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YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE (You have a link on the first slide): http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/sandamichaela-1403102-plopis2/

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Plopis is one of the seven villages of Şişeşti commune in Maramureş County, Romania. The Wooden Church of Plopis (one of the 8 UNESCO wooden churches in Maramures) was erected in 1798 and it stands 47 meters high. The church is an amazing display of wooden architecture and carving techniques. The paintings inside are made by a local artist and aren't very well preserved.

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    Thank you Johndemi for adding it to your favorites. Yes, the voice is unusual: Maria Tănase (1913 – 1963) was a renowned Romanian singer of Romanian traditional or non-contemporary folklore. She toured many times in the last 15 years of her life, including over forty trips to New York City. She represented Romania at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937, as well as at the 1939 New York World's Fair. During World War II, together with George Enescu, George Vraca and Constantin Tănase, she performed in a series of shows for soldiers injured on the battlefield. (The character of Floricica in the first novel of Olivia Manning's Fortunes of War trilogy is supposed to have been based upon Maria Tănase).
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  • Thank you Michaela,I find these small churches very interesting especially the architecture.BTW,the song is rather unusual ,although I didn't understand it
    I thought it was jolly.
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  • Gracias Norma
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  • Muy interesante viaje virtual, gracias por compartirlo.
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  • Gracias Pilar
    'Las iglesias de madera de Maramureș son una selección de ocho ejemplos de diferentes soluciones arquitectónicas de distintos períodos y zonas. Son altas construcciones en madera con característicos campanarios delgados y altos en el extremo occidental de los edificios. Son un tipo de arquitectura popular muy propia del paisaje cultural de esta zona montañosa en el norte de Rumanía'.
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  • Maramure s is considered by many to be the heart and soul of rural Romania. With its picturesque countryside of small villages, rolling hills, pastures, and meadows full of wildflowers, Maramure s epitomizes all that the rural lifestyle encompasses. Visitors to Maramures have a unique opportunity to step back in time and bear witness to simpler times and simpler lives. Rural and ecotourism opportunities abound throughout Maramure s .
  • Wonders in Maramures16

    1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/sandamichaela-1403102-plopis2/
    2. 2. In northern Romania, lies the county of Maramures. Here, amidst mountains, hills anddepressions are one of the most interesting tourism objects in the country, yet very wellkept. Here, people lead their lives as authentically and peacefully as in the old times.
    3. 3. Maramures covers 3381 sq km ofvalleys, beautiful villages, hills andmountains (up to 2303 m high). On thissmall surface are preserved over 100wooden churches (8 of them listed onUNESCO list), a natural reserve alsoprotected by UNESCOPe o suprafaţă de doar 3381 kmpatraţi, Maramureşul, cu o mulţime devăi şi cu munţi de peste 2300 mînălţime, are mai mult de o sută debiserici din lemn din care opt au fostcuprinse pe listele patrimoniuluimondial UNESCO
    4. 4. Plopis is one of the sevenvillages of Şişeşti communein Maramureş County,Romania.In 2002, the commune hada population of 5479, ofwhom 99.6% were ethnicRomanians. 55.3% wereRomanian Orthodox, 40.7%were Greek-Catholic, and2.5% were Pentecostal.Plopiş has a Church of theHoly Archangels, built in1796; it is one of eightWooden Churches ofMaramureş that are listedby UNESCO as a WorldHeritage Site.PLOPIŞ este unul dintrecele şapte sate ale comuneiŞişeşti, cel în care se aflăuna dintre cele opt bisericide lemn din Maramureşcuprinse în patrimoniulmondial UNESCO
    5. 5. Şişeşti, satul Şurdeşti
    6. 6. Şişeşti, satul Şurdeşti
    7. 7. One of the 8 UNESCO wooden churches in Maramures, theWooden Church of Plopis. was erected in 1798 and it stands 47meters high. The church is an amazing display of woodenarchitecture and carving techniques. The paintings inside are madeby a local artist and arent very well preserved.Biserica de lemn din Plopiș, comuna Șișești, județul Maramureș,datează din anul 1798. Are hramul „Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail șiGavriil”. Biserica se află pe noua listă a monumentelor istorice şieste unul din obiectivele UNESCO înscrise pe lista patrimoniuluisău mondial. 
    8. 8. Text: Internet Fotografii: ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu ♦ Otilia Contraş ♦ Mirela Capătă ♦ Voica Foişoreanu Prezentare: Sanda FoişoreanuSound: Maria Tănase - Toderel; Cât îi Maramureşu www.slideshare.net/michaelasanda