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Certosa di Pavia Gra-Car (Gratiarum Chartusia = la Certosa delle Grazie ) is a monastery and complex in Lombardy, northern Italy, situated near a small town of the same name in the Province of Pavia, 8 km north of Pavia. Built in 1396-1495, it was once located on the border of a large hunting park belonging to the Visconti family of Milan, of which today only scattered parts remain. It is one of the largest monasteries in Italy. All over the monastery you'll find the Gra-Car sign , designating the original name of the Charterhouse of Pavia ( Gratiarum Chartusia, Charterhous e of the Graces).

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Certosa di Pavia2

  1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/sandamichaela-1855586-certosa2/
  2. 2. Certosa di Pavia Gra-Car (GratiarumChartusia = la Certosa delle Grazie) isa monastery and complex in Lombardy,northern Italy, situated near a smalltown of the same name in the Provinceof Pavia, 8 km north of Pavia.Built in 1396-1495, it was once locatedon the border of a large hunting parkbelonging to the Visconti family ofMilan, of which today only scatteredparts remain. It is one of the largestmonasteries in Italy.All over the monastery youll find theGra-Car sign, designating the originalname of the Charterhouse of Pavia(Gratiarum Chartusia, Charterhouse ofthe Graces).Certosa is the Italian name for a houseof the cloistered monastic order ofCarthusians founded by St. Bruno in1044 at Grande Chartreuse. TheCertosa is renowned for theexuberance of its architecture, in boththe Gothic and Renaissance styles, andfor its collection of artworks which areparticularly representative of the region.
  3. 3. The façade of the church isfamous for its exuberantdecorations, typical ofLombard architecture, everypart being decorated withreliefs, inlaid marble andstatues.The facade presents anoverwhelming display ofdecorations, reliefs andstatues, in white and inlaidmarble.The Certosa represents areal art treasury, inside aswell as outside.
  4. 4. The lower partof the facadedisplays aseries ofmedallions withportraits ofhistoricalRoman andmythologicalfigures and aseries ofscenes aboutthe foundationof themonastery andthe life of StBruno, founderof theCarthusianOrder
  5. 5. Tra il 1488 e il1495Bergognone fuil principalepittore attivonella fabbricadella Certosa diPavia, doverealizzò, oltread un grannumero diaffreschi, bennove paledaltare: nerimangono sei,tre in loco, duealla NationalGallery diLondra e una aPoznan; inoltrerimangonoframmenti diuna settima incollezioneprivata aMilano.Pala diSantAmbrogioVincenzoCampi,Christ BeingNailed to the
  6. 6. Giorgioneborn Giorgio Barbarelli daCastelfranco (c.1477/8–1510)San Giorgio ed il drago(Fresco)GiorgioneEremita
  7. 7. Sala del LavaboThe room to the right of thepresbytery, the sala del lavabo;Vergine con il BimboBernardino Luini (1516 circa)
  8. 8. Sacraconversazione(Madonna andchild withsaints), 1490BartolomeoMontagnaCopie ofPolyptych ofPeruginoOriginallydepicting theMadonna andSaints, it is nowdisassembled andscattered amongmuseums
  9. 9. Polyptych ofPeruginoThe onlyoriginal portionin the Certosa isGod the Fatherwith cherubimAn Annunciationhasdisappeared;three panels,the VirginAdoring theInfant Christ, St.Michael and St.Raphael withTobias are ondisplay at theNational Galleryof London, inthe UnitedKingdom. St. Michael (detail)National Gallery of London
  10. 10. Polyptych ofCertosa diPavia byPeruginothe VirginAdoring theInfant Christ,St. Michaeland St.Raphael withTobias are ondisplay at theNationalGallery ofLondon, inthe UnitedKingdom.
  11. 11. PolyptychofCertosadiPaviabyPeruginotheVirginAdoringtheInfantChrist(detail)atNationalGalleryofLondon
  12. 12. Polyptych of Certosa di Pavia by PeruginoSt. Raphael with Tobias (detail) on display atthe National Gallery of London
  13. 13. Polyptych of Certosa di Pavia by Peruginothe Virgin Adoring the Infant Christ (detail)at National Gallery of London
  14. 14. Il Bergognone (1453 – 1523) Matrimonio mistico di S. Caterina da Alessandria e diS. Caterina da Siena National Gallery London (from Certosa di Pavia)
  15. 15. Polittico diMacrinodAlba
  16. 16. Macrino dAlba(c.1460/1465 – c.1510/1520)was an Italian painter of theRenaissance period. Born inAlba, he painted theResurrection for the chapel ofSant’Ugone at the Certosa diPavia
  17. 17. In the southapse the tomb ofGian GaleazzoVisconti withangels and theMary. The tombis a work ofGiovanniCristoforoRomano andBenedettoBriosco and itwas builtbetween 1494and 1497
  18. 18. Fresco made byBergognone with GianGaleazzo Visconti whoshow to the Mary themodel of the Certosamade between 1490 and1495.With Filippo MariaVisconti, Galeazzo MariaSforza e Gian GaleazzoSforza
  19. 19. The Assumption of the Virgin Bergognone (Ambrogio di Stefano da Fossano) (Italian, 1453–1523) in Metropolitan Museum
  20. 20. Text: InternetPictures: Internet & Melinda HorvatCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foi oreanuşwww.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Nova Schola Gregoriana - Introitus: Dominus illuminatio mea