Firenze passeggiando per la città11


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Florence is the capital city of the region of Tuscany and its rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage make it one of the main tourist destinations in Italy and Europe. Florence's museums, palaces, and churches house some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world

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Firenze passeggiando per la città11

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Florence, Italy: cradle of theRenaissanceFlorences museums, palaces,and churches house some ofthe greatest artistic treasures inthe world. The most popular andimportant sites in Florenceinclude the Cathedral, theBaptistery, the Uffizi, theBargello, and the Accademia.The churches of Santa MariaNovella and Santa Croce areveritable art galleries, and thelibrary of San Lorenzo is amagnificent exhibition ofMichelangelos architecturalgenius. Wander some of theoldest streets in the city untilyou reach the Arno River, crossthe Ponte Vecchio, andexperience the "newest" area ofFlorence, the Oltrarno.
  3. 3. The Basilica diSanta Maria delFiore (Basilica ofSaint Mary of theFlower) is the mainchurch of Florence.The Duomo, as it isordinarily called,was begun in 1296in the Gothic styleto the design ofArnolfo di Cambioand completedstructurally in 1436with the domeengineered byFilippo Brunelleschi.The exterior isfaced with marblepanels in variousshades of greenand pink borderedby white and has anelaborate 19th-century GothicRevival façade byEmilio De
  4. 4. The basilica is one of Italys largest churches, anduntil development of new structural materials in themodern era, the dome was the largest in the world.It remains the largest brick dome ever constructed.
  5. 5. Vasaris fresco begun in 1568, and completed by Federico Zuccaro in 1579 (Detail)
  6. 6. Vasaris fresco begun in 1568, and completed by Federico Zuccaro in 1579 (Detail)
  7. 7. Giotto’sCampanile, oneof theshowpieces ofthe FlorentineGothic
  8. 8. The Saint Zanobi marble columntopped with a cross
  9. 9. Flanking theBaptistery, thecolumn of SaintZenobius (‘SanZanobi in Italian,337-417 CE), thecitys first bishop,marks the spotwhere a miracle isreputed to havetaken place.
  10. 10. The Baptistery
  11. 11. The Florence Baptistery orBattistero di San Giovanni(Baptistry of St. John) is areligious building which hasthe status of a minorbasilica.The Baptistry is renownedfor its three sets of artisticallyimportant bronze doors withrelief sculptures. The southdoors were done by AndreaPisano and the north andeast doors by LorenzoGhiberti. The east pair ofdoors were dubbed byMichelangelo "the Gates ofParadise".The Italian poet DanteAlighieri and many othernotable Renaissance figures,including members of theMedici family, were baptizedin this baptistry. In fact, untilthe end of the nineteenthcentury, all CatholicFlorentines were baptized
  12. 12. Piazza della Repubblica is acity square on the site of thecitys forum, the centre of theRoman city
  13. 13. Piazza della Republica. It is asculpture of the city ofFlorence, with labels in braile
  14. 14. Sgrafitti plaster wall decorationsRich decoration of the façades anddecorated with figural sgrafitti accordingdesigns of Italian artists
  15. 15. Biblioteca Palagio di ParteGuelfa. It is a library locatedin the tiny piazza with thesame name near the MercatoNuovo in a former medievalFlorentine church. This onewas called Chiesa di SantaMaria Sopra Porta since itwas built close to the southgate of the oldest (Roman)city wall, Por Santa Maria.
  16. 16. Chiesa di Santa Maria SopraPortaSince its’ deconsecration in1785 it has been used fordifferent purposes, likehousing fire fighters. Since1987 it is a library, and if youhave a minute (and if you canfind it!) do pop in to marvelfor free at these treasures.
  17. 17. Edicola 1920 Cinema Odeon Palazzo Vecchio Sala delle Carte geograficheMap of Sixteenth Century Italy, By Stefano And Danti Bonsignori
  18. 18. Firenze arte e mestieriStemma del Collegio dei Mercatanti sullafacciata della Chiesa di Orsanmichele
  19. 19. Firenze arte e mestieriStemma dell’Arte dei Beccai sullafacciata della Chiesa di Orsanmichele
  20. 20. Firenze arte e mestieriStemma dell’Arte dei Medici e Speziali sullafacciata della Chiesa di Orsanmichele
  21. 21. Firenze arte e mestieriStemma dell’Arte della Setao di Por Santa Maria sullafacciata della Chiesa diOrsanmichele
  22. 22. Chiesa di Orsanmichele
  23. 23. Piazza san Firenze isimportant in Florence as on itstands the Law Courts,fronted by an impressivefacade and designed in 1667by Pier Francesco Silvani.
  24. 24. Coppo di Marcovaldo. Madonna. 1250-60 Chiesa Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence
  25. 25. Florentines reinvented moneyin the form of the gold florin.This currency was the enginethat drove Europe out of the"Dark Ages" a term invented byPetrarch, a Florentine whosefamily had been exiled toArezzo. They financed thedevelopment of industry allover Europe, from Britain toBruges, to Lyon, to Hungary.They financed the Englishkings during the HundredYears War. They financed thepapacy, including theconstruction of the papalpalace in Avignon and thereconstruction of St. Petersand the Vatican when thepapacy returned to Rome from
  26. 26. Loggia dei LanziLeft lion by Flamino Vacca.
  27. 27. Uffizi
  28. 28. The Uffizi Galleryis one of theoldest and mostfamous artmuseums of theWestern world.The TwoWrestlers is afamous Romanmarble sculptureafter a lost Greekoriginal of the thirdcentury BCE, nowin the Uffizicollection
  29. 29. A copy in the Yusupov Palacein St. Petersburg.Wrestlers copy in FairmountPark, Philadelphia
  30. 30. A copy in Blenheim Palace UKPhilippe Magniers somewhatweathered copy of ca 1684-87 (LouvreMuseum)
  31. 31. The Birth of Venus (Nascita diVenere) is a 1486 painting bySandro Botticelli.
  32. 32. Palazzo Guicciardini, Via Guicciardini.
  33. 33. Palazzo Guicciardini, Via Guicciardini.
  34. 34. Palazzo Guicciardini, Via Guicciardini.
  35. 35. Rose Garden - Boboli
  36. 36. Ponte Santa Trinita
  37. 37. Lungarno
  38. 38. Text: InternetPictures: Internet & Daniela IacobCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş Giuseppe di Stefano - Firenze sogna