Zakynthos the green island


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The Venetians’ ‘Fiori di Levante’ (flower of the East), Zakynthos or Zante, is famed worldwide not only for its natural beauty but also for the turtle Caretta caretta.

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Zakynthos the green island

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  2. 2. The island of Zakynthos, also called Zante (itsItalian name), is the third largest island in theIonian Sea, located off the west coast ofGreece. The Venetians’ ‘Fiori di Levante’(flower of the East), Zakynthos or Zante, isfamed worldwide not only for its naturalbeauty but also for the turtle Caretta caretta. Aseries of measures have been adopted by theGreek legislation in order to protect theCaretta-Caretta and the National Marine Parkof Zakynthos (Zante) is now well established. Zakynthos este cea mai sudică insulă şi atreia ca mărime dintre Insulele Ionice. ParculMaritim Naţional din Zakynthos – întins de-alungul coastei de sud a Golfului Laganaspână în larg spre plaja Gerakas, oferăprotecţie speciilor rare de floră şi faună. Aicise găsesc broaştele ţestoase Caretta-Carettaşi focile Monachus-Monachus. Acestea pot fiadmirate în apa golfului de pe ambarcaţiunide agrement.
  3. 3. The loggerhead sea turtleknown as the Caretta-Caretta has become anendangered specie that canonly be found in theMediterranean Sea.This turtle can reach 1,2metres length and canweight until 100 kg.Una dintre minunile naturiiaflate pe insula Zakynthoseste broasca ţestoasăCaretta caretta. Acestecreaturi paşnice se află demult timp în pericol în apeleMediteranei şi au alesZakynthos ca zona cea maipotrivită în care să îşidepună ouăle, zonă în careconservarea speciei esteluată foarte în serios
  4. 4. An airport has even beenbuilt near the beach ofLaganas where manyfemale turtles used to laytheir eggs. Every year, seaturtles are injured bymotorboats and manysandy beaches aredestroyed; a lot of turtlesare dying from the fishingnets and from the growingpollution of the sea.Specie exclusiv marină, înperioada de reproducere sedeplasează pe anumiteplaje, unde la circa 50 m. deapă depune ouăle în gropisăpate în nisip, pe care apoile acoperă şi le bătătoreştecu ajutorul plastronului.După 2-3 luni eclozionează,iar puii pornesc imediat spreapă, singura şansă desupravieţuire fiind contactulcât mai rapid cu mediulacvatic.
  5. 5. The Society for the Turtle Protection in association with the GreekMinistry of Environment have made a list of simple regulations that willhelp the protection of the Caretta-Caretta and that every visitor of theisland should take in consideration. During the nights of June andAugust, the female turtle looks for a dry part of some sandy beach to layher eggs in a hole 40 to 60 centimeters deep.Two months later, the hatchlings come out of the egg and their sandynest and return to the sea.The surviving female turtles will return twenty to thirty years later to theirnatal beach to lay their eggs like their mothers did before them.The turtles where leading a peaceful existence in the waters andbeaches of Zakynthos but the extension and growth of touristy industryhas interrupted their natural rhythms: many of them disappeared andthe specie is now under direct threat.
  6. 6. The island of Marathonissi is a small islandsouth of the larger island of Zakynthos. It issituated in the National Marine Park ofZakynthos in the bay of Laganas
  7. 7. Small island in front of Laganas’ harbour, it is connected to the mainland with a wooden bridge enlightened at night.In the past it was connected to Zakynthos island then, because of an earthquake, it became a peculiar small island, finaldestination of many tourists.
  8. 8. On the West cost Zakynthos offers one of its moststunning views: the blue caves. They are also knownas the blue caves ‘of Volimes’, the picturesque villagewhere they are located.The blue caves are only accessible by the sea.However, this fact has not stopped them from beingone of the main attractions of this Greek island.The biggest cave is called Kianoun, and there are, ingeneral terms, many boats available for rent in thetown port for tourists to be able to get to the bluecaves. The distinctive element of the blue caves is thatthey reflect the vibrating and striking blue colour of thewaters in them, which at the same time capture andreflect the shine of the limpid sky reflected on theirsurface. This succession of bright reflection creates analmost magical atmosphere that is better appreciatedat sunrise or sunset.În partea de nord a insulei Zakynthos şi la est de CapSkinari, Blue Caves - Grotele Albastre sunt faimoasedatorită culorii albastru intens pe care o are apa dinaceste goluri în peretele de stâncă. Aceste grote aufost „descoperite” în 1897, iar cea mai mare dintre eleeste Kianoun. Se pot vizita grotele albastre pornind cubarca din portul Agios Nikolaos, din Keri sau din PortoVromi.
  9. 9. The Holy Monastery ofTheotokos (Panagia)Anafonitria, dedicated toVirgin Mary, is a Byzantinemonument with interestingarchitecture. It was foundedin the middle of the 15thcentury, during the Venetianoccupation of the island. Inthis Monastery, AgiosDionysios, the protector saintof Zakynthos, became amonk and lived the last yearsof his life in the 16th century.(The Navagio bay is 3 kmnorthwest of Anafonitria). Inbyzantine times themiraculous icon of Our Virgin"Anafonitria“ was broughthere from the capturedConstantinople in 1453.Sfânta Mănăstire Anafonitriadedicată Fecioarei Maria
  10. 10. Park of Zakynthos - Stone Park AskosThe park is located on the northern island of Zakynthos, onekilometer from the port of Agios Nikolaos Volimon (here wego by boat to Kefalonia and boats to the Blue Caves and theShipwreck).The Park is located three kilometers from the Blue Caves ofCape Schinari, 4 km from the lighthouse at the northernisland, 5 km from the village Volimes, 8 km from the famousshipwreck, 10 km from the famous monasteries Spiliotisas,St. George of flaps , Anafonitria, St. Andrew, 30 km from thetown of Zakynthos.The park is open all year except for the poor because of rainor cold winter days. The presence in space is unlimited forall hours of operation. Allowed photography and video.Provided free bottled water for all guests.
  11. 11. Text : Internet Pictures: Gabriela Cristescu & Internet Copyright: All t he images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda FoişoreanuSound: Agnes Baltsa •Se pótis rodóstamo (I Gave You Rose-Water To Drink) - Composed by Mikis Theodorakis •Ta Tréna pou figan (The Trains Which Left) -Composed by Stavros Xarhakos