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A short walk-around musical tour of magnificent Florence, Italy

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    Pour moi aussi....Merci Marcus pour le temps consacré à voir mes montages Merci d’avoir ajouté à vos favoris Firenze (et Pisa). Merci d’apprécier mon travail. Cela fait chaud au cœur....
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  • Pour moi Florence est une des plus belles villes du monde. Elle est une oeuvre d'art en elle-même, elle est le fruit de toutes les beautés. Merci pour toutes ces superbes présentations. Je vous souhaite une superbe journée Michaela.
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  • Sei bellísima, y esta presentación también, me ha encantado verla toda desde sus tejados, como disfruto cuando la veo, adoro Florencia. Muchas gracias Michaela, Pilar
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Firenze come sei bella

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Florence is the capital city of theItalian region of Tuscany and ofthe province of Florence. It is themost populous city in Tuscany,with approximately 370,000inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5million in the metropolitan area.Florence is famous for its history.A centre of medieval Europeantrade and finance and one of thewealthiest cities of the time,Florence is considered thebirthplace of the Renaissance,and has been called the Athensof the Middle Ages
  3. 3. San Miniato al MonteBadiaSanta CroceBargello
  4. 4. BargelloBadiaPalazzo VecchioOrsanmicheleSan Miniato al Monte
  5. 5. Giotto’sCampanileThis slenderstructure standson a square planwith a side of14.45 metres. Itattains a height of84.7 metres
  6. 6. OrsanmichelePiazza della RepubblicaPalazzo Pitti
  7. 7. A huge statue of Brunelleschi now sits outside the Palazzo dei Canonici in the Piazza delDuomo, looking thoughtfully up towards his greatest achievement, the dome that wouldforever dominate the panorama of Florence. It is still the largest masonry dome in theworld.Statues of Arnolfo di Cambio and Filippo Brunelleschi, by Luigi Pampaloni ( 1830)
  8. 8. Statues of Arnolfodi Cambio andFilippo Brunelleschi,by Luigi Pampaloni( 1830)Internet images
  9. 9. Palazzo dei Canonici in the Piazza del Duomo
  10. 10. OrsanmichelePalazzo Pitti
  11. 11. Palazzo Pitti
  12. 12. Santa CroceSinagoga
  13. 13. Climbing the 463 steps to the top of theDome for the magnificent views ofFlorence and the Duomo interior is ahighlight of a Florence visit.
  14. 14. The lantern (21m high) was completedby Michelozzo in 1461 and crownedwith a gilt copper ball and cross,containing holy relics, by Verrocchio in1469.
  15. 15. PalazzoStrozzi.LaPrimaveradelRinascimento23march-18august2013
  16. 16. Internet imagePalazzo Davanzati was erected in thesecond half of the 14th century by theDavizzi family, who were wealthy membersof the wool guild.
  17. 17. Internet image
  18. 18. Internet images
  19. 19. Il Ristoro dei Perditempo = The Refreshment of wasters (idlers)
  20. 20. ThePiazzaSantaTrinita, atriangularsquarenamedafter thechurch ofSantaTrinita.AnancientRomancolumnknown astheColumn ofJusticedue to thesculptureof"Justice"on thetop.
  21. 21. The PonteSanta Trìnitais the oldestelliptic archbridge in theworld, thethreeflattenedellipsesgiving thestructure itscelebratedelegantappearance.Ponte SantaTrinita leadsto PalazzoSpini-Ferroni
  22. 22. The Ponte Santa Trìnita. Four ornamental statues of the Seasons were added to thebridge in 1608, as part of the wedding celebrations of Cosimo II de Medici with MariaMagdalena of Austria. On 8 August 1944, the bridge was destroyed by retreatingGerman troops, but reconstructed in 1958 with original stones raised from the Arno ortaken from the same quarry. The missing head of Primavera was recovered from thebed of the Arno in October 1961Internet images
  23. 23. Palazzo Pitti and fountain of Neptune in TheBoboli Gardens (Giardini di Boboli)
  24. 24. San Miniato al Monte
  25. 25. San Miniato al Monte
  26. 26. The Torre del Gallo is a historical building located at Pian de Giullari, inthe hills of Arcetri, on top of a ridge overlooking the city where there is amagnificent panorama.Giardini Boboli - fountain near Porcelain MuseumInternet images
  27. 27. The Torre del Gallo
  28. 28. Giardini di Boboli - The Sculpture Tindaro Screpolato by artist Igor Mitoraj
  29. 29. Giardini di Boboli - The Sculpture Tindaro Screpolato by artist Igor MitorajIt is no secret that Piazzale Michelangelo provides some of the best views of Florence. A better kept secret, however, is Giardinodelle Rose, the rose garden that lies just below the north side of Piazzale Michelangelo on the San Miniato hill. Designed in 1865 byGiuseppe Poggi, this garden provides a quiet and tranquil atmosphere not commonly found throughout the rest of the city.Visitors casually laze about the garden, soaking up the sun on benches, lying in the shade near bubbling fountains, or reading onthe grassy lawns.
  30. 30. Giardini di Boboli – The Fountain of the Ocean sculpted by Giambologna
  31. 31. Internet imagesGiardini di BoboliThe Fountain of the Ocean sculpted by Giambologna
  32. 32. Since 2011 September 30, visitors have alsobeen enjoying the sculptures of Jean-MichelFolon, a Belgian artist who fell in love withItaly and dreamed of gifting Florence with hisartwork as a token of his affection.
  33. 33. The panorama of Florence through a sculpture of the famousartist Folon. His widow, Paola Ghiringhelli, has given Florencemunicipality twelve statues now permanently placed in theRose Park. This is Folon’s last homage to Florence thesculpture is named “Partir”(leaving).
  34. 34. Bianca Cappello(1548 - 1587) wasan noblewomanwho was themistress, andafterward thesecond wife, ofFrancesco I deMedici, GrandDuke of Tuscany.Her husbandofficially made herhis consort. On thedeath of Cosimo in1574 Francescosucceeded to thegrand duchy; heinstalled Bianca ina palace (nowknown as Palazzodi BiancaCappello) close tohis own andoutraged his wifeby flaunting hismistress beforeher.
  35. 35. French street artist CletAbraham, now living and workingin Florence, humorously alterstraffic signs throughout majorcities in Europe by strategicallypasting removable stickers onthem. But it’s not all just to cracka smile on the faces of thosewho pass by. Clet iscommenting on society’sstandardization and theconstricting effect that rules haveon us, limiting individualexpression and thought. It’s nocoincidence that many of hisimages reference religion.
  36. 36. Lungarno and Ponte Santa Trinita
  37. 37. Ponte Vecchio, the oldest of Florences six bridges
  38. 38. Sound: Massimo Di Cataldo - Come Sei BellaText: InternetPictures: Andrei Tischler & InternetCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş