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The Thanboddhay near Monywa is a unique temple in Burma. It is one of the most intricately decorated temples in the country with an extensive use of vibrant colors. Thanboddhay Pagoda is the major tourist attraction of Monywa and contains 582363 Buddha images of all sizes row upon row in ascending tiers in niches both interior and exterior walls. It was dedicated to the 512028 Buddhas who became enlightened during Gotama Buddha births in the cycle of Samsara.



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Monywa, Thanbodday Pagoda1 Monywa, Thanbodday Pagoda1 Presentation Transcript

  • Constructed from 1939 to 1958 Thanboddhay Pagoda is said by locals to be an extremely lucky site. During WWII many bombs were dropped in the area but never exploded on this building. Today the temple is a riot of color with Buddhas images from the tiny to the large everywhere, 582. 257 in all
  • Two giant white elephants guarding the entrance of Thanboddhay Pagoda
  • The Thanboddhay near Monywa is a unique temple in Burma. It is one of the most intricately decorated temples in the country with an extensive use of vibrant colors housing 582,363 Buddha images.
  • There was a monastery here as early as the 14th century, of which nothing is left.
  • Construction of the current temple started in 1939 and was completed in 1958.
  • During the second World War thousands of people trying to get away from the war lived on the temple grounds.
  • During the 8th month of the Burmese calendar (Tazaungmone), which marks the end of the rainy season and the start of the winter (usually November) the pagoda festival is held with musical performances, dancing, lots of food and vendors selling their wares
  • Near the prayer hall is the Arlain Nga Sint, a watchtower with an external spiral staircase. Men can climb the tower and enjoy the overview of the temple from the top. Women are not allowed to climb the tower.
  • Built from 1939 to 1958, clad in tons of gold and painted retinablinding combinations of colours, Thanboddhay Paya is a celebration of colour as much as a celebration of Buddha
  • The main pagoda is one of the most ornate and colorful monastery buildings in the country. Every inch of the structure, both interior and exterior, is covered with Buddha images.
  • On its square base, each side a little over 50 meters long, are a number of receding terraces that contain over 800 richly decorated small pagoda’s. Around the base are statues of lions and mythological creatures. At the center is a large golden stupa topped with a hti top element. The main stupa is 40 meters high.
  • The main stupa is surrounded by very colorful small stupa’s and 20 large decorated pillars. Several pavilions enshrines Buddha images, among them a large reclining Buddha image wearing a golden robe.
  • The manussiha, a combination of Pali manussa (man) and siha (lion) is a half-lion half man mythical creature that is symbolic of a guardian, usually found guarding the four corners of a pagoda. It has a human head and torso and lion hindquarters. It is comparable to the
  • Next to the main pagoda is a large prayer hall topped with numerous small golden stupa’s similar to those of the main pagoda. Around the hall are stucco depictions of important people like Kings and ministers holding up sheets of paper, on which are written rules that people should live by.
  • Text: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foişoreanu & Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound Hlaing Win Maung - A cool winter night