer enrollment up more than 12.5 percent | Universities News January 21, 2014, No Comments Global presence increasing at local ... January 21, 2014, No Comments Chancellor Coombe to retire from ... January 19, 2014, No Comments Popular Tags Categories AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY CURTIN UNIVERSITY FEATURED CARDIFF UNIVERSITY Important News Websites Africa (373) Education News Alerts / Events (273) COVENTRY UNIVERSITY DUKE UNIVERSITY HARVARD UNIVERSITY Asia (970) INDIANA UNIVERSITY Placements News Canada (362) Counselling News LA TROBE UNIVERSITY Central America (8) LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY Scholarships News Australia & New Zealand (399) HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON Universities News School / K-12 News MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Education Minister (11) MASSEY UNIVERSITY USA Education News MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES MASTERS' SCHOLARSHIP Educational Consortium (351) Social Media Strategists MONASH UNIVERSITY Europe (1178) MOOCS NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES COMMISSION Find us on Facebook Exams News (9) NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY OXFORD UNIVERSITY PHD SCHOLARSHIP PEKING UNIVERSITY Experts Speak (111) Like Like Featured Events (2) You like this. PHD STUDENTSHIP POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP Featured News (501) You and 1,472 others like,472 people like RMIT UNIVERSITY SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY STANFORD UNIVERSITY TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION Featured Universities (5) Middle East (280) UCAS UK UNIVERSITIES Press Release (2223) Facebook social plugin UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP Research & Innovation (307) UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON UNIVERSITY FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS ISSN Registration & Alexa Scholarships (1568) UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Science & Technology (160) South America (68)[1/21/2014 10:37:24 PM]
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