What is content marketing and why you need it


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Many people are asking the question "what is content marketing and why do I need? Still others understand the concepts of buyer-driven content approaches but are looking to understand how to deploy them. In this presentation from Content Marketing World, Michael Brenner describes these key terms and explains how your organization can transform to become a culture of content success.

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  • Great content, especially slide 15. Thanks Michael.
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  • Not only a great #cmworld presentation, but you're really capitalizing on Slideshare, too. Rock on, Michael!
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What is content marketing and why you need it

  1. #cmworld Content Marketing: How to Transform Your Organization/Culture for Content Success Michael Brenner SAP @BrennerMichael • #cmworld
  2. #cmworld Marketing Is Hard! • Consumers are bombarded with 2,000- 5,000 marketing messages per day • More than 200 Million Americans have joined the U.S. “Do Not Call” list • 86% of people skip television ads • 44% of direct mail is never opened • 99.9% of banner ads do not receive clicks • 90% of emails are never opened and 99.5% don’t produce even a single click. • Buyers wait until they have completed 60% to 80% of their research before reaching out to vendors.
  3. #cmworld Me, Age 3
  4. #cmworld Me, 20 Pounds Years Ago
  5. #cmworld Today, We Are All Connected
  6. #cmworld And You Are The News! 50 years ago, Gallup released research that said delivering news is the most effective way to attract people to your business…
  7. #cmworld What Is Marketing? “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” ~ Milan Kundera “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… ~ Peter F. Drucker “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” ~ David Packard
  8. #cmworld We Are Boring Our Customers To Death Blah. Blah. Blah. I really wish you would stop talking about yourself!
  9. #cmworld Because Our Content Does This…
  10. #cmworld Not This…
  11. #cmworld The Answer: Become A Publisher Content Strategy: Having the content your audience needs… … delivered in all the places they go • For each buyer journey stage • For all “personas” that influence the buying process at each stage • For all their media channels • Combo of created, curated and syndicated
  12. #cmworld AMEX Open Forum • “Help Small Businesses Do More Business” • All original content • articles, blogs, research, surveys, contests • Community / connections • Find an expert • White labeled services • SEO, Creative, (new) BusinessApps • Heavily branded / CTA “Apply For A Card” • Personalization • 1M visitors per months • “Largest source of new card members”
  13. #cmworld Meets Buyers Where They Are Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57443686-93/mary-meeker-unveils-kpcbs-internet-trends-for-2012/
  14. #cmworld Do You Have A Plan For Mobile?
  15. #cmworld Content Marketing Measures of Success 1. % of search traffic from non-branded keywords – Measures how well you capture early stage buyers / influencers – Create content that helps your buyers (take you out of the story) 2. % of leads from inbound sources – Web, Search and Social 3. % of Early-Stage Content 4. “Return on Interesting” – 13 Measures of website, social and community health
  16. #cmworld How Much “Early Stage” Search Traffic Do We Get? Later Stage Visitor: • Searches for Product or Brand-specific terms like “SAP Software” • 100s of searches / mo Early Stage Visitor: • Searches for Category- terms like “what is cloud computing” or “Business Intelligence” • 100,000’s of searches / mo
  17. #cmworld How Much “Early Stage” Search Traffic Do We Get? 3 in 10,000 visits • Less than 0.1% from non-product or brand-related keywords • Less than 10 keywords generated all the early-stage search
  18. #cmworld Business Innovation from SAP To earn relationships not buy them Launched March 27, 2012  Delivering content our audience wants  Educational NOT promotional or gated  Daily updates, social share, comments Subtle branding and appropriate CTA to explore SAP solutions  Syndicating content from hundreds of authors - 75% external +100K pageviews / month. Hundreds of leads we would have never received! Please visit the site: http://blogs.sap.com/innovation/
  19. #cmworld Steps To Sell In Content Strategy 1. The World Has Changed 2. Your Marketing Sucks 3. You Are Boring Your Customers To Death 4. Are You Attracting Early-Stage Buyers 5. Get A Mobile Plan 6. Pilot A Content Marketing Destination 7. Become a Publisher
  20. #cmworld Thank You! Email: michael.brenner@sap.com Marketing Blog: B2BMarketingInsider.com Social News Site: Business2Community.com Twitter: @brennermichael