Yingzhao Liu, Still life with Yellow


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LIU Ying Zhao was born in Heilongjiang, China in 1956. LIU has participated in numerous exhibitions in China, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia and won various awards. LIU's paintings have appeared on numerous auctions in Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore and China during the past few years, and seventeen times were at Christie's Hong Kong. As one of the most outstanding contemporary Chinese artists, LIU's achievements have been widely reported by newspaper, television and radio throughout China and around the world.

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  • Pears on Lace - detail Flowering Innocence - detail (background)
  • Yingzhao Liu has exhibited in American, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Macco, England, and Japan. His paintings have been auctioned by Christies in Hong Kong, and his work has been published in the following Chinese Magazines: China Oil Paintings; Art; Art Observer; Northern Art; Academic of Art; Album of Oil Paintings by 100 Contemporary Artists.
  • Lemons & Lace
  • Yingzhao Liu, Still life with Yellow

    1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/michaelasanda-1655885-yingzhao-liu3/
    2. 2. Yingzhao Liu is one of China’s best known realist painters. Working ina style that is most accurately described as “Magical Realism,” Liureaches for a sense of heightened reality in each painting. He paintsstill-life of classical antiquities or fruits, which are depicted againstdecorative backgrounds.Liu was born in 1956 in Heilongjang province and drew as a child.He received a B.A. in Oil Painting at Harbin Normal University and aMasters degree of Fine Arts at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China. In2000 he attained professorship and taught the Mastery of Oil Paintingat the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at Tianjian University.Liu has had numerous paintings auctioned by both Christie’s of HongKong and Butterfields of San Francisco. His work has been featured innumerous art publications such China Oil Paintings, American ArtCollector, Art of The West, Art Observer and Northern Art. His beautifulhighly rendered paintings have been in major Exhibitions inAmerica, Taiwan, Indonesia, Macao, Japan, England and Malaysia.His achievements have been widely reported by newspaper, televisionand radio throughout China.
    3. 3. LemonsLemons
    4. 4. Lemons & Lace
    5. 5. Reflections
    6. 6. Lemon and Blue JarThree Pears
    7. 7. Fruit BasketLemonsLemons and sea snail
    8. 8. Cherries Lemons in Shadow
    9. 9. Lemon
    10. 10. Refreshing MomentSunlit Basket of Lemons
    11. 11. Still Life with LemonsPeaches and Plums
    12. 12. Still Life with PearsOranges in the Light
    13. 13. Summer Harvest Lemon in Glass
    14. 14. Lemon IILemon I
    15. 15. Lemons In White BowlReunion
    16. 16. Luminary Eggs
    17. 17. Oranges on the cloth Lemon on Lace
    18. 18. Luminary Eggs
    19. 19. Bronze ware Chinese detailTable of Longevity
    20. 20. Two Green Apples
    21. 21. Cherries on Plate
    22. 22. Luminary Objects on LaceOrange on White Plate
    23. 23. Togetherness
    24. 24. Sunlit Seashells
    25. 25. Warm Morning Light
    26. 26. Sunlit Seashells detailSea Snails and PineappleQuince on the Marble
    27. 27. Pears on Laceoranges
    28. 28. Pomegranates on Marble
    29. 29. Peaches and Strawberries Pomegranates in Sunlight
    30. 30. Peaches and BowlLemons on the lacy
    31. 31. Natures Bounty
    32. 32. LightLight of Harmony
    33. 33. Bronze ware Chinese detailPeaches
    34. 34. Light of Harmony PeacePineapple Quince
    35. 35. Apple on the wood Cherries in the bowl
    36. 36. Lemons and eggs
    37. 37. Lemons on plate
    38. 38. Lemonson silk
    39. 39. Friendship Morning Grace
    40. 40. Morning JoyFruit of Light
    41. 41. Lemon and Juice PairJoy of nature
    42. 42. PurityLight of Perfection.
    43. 43. Peaches in Glass and Plate
    44. 44. Peaches
    45. 45. Chinese Pot with PearsBronze ware Chinese
    46. 46. Beauty of AntiquityWater Pitcher And Peaches
    47. 47. TimelessTreasures
    48. 48. OfferingsTreasures of Longevity
    49. 49. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Teresa Teng - The Power Of Love, 1985