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It is no coincidence that it is 365 feet to the top of the cross on the top of the St. Paul's Cathedral dome which is the same number as days of the year. Sir Christopher Wren really did think of everything.
There are three galleries to climb up to in the dome. The first is the Whispering Gallery reached by 257 steps (30 meters high). Do not start the climb if you do not think you can make it as it's one way up and another way down. (The stairway gets too narrow for passing.)
Go to the Whispering Gallery with a friend and stand on opposite sides and face the wall. If you whisper facing the wall the sound of your voice will travel around the curved wall and reach your friend. It does work!

If you choose to continue up, the Stone Gallery offers some great views as it's an outside area around the dome and you can take photos from here. It is 376 steps to the Stone Gallery (53 meters from the cathedral floor).
At the top is the Golden Gallery reached by 530 steps.
The roof of the Golden Gallery gives a magnificent view of London. To the south is the River Thames, and on its further, southern bank, the new Tate Gallery of Modern Art - the former Bankside Power Station, and ShakespeareÍs Globe Theatre. Eastward, we are looking towards the City of London. In the twentieth century, many tall buildings have broken the City skyline, but St PaulÍs still rises proudly above its surroundings.
London is one of the capitals of the world of business, financial and cultural centers and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, mass media, fashion and art make London one of the major global cities. In London there are four sites that are World Heritage Sites:
• The Tower of London
• Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster and St. Margaret's Church
• Maritime Greenwich
• Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
The city is one of the biggest tourist destinations worldwide, and its popularity has increased due to economic growth.
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London from St. Paul

  1. 1. Londra văzută de pe St. Paul's Cathedral
  2. 2. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  3. 3. The City
  4. 4. The City
  5. 5. The City
  6. 6. Millennium Bridge & Modern Tate Collection
  7. 7. Millennium Bridge & Modern Tate Collection Shakespeare’s Globe Theat re, Millennium Bridge & Modern Tate Collection
  8. 8. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Millennium Bridge & Modern Tate Collection
  9. 9. The City
  10. 10. The City
  11. 12. The Tower of London
  12. 13. Tower Bridge
  13. 14. Tower Bridge
  14. 15. Tower Bridge
  15. 16. The City
  16. 17. The City
  17. 18. The City
  18. 19. Thames & Blackfriars bridge
  19. 20. Thames & Blackfriars bridges BA London Eye Sea Containers House Victoria Tower
  20. 21. Sea Containers House & Blackfriars bridges
  21. 22. Blackfriars bridge
  22. 23. Train Blackfriars bridge
  23. 24. Sea Containers House
  24. 25. Sea Containers House
  25. 26. National Theatre Golden Jubilee Bridge
  26. 27. National Theatre Golden Jubilee Bridge Waterloo Bridge
  27. 28. IBM & National Theatre
  28. 29. Waterloo Bridge & BA London eye
  29. 30. BA London eye
  30. 32. Ludgate hill
  31. 33. St. Paul’s bus station
  32. 34. Temple Bar Arch
  33. 35. Temple Bar Arch
  34. 37. ♦ Everly Brothers - Bye,Bye Love ♦ A -H a - T ake on me Fotografii: Adrian Moac ă Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu