La femme en rouge30, Luis Cohen Fusé


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The assigning of symbolic meanings to colors is probably as old as symbolism itself

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  • Luis Cohen Fuse Born 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina Established Argentina-born, Portugal-based artist, Cohen Fuse is an accomplished MURALIST and FIGURATIVE painter. Studied ceramics and printmaking at Art School in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Graduated in Architecture from the National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied engraving and litography in the Fine Arts School of Barcelona, Spain. Artist multidisciplinar has worked in all type of bear and materials: painting mural an of caballete, painting in tiles, desing of jewels, conception of spaces, sculpture, etc... He is an accomplished muralist and figurative painter.
  • Nanban art refers to Japanese art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries influenced by contact with the Namban or 'Southern barbarians', traders and missionaries from Europe and specifically from Portugal. The term also refers to paintings Europeans brought to Japan History Namban art developed after the first Portuguese ships arrived in Kyushu in 1543. While Christian icons and other objects were produced, Namban byōbu or folding screens are particularly notable.
  • Luis Cohen Fuse
  • La femme en rouge30, Luis Cohen Fusé

    1. 1.
    2. 2. The way of lifeEstablished Argentina-born (born 1944 in BuenosAires), Portugal-based artist, Cohen Fuse is anaccomplished MURALIST and FIGURATIVEpainter.
    3. 3. Odalisca em lilás com leque em encarnado
    4. 4. Luis Cohen Fusé ArgentinaMultidisciplinary artist has worked in all type ofsupports and materials: painting mural and ofeasel, painting in tiles, design of jewels,conception of spaces, sculpture, etc... He is anaccomplished muralist and figurative painter.Born in 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Theartist lives and works in Estoril, Portugal.Studied ceramics and printmaking at ArtSchool in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Graduatedin Architecture from the National University ofBuenos Aires, Argentina. Studied engravingand lithography in the Fine Arts School ofBarcelona, Spain. His works have been shownat Solo Exhibitions in New York, SanFrancisco, Canada, Spain, Portugal andanother countries. He has also participated inmore than 60 Collective Exhibitions inArgentina, Brazil, USA, Venezuela, Belgium,Spain and Portugal.
    5. 5. À fragilidade da vida
    6. 6. Ephemeral beauty
    7. 7. Mantones de Manila
    8. 8. Mulher com Xaile encarnado Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) Odalisca na Gulbenkian
    9. 9. La mujer dorada La mujer mecánica Odalisca dormida
    10. 10. Amber forever
    11. 11. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944)Summer night
    12. 12. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - Namban Woman- Summer
    13. 13. Temptation (Fire)
    14. 14. Entre os almendrosXaile em encarnado com peonías e hortensias
    15. 15. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - AmbiguidadesLuis Cohen Fusé (1944) - Desire
    16. 16. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - Dama Namban OrienteLuis Cohen Fusé (1944) – Entre os lirios
    17. 17. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944)Grande Odalisca
    18. 18. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - Judith com leque em ouro e vermelhoLuis Cohen Fusé (1944) - Judith em rosa (Serie Klimt)
    19. 19. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - La cortesana del pájaro de oro
    20. 20. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944)Mulher Namban compapagaio
    21. 21. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944) - La cortesana del pájaro de oro
    22. 22. Luis Cohen Fusé (1944)A Espera
    23. 23. Text and pictures: Internet This page: Cohen Fusé - The way of the life (detail) Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Mercedes Sosa - Mon Amour