eBooks in Motion Overview 2014


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Online automated multimedia e-book production services.

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eBooks in Motion Overview 2014

  1. 1. What we are… • • • • Digital Production Co. Online SaaS Automated Technology Services for Publishers… ̶ eBooks ̶ eLearning ̶ eMemoris • Multi Platform Supplier • Global Provider • Disruptive… What we‘re not… • • • • Data Conversion Co. Software in a Box Outsourcing Publisher… ̶ Sales ̶ Distribution ̶ Editorial Services • Brand Specific Supplier • Region Provider • Conformists… We are a production company with a vision…
  2. 2. Problem Eighty percent (80%) of all e-books in circulation were produced manually by outsourcing operations. Top publishers occupy these outsourcing providers. Leaving smaller publishers and authors with few alternatives. Publishers should not have to depend on outsourcing operations, programmers, or complicated brand specific services.
  3. 3. Solution Create a way to automate the production of e-books and media rich e-publications, where all preparation is conducted in MS Word – the authoring communities product of choice. • Zero learning curve. • No additional staffing. • Increased production capacity. • No upfront costs. • Publish across all major platforms.
  4. 4. Concept Media is automatically embedded within highlighted keywords, where tapping keywords opens all forms of multimedia. Simple editing tools allow for managing media presentation. Providing complete control of the final look & feel. Once produced, multiple versions are created automatically that can be read on the most popular e-readers, tablets, or smartphones.
  5. 5. eBook Production Five simple steps prior to payment and final production. APPLE APPLE
  6. 6. Media Presentation Visual media may be opened via tap on keywords, “Dynamic” media. Or “Static” media may be wrapped within the body of text.
  7. 7. Intellectual Property Intelligent Highlighting - Patent Pending Procedures by which to automatically process to detect keywords where media resides. Highlights are constructed as programmable objects, which provide various promotional and other downstream services. UPLOAD TEXT AND MEDIA WWW METADATA PROFILE PARCING ENGINE HIGHLIGHT CONTROLLER HIGHLIGHT LIBRARY PRODUCTION ENGINE OBJECT GENERATOR
  8. 8. eBook Market Indicators “eBooks will overtake sales of print books in 2014, with total sales expected to rise to 47 million units.” Nielsen Media Research 2013 “eBook sales were up 146% in 2013 compared to 2012.” Digital Book World 2013 “eBook sales grew at an astonishing clip in 2013 of $5.2 billion in the US market alone.” Book Business 2014
  9. 9. Alternate Markets Distance 62% of academic 62% of academic institutions worldwide institutions worldwide Education Language $82 billion market for $82 billion market for English alone English alone Training Event Memoirs Wedding industry Wedding industry market $300 billion market $300 billion Mobile Travel Guides Sales stats: 58% tables, Sales stats: 58% tables, 41% smartphones 41% smartphones worldwide 2012 worldwide 2012
  10. 10. Additional Services Fonts – Override default language and fonts on devices. And package any font type within e-books to address a global market. Discovery – Calculate the likelihood of a book’s success and connect with social networks to promote new titles. Gallery – Free access to global network of media providers in order to secure publishable media. Library – Services to promote Indie authors. A great way for publishers to find new talent.
  11. 11. Completive Landscape Key differentiation: Ease of use, automatic assembly, time to produce, multiple platforms, pricing, publisher appeal, reader experience. Competition Outsource Online Tools SaaS Production Average Turnaround Cross Platform Average Cost Aptara 6 weeks $500 Per Device iAuthor Create Space 2 days Free Single Device * Vook 7 days $1,500 Per Device eBooks in Motion 1 hour $200 All Devices * Additional cost may apply.
  12. 12. Key Advantages A solution crafted by hundreds of authors and publishers… • Simplicity • Automation • Control • Cross Platform • Higher Output • No Upfront Cost “The universal multimedia e-publication production solution.”