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Smirnov was born in 1953, in an area of Russia bordering the Pacific Ocean known as the Kamchatka Peninsula. His father was an army officer who moved his family from base to base throughout Russia. In his late teen years, Smirnov and his family settled in Moscow, where he went to work for the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1979, Smirnov began to take classes at the Moscow City Art College. He graduated from the art college in 1983 as class valedictorian, with a master's degree in art. His remarkable skill in church and cathedral renovation, led to a prestigious position as a restorer of aging and antique church icons and frescoes. Two years later, he began painting icons "a long-standing tradition among Russia's artists" and his work now graces several major churches throughout the country.

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Sergey Smirnov, Contemporary Russian Painter 1

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  2. 2. With the passing of Sergey Smirnov on November 8th 2006, at the age of 53, Russia lost one of its greatest contemporary artists and a true visionary. Smirnov was proud of his heritage. His refined portraits honor and celebrate the great men and women who have influenced Russian history and culture. His painting style combines the ancient tenants of traditional icon painters and the 17th Century “Parsuna.” Soft candle light tones make his art uniquely Russian in technique and concept. Smrinov’s images are a wonderful bridge between the past and the present, yet are thoroughly modern and contemporary in execution. In looking at his art, one can easily appreciate that Smirnov ranks Gustav Klimt, the Austrian painter whose images were a cornerstone of the art nouveau movement, as an important influence. He also cites Modigliani and Rembrandt as major influences, as well as Andrei Rublev and Pheophan Grek, who were celebrated masters of Slavic icon painting. Smirnov’s style has echoes of his favorite period of Russian art, known as “parsuna”, which bridged the worlds of religious and personal portraiture, as Russian painters began adopting the portrait painting styles of Western European salons. “Parsuna”, which is derived from the Latin persona, means mask, and the hybrid imagery, first used in the 17th century, re-mains in play to this day in the art of Sergey Smirnov.
  3. 3. Geisha in Red
  4. 4. To Flight Venice Channel
  5. 5. Morning Ceremony
  6. 6. Scheherazade Fragrance of Rose
  7. 7. Homage to Chagall 2006 Homage to Picasso 2001
  8. 8. Gifts of Fall Favorite Toy
  9. 9. Gifts Blue Flowers
  10. 10. Mirror Temptation Ukulele
  11. 11. Boy with Hoop Harlequin Tale
  12. 12. Conversation in Blue Frosty Morning
  13. 13. Meeting Music of the Night
  14. 14. Expectation Lady With Fan
  15. 15. Autumn Proud Alone
  16. 16. Golden day Butterfly
  17. 17. Early Days of Spring Remembering Fall
  18. 18. Golden bird Moonrise
  19. 19. Lilies of the ValleyLark, 2002
  20. 20. Sheltered II Improvisation
  21. 21. Meeting the Unicorn Flight
  22. 22. Towards Evening Walk
  23. 23. Dreams Fate
  24. 24. Toy Ship Tower
  25. 25. Walk under the Moon Young Bather
  26. 26. Fairy Bird Alley
  27. 27. Girlfriends Sheltered
  28. 28. Conversation in Green Conversation in Red
  29. 29. From Child’s Album By the Lake
  30. 30. Clown Blue Holiday
  31. 31. Dream Eva
  32. 32. Bells From Child’s Album II
  33. 33. From Child’s Album IV From Child’s Album III
  34. 34. Tamara Girl and Flower
  35. 35. Tapestry of the Hunt Hunting Scene
  36. 36. Reflection II Reflection
  37. 37. Touch Unicorn
  38. 38. White Angel Young Duke
  39. 39. Sound: 'Oy, Da Ne Vecher' (Oh, It Is Not Yet Evening) sung by Pelageya Sergeevna Efimova Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş