Manufacturing a sense of urgency


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In this slide I look at a theory of how manufacturing urgency is essential for mobilizing audiences for campaigns. I also show a formula i've come up with for achieving this urgency.

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Manufacturing a sense of urgency

  1. MANUFACTURING A SENSE OF URGENCY Insights to create infectious campaigns By Michael Goldstein, Creative Digital Planner, CHI&Partners NYC. @mickeyg77 Wednesday, October 30, 13
  2. Over the past 3 months, I have been working on creating a sense of urgency to drive engagement with our ad campaigns Wednesday, October 30, 13
  3. THREE CLIENTS Every Mother Counts Maternal Health charity that needed the public to #giveathought to the countless women suffering globally from health complications due to pregnancy Bee Raw Artisinal honey company that wanted to spread the word that bees are dying at an alarming rate #savethebees Thirteen/PBS Local NY TV station that needed to let everyone know about the disaster that is modern television #tvgonewrong Wednesday, October 30, 13
  4. Insight: Web for housing content. Social for amplification of content. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  5. Spreading issues: The importance of context Twitter Wednesday, October 30, 13 Vs Digital Publishers (Web)
  6. Twitter We used Twitter influencers and celebrities to spread the issues of #giveathought and #savethebees on twitter. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  7. Despite their large twitter followings neither influencer created a huge, infectious impact online. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  8. The problem was there was not enough context or content for people to latch onto Wednesday, October 30, 13
  9. Web For our PBS/Thirteen campaign we were featured on the pages of a few prominent digital publishers Readers had enough context to understand the issue and the campaign took off, with huge sharing over social media Wednesday, October 30, 13
  10. Let’s look at how digital publishers helped our Thirteen campaign deliver content with enough context for people to dip into.... ......And enough urgency to share Wednesday, October 30, 13
  11. A look at 3 different digital publishers Wednesday, October 30, 13
  12. All three publishers use different language and positioning techniques to create engagement through urgency Wednesday, October 30, 13
  13. Buzzfeed - “Look at this!” Wednesday, October 30, 13
  14. Jezabel/Gawker “Think about that!” Wednesday, October 30, 13
  15. Upworthy - “Do something about this!” Wednesday, October 30, 13
  16. Insight: Urgency is best created by an un-attached third party reporting on the issue. This gives it authenticity as an issue not an agenda. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  17. How do they do it? A closer look at the techniques used by digital publishers to manufacture urgency Wednesday, October 30, 13
  18. Buzzfeed - Urgency through over the top language Wednesday, October 30, 13
  19. Jezabel/Gawker - Urgency through disbelief Wednesday, October 30, 13
  20. Upworthy - Urgency through emotion via image Wednesday, October 30, 13
  21. Thanks to those and other third party publishers, we had people looking, thinking and sharing our content. They helped us manufacturing a sense of urgency that people felt compelled to amplify through social media. This drove over 14 million web and 3 million twitter impressions with no media spend! Wednesday, October 30, 13
  22. Insight: Relevant messaging for varied demographics creates a wider and more layered sense of urgency leading to multi-faceted, intense momentum Wednesday, October 30, 13
  23. A wide range of audiences had content and context to appreciate the urgency we were communicating Wednesday, October 30, 13
  24. This happened because each publisher created relevant urgency by packaging content for the audience they cater to (Two Australian beers of similar content but packaged very differently!) Wednesday, October 30, 13
  25. Buzzfeed - Fast Food of the internet Erhmegerd berzfed dis list, so tru Wert the ferk lowl centent Easy to digest, OMG content perfectly packaged for over-excited internet novices to hype over through social media. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  26. Upworthy - Clicktivism Kings FB reactions Social issue with a call to action Prominent social share icons Content packaged in such a way that clicktivists feel the need to ‘solve’ the featured issue Wednesday, October 30, 13
  27. PS: Clicktivism = Wednesday, October 30, 13
  28. Jezabel/Gawker - Black and white issues Gawker and Jezabel package issues for an audience looking to bring further discussion to black and white issues where the only moral reaction is of outrage. Headline prompts outrage Extensive opportunities for discussion throughout article Wednesday, October 30, 13
  29. Urgency is created when multiple 3rd party publishers all work to raise attention to the same issue, in ways that are relevant and distinctly packaged for their audiences. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  30. So how can you best create urgency with a 3rd party digital outlet? Wednesday, October 30, 13
  31. For PBS/Thirteen, we tried emailing all the major digital outlets to give them an inside scoop on the campaign. Despite the great content, we had no interest. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  32. It was only when started getting huge hits from their post on the campaign that others took notice. Soon dozens of major digital publishers were creating posts on the campaign, including many that we tried to contact 3 days before! Wednesday, October 30, 13
  33. The tactic is to reach critical momentum with one site, once that happens others take notice and want to jump on the UV bandwagon! Wednesday, October 30, 13
  34. The formula: Great content x Relevancy over many demographics + A popular platform = Momentum spark Wednesday, October 30, 13
  35. A great example is the recent partnership with Uber and Cheezburger, where Uber cars delivered kittens to offices in NYC and San Fransisco for 15 minute play sessions. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  36. #ICANHASUBERKITTENS Great content (Kitten delivery via Uber) x Wide relevancy (Who doesn’t like kittens?) + A popular platform (Cheezburger network) = Momentum spark (They had their hashtag trending within 30 minutes on launch day) Wednesday, October 30, 13
  37. My theory is that to effectively mobilize an audience to action you need to create a sense of urgency Wednesday, October 30, 13
  38. Marketers have known this for many years Wednesday, October 30, 13
  39. But in a transparent, digital world, an unrelated 3rd party with a loyal following is crucial to manufacturing the urgency to create huge traction for your campaign. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  40. If you liked it, tweet it! #manufacturingurgency @mickeyg77 Wednesday, October 30, 13
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