Buildium Story and Culture
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Buildium Story and Culture



Get to know Buildium, our culture, and values.

Get to know Buildium, our culture, and values.



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Buildium Story and Culture Buildium Story and Culture Presentation Transcript

  • 2004They form Buildiumwith the idea of makingproperty managementsimpler.2006Michael and Dimitrismove the company outof the proverbialgarage into an officejust south of Boston inQuincy, MA.2008Buildium moves toBostons InnovationDistrict and reaches500 paying customers.OUR STORY2002Co-founders Michaeland Dimitris buy theirfirst rental propertytogether in Providence,Rhode Island.2003They purchase twomore rentalproperties and realizehow much time theyspend tracking stuff inspreadsheets.2010Buildium achievesprofitability.2012Buildium named tothe Inc 500/5000 andreaches 5000 payingcustomers.2013The Boston BusinessJournal namesBuildium a BestPlaces to Work for thesecond year in a row.
  • WHY WE EXISTWe help small business succeedwhile setting the highest standard forthe way business should be done.“”
  • WHAT WE BELIEVEIntegrityBeing honest and sincere is the best way to build long term relationships.OwnershipWe take full responsibility for solving problems regardless of titles or lines of responsibility.BalanceA balanced life makes us more productive, happier, and better human beings.ServiceGood business means volunteering and giving back to the community.SimplicitySimple experiences are more enjoyable than complex ones.
  • WHAT WE DOWe create software toolsthat help small residentialproperty managers runtheir businesses moreefficiently, helping themachieve their goals.“”
  • WE HELP SMALL BUSINESSES GROWWe streamline time-consuming, repetitive tasks.We help small property managers work like larger propertymanagers by offering:Electronic paymentsOnline maintenance requestsProfessionally branded websites and reportsOnline access for tenants, owners, and board members
  • WE’RE CLOUD BASEDNo software to install, just an internet connection.We give you access to your information anywhere, anytime.We protect your data with free automatic backups.
  • WE’RE THERE WHEN YOU NEED USWe’re small like you; that means you’ll know us by name.We respond to support requests in hours, not days.If we miss your call, we’ll call you backbefore we go home.Brett K.Customer Care Agent
  • WE KEEP THINGS SIMPLEOur pricing is transparent with no hidden fees or contracts.We believe that business software should be simple, even if thebusiness is complex.We include all software updates and support for free.
  • WE’VE BEEN TESTEDWe have over 7,000 customers in 31 countries.Our customers manage over 700,000 units.Over 10,000 users rely on us everyday.TOTAL CUSTOMER GROWTH0100020003000400050006000700080002008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • Laptop and HD monitor work for you? Weve got cool swag too.Food. Delicious food. Friday catered lunch is on us.Competition - and its not just limited to foosball and ping pong.Weve got a Ski Haus™, and were not afraid to use it.WE’RE THE BEST PLACE TO WORK
  • WE CARE ABOUT OUR EMPLOYEESWeve got the benefits youre used to, and some you arent.Life outside of work matters. If you need time off and it works forthe biz, take it. Want to volunteer a bit? Stay home to fight thewhooping cough? Do it and dont worry about killing your chanceto recharge later in the year.Youre not just a number here —youre family and we want you to succeed.Plus, we like spending time with you.
  • FAQSWhat sets you apart?The people. We dont hire people we feel "meh" about - only peoplewere really pumped to have. And we commit to give youmeaningful and challenging work, recognize your achievements,support your career goals, and treat you with integrity.Whats the scoop on benefits?Health and dental kick in on the 1st of the month after you start.401(k) with match can happen after your first pay check. You put in5%, we match 4% ... no vesting hoops to navigate.
  • FAQSTake me in the office — whats it like?Its awesome. You can feel the energy and passion about whatsgoing on. The Customer Care team is on the phones providinglegendary customer service. People are collaborating — whetherthats pulling up a chair or jumping in a Google Hangout. At lunch,we sit together and catch up. If its a Friday, weve got cateredlunch to look forward to (BBQ and Thai are faves). Theres a 95%chance of a "spirited" game of foosball or ping pong in thebackground. And we wrap up the day strong (sometimes thatinvolves treats or a post-work beer). 
  • FAQSCan I work from home?Weve got Buildians working 100% remote, so we know how tokeep you dialed in. Youll get a laptop and the tools you need towork remotely, so if its cool with your manager, its cool with us.Obviously, some teams will need people on site more than others.Dont forget though, we love to see that smiling face of yours!
  • LEADERSHIP TEAMMichael MonteiroCo-CEODimitris GeorgakopoulosCo-CEOBernard ChenVP Product DevelopmentCoryndon LuxmooreVP User ExperienceSaro IskenderianVP Product ManagementAnil MangalampalliGeneral Manager IndiaEach member of the leadership team held senior positionsat Sapient Corporation (SAPE) prior to joining Buildium.