Radiology Education Resources: University, Commercial, Non-Profit and Government


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Talk given at Radiology Inter Society Conference 2012

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Radiology Education Resources: University, Commercial, Non-Profit and Government

  1. 1. Radiology Education Resources:
University, Commercial, Non-Profit and Government
 Michael P. DAlessandro, M.D. " " University of Iowa College of Medicine / University of Iowa Childrens Hospital" ""
  2. 2. Goal "•  Describe " •  University, Commercial, Non-profit, Government Radiology Education Resources" •  For Apps focus on iOS because it has the most"•  Identify " •  Radiology Education Resources that are needed but have yet to be built" •  An opportunity for inter-society cooperation and collaboration to build them"•  Predict" •  The future"
  3. 3. But First, A Little History
 " Nothing New Under the Sun•  Universities are knowledge factories and engines of innovation" •  1989 - Yale - Echocardiography Encyclopedia - first radiology hybrid digital / analog textbook" •  1991 - U of Iowa - Hyperlung - first radiology digital textbook" •  1992 - U of Iowa - Virtual Hospital - first medical + radiology digital library on Internet" •  1993 - U of Iowa - Virtual Hospital - first medical + radiology Web site" •  1994 - U of Iowa - Hitchhikers Guide to Pediatric Imaging - first radiology eBook / App"
  4. 4. University Teaching Files" (Get CME)"
  5. 5. University Courses""
  6. 6. University Courses" iTunes U ~ UCLA Radiology"
  7. 7. University Educational Apps" CTisUsiQuiz ~ iRadiology"
  8. 8. Commercial Textbooks (Free) ""
  9. 9. Commercial Textbooks / Teaching Files" Discounted - $1500 indiv / $2200 group" StatDX vs. radiology search engine""
  10. 10. Commercial Educational Apps"Low hundreds in number e-Anatomy ~ Radiology Assistant"
  11. 11. Commercial eBooks Radiology"Formats - iBooks (ePub) ~ iBooks2 (IBA not ePub) ~ Kindle (AZW)"Low hundreds of radiology iBooks ~ 1,300 radiology Kindle books"
  12. 12. Commercial eBooks Pediatric Radiology"Formats - iBooks (ePub) ~ iBooks2 (IBA not ePub) ~ Kindle (AZW)"4 pediatric radiology iBooks ~ 77 pediatirc radiology Kindle books"
  13. 13. What Is Difference Between eBook and Educational App? " Will educational Apps be replaced by iBooks2?"
  14. 14. Commercial Communities of Practice""Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their understanding of this area by interacting on an ongoing basis." " " " " "- Wenger E. et. al. Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge""
  15. 15. Non-Profit Textbooks
 "Most Popular Radiology Textbook"
  16. 16. Non-Profit Courses
 Flipped Classroom""
  17. 17. Government Resources""
  18. 18. Education Resources That Do Not Yet Exist:
 An Opportunity for Intersociety Collaboration"•  Your members are far ahead of where you are in regards to what Internet-based radiology educational resources they would like you to provide for them"
  19. 19. Education Resource Needed
 "Wiki Archive of Educational Exhibits From Meetings•  Educational Exhibits" •  Were printed posters ~ written in prose ~ discarded at end of meetings ~ few repurposed as review articles" •  Now are PowerPoint presentations ~ written in bullet points and cant be repurposed for much"•  Create Wiki for Educational Exhibits" •  Return to posters written in prose ~ easily repurposed as review articles for journals" •  Over time becomes archive that evolves into searchable textbook of radiology ~ StatDX competitor that would be free" •  In 21st century, as number of radiologists in developing world continues to increase, and we move away from US-centric view of radiology, such a resource would build a bridge to them and be wonderful gift to the world"
  20. 20. Education Resource Needed
 Educational Social Network"•  A community of radiology learning, teaching, sharing and collaboration" •  Goal - build a radiology learning community around content, conversations and connections for purpose of improving patients health"•  Move from learning solely as an individual to also learning in a group" •  Lets us take learning from proficiency in radiology to next level - learning to excel in radiology - by creating passionate learners in radiology" •  Proven to be educationally effective"
  21. 21. Education Resource Needed
 Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) "•  Definition: " •  Instructors, learners, course materials dispersed across open Web" •  Posting, reflecting, sharing using social media at its core" •  Curriculum unfolds in practice"•  Started in Universities, becoming commercial" •  Coursera, Udacity, EdX"•  Radiology MOOC design" •  Freely open to entire world ~ 3 month subspecialty course" •  Lecture / week" •  Problem set / week solved individually + collaboratively" •  Machine grading of problem set" •  Master teacher session to go over problem set" •  User-contributed cases solved collaboratively" •  Individual learning portfolio maintained and shared" •  Certificate upon completion of course (pay to obtain?)"
  22. 22. Future
 e-Memory - Digitization Of Your Life"•  A digital archive of your life" •  "Lifelogging""•  Made possible / inevitable by" •  Most memories are digital" •  Near-infinite space to store them" •  Every improving technology to recall them"•  Captures, stores, organizes and makes retrievable your experience + reflected wisdom"•  You become the librarian, archivist, cartographer and curator of your life"•  Early example: Evernote"
  23. 23. Future
 Head Mounted Displays"•  Google Glass" •  For Augmented Reality and e-Memory"
  24. 24. Conclusion"•  Radiology educational resources" •  State of art " •  What needs to be done" •  Perhaps by inter-society collaboration?" •  Future"•  To review this talk:" •"