What a UXer Needs to Know about SEO
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  • 1. What a UXer  Needs to Know  About SEO A Michael Beasley Presentation [email_address] @uxMikeBeasley #iue2011 #goodSEOisboring
  • 2. Don't trust anyone that calls him- or herself an expert.
  • 3. There's no magic cure. Good SEO is BORING.
  • 4. In the end, good SEO is good UX.       (not every slide has a picture on it)
  • 5. (There's also technical stuff related to making sure search engines understand the site and some advanced stuff we can't get to, but focusing on a good user experience will get you most of the way.)
  • 6. Write content that people would actually want to read
  • 7. Good SEO means using good writing practices. Such as…
  • 8. Use words that make sense to people. Picture from http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2008/11/05-04.html
  • 9. Get to the point. Mather & Company, “Say It With A Snap! Get To The Point.,” 1925.
  • 10. Be concise. Mather & Company, “Say It With A Snap! Get To The Point.,” 1925.
  • 11. Keep it well organized. <h1>What this page is about</h1> <p>The most important thing on this page.</p> <h2>What this section is about</h2> <p>A concept that supports what this page is about.</p> <ul> <li>A supporting point</li> <li>Another supporting point</li> </ul>
  • 12. Stick to one concept per one page.
  • 13. ... And the navigation should support all the preceding stuff by having good (and consistent) labels and grouping pages intelligibly.
  • 14. Stuff near the top is more important (whether it's the top of the page or the top of the directory structure).
  • 15. Keyword research: how does it work? ?
  • 16. Just Google &quot;Google keyword tool&quot;
  • 17. This could be some useful information for user research, and user research could provide some interesting input to SEO.
  • 18. Content strategy: It's so hot right now.
  • 19. SEO provides input for content strategy, and needs content strategy to make stuff happen.
  • 20. Thank you!