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Body Of Work 3.0 3 11

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A professional portfolio of B2B and B2C marketing and communications work, crossing interactive, direct marketing, internal and marketing communications, branding, and publicity.

A professional portfolio of B2B and B2C marketing and communications work, crossing interactive, direct marketing, internal and marketing communications, branding, and publicity.

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  • 1. Body of Work Communications and publicity measurably informing and persuading about products, services, and key events Deterministic Marketing driving quantifiably higher response rates, customer acquisition and retention, improved share and bottom linesMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 2. Interactive Website Development Online and E-mail Promotion Concepts, copy writing, graphic design direction, vendor managementMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 3. Interactive Effective differentiation in a crowded, fragmented, commoditized market, increases new accounts (>200), boosts phone order volume, sales (15%) and profitability.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 4. Interactive Improved website, merchandising, site functionality and customer loyalty promotion increase site traffic (35%), new accounts (>450), online orders (>20%), while reducing order entry costs (50%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 5. Interactive Increasing e-mail promotional reach to new channels and 100-thousand-plus customers daily results in hundreds of new accounts, and higher call center sales (>10%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 6. Interactive TSC Rewardssm customer loyalty program generates 20-thousand customer inquiries, new accounts (+18%), increases product sampling (400%), online order frequency, and average order size.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 7. Publicity B2B and B2C Publicity Generation Background research, copy writing, image development, media placementMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 8. PublicityMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 9. Publicity Best-kept secret no more! The national launch of this newly-re- branded company receives excellent trade media publicity, boosting new accounts (200) and sales (15%). Effective PR, publicity and trade media relations result in solid national exposure (event coverage, interviews, articles) of customer loyalty programs, improving customer retention (>10%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 10. Publicity One company’s global branding makeover was documented in a detailed 12-page case study – a format too cumbersome for the average reader. The success story was rewritten in a concise one- page format for effective distribution to investors, distributors, and customers.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 11. PublicityMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 12. PublicityMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 13. Internal Communications The Pentagon must communicate in a clear and unmistakable manner to senior Air Force leadership worldwide regarding achievement of a critical program milestone. The objective? Effectively dispel serious misinformation regarding reports of program cancellation or risk loss of leadership support and critical implementation momentum on this $2.4B ERP program.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 14. B2B Marketing Communications Apparel Catalogs Corporate Capabilities Brochures Client Retention Newsletters Concepts, copy writing, production and design directionMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 15. B2B Marketing Communications Taking catalog marketing to a higher level: Customer reach increases (35%) at reduced expense (27%), driving up sales and profitability by shifting call center traffic to more profitable web orders (20%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 16. B2B Marketing Communications As part of a business development initiative a defensive strategy dimension is developed to strengthen customer retention via the sharing of best practices.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 17. B2B Marketing Communications Your own customers don’t fully understand what you do? Tell your story in a simple, clear, compelling way. Result: Over 400 new accounts and increased sales (>15%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 18. B2B Marketing Communications To help overcome low penetration of liquefied petroleum gas markets a factual, visual depiction is used to show how your products help customers in ways they never thought possible or profitable – at each point in a long distribution chain.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 19. B2B Marketing Communications Promote an undeniable Value Proposition: Your products outperform less costly - and less durable - competitive units, providing a ROI of thousands of dollars every time your customers use them.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 20. B2B Marketing Communications The LPG and NH3 Industry Corporate Overview The LPG and NH3 Industry Product Transfer & Recovery Solutions Blackmer® is part of Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services for four key markets: The LPG/NH3 Experts When it comes responding to the needs of producers, Engineered Fluid Electronic Industrial distributors and retailers no one delivers greater expertise Management or customer-focused solutions than Blackmer. Systems Technologies Products Benefits of Blackmer Industry Expertise  Pump Solutions Group (PSG™), leading provider Product Technology – Whatever the application, Blackmer of high-quality, innovative pumping solutions is pumps and compressors meet the challenges of handling comprised of the world’s premier pump technology liquefied gases through superior product design that companies focused on the business of fluid transfer. delivers high efficiency, quiet operation, easy maintenance and long-term durability.  Part of Dover Corporation’s Fluid Management segment, PSG is a fully-integrated company with Product Reliability – A product is no better than its day to global scale and world class manufacturing day performance, and Blackmer products are valued for facilities in the United States, Germany, China, their excellent uptime and continuous duty capability, India and France. backed by an industry leading extended warranty and Performance Assurance. Solution-oriented Customer Focus – Every Blackmer engineering, sales, product and customer care specialist Bulk Plants | Cylinder Filling | Bulk Distribution | Transportation | Auto Fuel | Liquid Terminals | Refineries knows that to help customers we must listen closely and The LPG and NH3 Industry Product Transfer & Recovery Solutions 1 understand their businesses so we can develop the best solution for their situation. 2 Blackmer delivers world class solutions to Sl i d i n g Re c i p r o c a t i all points of the LPG/NH3 distribution chain Va n e Pump s ng Ga s 13 Co m r e s s or s p  Refineries - Loading/unloading  Liquid Terminals - Loading/unloading and product A power point presentation (excerpted here) effectively communicates transfer  Transport - Mobile transport in bobtails and transport trucks about sub-optimized market opportunities, for translation for  Bulk Storage Facilities - Loading/unloading, product transfer, product and vapor distributors throughout the Americas, Europe, Russia, and China. recovery  Cylinder Filling Plants - Loading/unloading, cylinder filling, product and vapor recovery  Bulk Distribution & Cylinder Retailing - Unloading, cylinder filling, product and vapor recovery  Auto Fuel - Unloading, vehicle The LPG and NH3 Industry Product Transferand Recovery Solutions filling, product & vapor recovery Handling a Wide Range of Liquefied Gas Products The LPG and NH3 Industry Product Transfer & Recovery Solutions Blackmer Sliding Vane PumpsPropane, Butane, Autogas, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) LPG, for LPG and NH3 The LPG and NH3 Industry Transfer and Process Flow Solutions LGL/LGLD Multi-Purpose Sliding Vane Pumps 12 Rugged pumps designed for terminal and bulk plant service, multiple cylinder filling applications, vaporizers, bobtail and transport duty, and engineered to perform wherever high speed gas transfer is required. Features & Benefits Single-or double-ended drive shaft models offered in 2-, 3- and 4-inch port sizes for flexibility in positioning for clockwise or counter-clockwise shaft rotation LGF & LGB Cylinder LGL/LGRL Fueling & LGLD Newly-increased speeds bring greater capacity to LGLD3 and LGLD4 pumps with speeds of 870 rpm Filling Pumps Multi-Cylinder Filling Pumps Multi-Purpose Pumps and 200 gpm (45 m3/h), and 800 rpm and 400 gpm (91 m3/h), respectively LGLD2 pumps often mounted to chassis of a bobtail or to a steel pad welded to the tank LGLD3 and LGLD4 models can be variously mounted to a transport, generally near or between tank landing gear brackets Models feature internal relief valve, replaceable casing liner and end discs for easy rebuilding of pumping chamber if ever required Standard construction includes Buna-N mechanical seals and Duravanes ® for handling LP Gas or NH 3 UL listed for use on propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia and propane / butane mixes LGL 158 Continuous LGLH2 High TLGLF Bobtail Liquid Bulk Storage Bulk Distribution/ Duty High Pressure Pumps Pressure Pumps & Transport Pumps Refineries Transportation Cylinder Filling Plant Auto Fuel Terminals Facilities Cylinder Retailer Why Blackmer? Loading/ Loading/ Product Loading/ Product Transport Loading/ Cylinder Loading/ Bobtails Unloading Unloading Unloading Transfer Unloading Transfer Trucks Unloading Filling Unloading Industry professionals know the importance of equipment reliability and performance. Select any of the interactive buttons above to view a specific product detail page • • • • • • • • • • or click anywhere else on this page to skip the product detail section. They understand the risks and costs of relying upon less capable, less durable pumps and compressors. 19 From experience they know Blackmer products are built to outlast and outperform. 22 < Previous Return to List of Products Next > 27 Bulk Plants | Cylinder Filling | Bulk Distribution | Transportation | Auto Fuel | Liquid Terminals | RefineriesMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 21. B2B Marketing Communications The economy weakening and factory orders slowing, this sales brochure provides compelling stories of cutting-edge capabilities, best-of-class customer service, and competitive pricing.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 22. B2B Marketing Communications Self-guided product training for new life insurance agents included modular video and instructional handbook.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 23. B2B Marketing Communications Proper visual display and merchandising based upon sales, traffic management and trade show ROI objectives are critical to effective prospect qualification and sales follow-up. These major national tradeshow displays were augmented with light, easily transportable pop-up displays to further reduce costs, increase show ROI and take advantage of sales opportunities closer to the customer.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 24. B2C Marketing Communications Lifestyle and Financial Newsletters POP Brochures Concepts, copy writing and design directionMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 25. B2C Marketing Communications Designed to help forge “life-long” customer relationships and build repeat business, this monthly consumer lifestyle newsletter series increased customer retention (15%).Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 26. B2C Marketing Communications To counter negative industry perceptions a company promotes its core values on ethical practices, technological savvy and service, to associates and consumers alike.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 27. Direct Mail National Direct Mail Campaigns Concept, copy writing, mail production, effectiveness measurementMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 28. Direct MailMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 29. Corporate Communications Corporate Values Statement Internal Associate Newsletters Concepts and copy writingMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 30. Corporate Communications A financial services company grows very quickly, establishing new offices nationwide. This associate pocket card was developed to establish the key corporate values governing and guiding the company and its associates.Michael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 31. Corporate CommunicationsMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 32. Branding Concepts, icon development, market research, copy writing, and branding agency directionMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 33. BrandingMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com
  • 34. Corporate Video Production Corporate Orientation and Product Training Mayflower National Life Insurance Company View an excerpt online: http://www.visualcv.com.michaeljames3885 Concept, scriptwriting, production and direction One–hour training video and companion instructional handbookMichael James • 513-218-7445 • mike_james2002@hotmail.com