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YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE (You have a link on the first slide): ...

YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE (You have a link on the first slide):

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Traditional Balinese dances are the oldest form of performing arts in Bali. Iraditional dances can be divided into two types, sacred dance called Wali and entertainment dance called Bebalihan..



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Bali 16 incredible colorful Bali 16 incredible colorful Presentation Transcript

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  • Traditional Balinese dances are the oldest form ofperforming arts in Bali. Traditional dances can bedivided into two types, sacred dance called Wali andentertainment dance called Bebalihan.Wali (sacred dance) is usually performed in someritual ceremonies only because it has strong magicalpowers and only can be performed by specificdancers.Bebalihan are usually performed in social events. Inaddition to entertain, Bebalihan also has otherpurposes such as: welcoming guests, celebration ofharvests, or gathering crowds. Bebalihan has morevariations than Wali.Cele mai multe dansuri balineze sunt de fapt scenetedin epopeea Mahabharata, sau Ramayana, ori dinlegende tradiţionale. Dansul se deosebeşte dedansurile vestice, prin mişcările precise, acompaniatede ritmul accentuat şi schimbările bruşte de tempoale gamelanului. Mâinile, degetele, capul şi ochii suntelemente foarte importante, la fel şi expresia feţei.Sunt câteva dansuri tradiţionale, car nu şi-aumodificat forma în timp, dar astăzi în Bali sedansează foarte mult în scop turistic. Înainte,dansurile făceau parte din programul pentrusărbatorile religioase şi festivaluri iar fetele tinere şifrumoase dansau la curţile regale.
  • The Barong dance is the classicstory of good (The Barong)triumphing over evil ( The evil witchRangda). The Barong is a large liontype creature played by two men,Rangda is the epitome of evil withlong fingernails and droopy breasts.The Barong is going about hisbusiness until he is interrupted byRangda. Ultimately a battle ensuesand the Barong’s followers beginattacking Rangda with their Keris(daggers). Rangda, being a witch, isable to use magical powers to turnthe daggers against their owners,who fall into a trance and try to stabthemselves. The Barong, alsohaving magical powers, protects hisfollowers from harm and Rangdaretreats into the forest to rest andprepare for the next battle. Theintensity of the Barongs followers intheir attempts to stab themselves isreally quite frightening and thetrance is usually very real - andthere is always a priest on hand torevive the dancers with holy water
  • Barong
  • Barong
  • Rangda
  • Barong
  • Dansul este acompaniatde gamelan
  • Barong Rangda
  • The Legong dance is perhaps the most graceful of Balinese dances. It isperformed only by young girls 8-12 years old (after reaching puberty thegirls usually stop performing this dance). Three girls perform the dance - 2Legongs and an attendant. With their lithe bodies, the dance tells the taleof a certain princess Rangkesari who is held captive by the King ofLasem. The princess brother, Daha, tries to persuade the King to let hissister go. When the king refuses Daha, gathers an army together to forcehis sisters release. On his away to attack the King of Lasem Daha isattacked by a crow. This proves to be a bad omen as later on Daha iskilled in battle. Even though you never see the male characters the danceends as the King leaves to fight Daha.
  • Sekar Jagat Dance -This SekarJagat dance is popular used toopen occasion attended bysociety of governmental official.Sekar means flower, and Jagatmeans the world. Sekar Jagatmeans beautiful flowers adornthe world giving beautiful colorto the world. This Sekar jagatdance usually danced by fivepersons, but there is alsousually performed by threepersons as long as uneven.
  • Oleg Temulilingan Dance
  • Oleg Temulilingan Dance is a danceof love, story of bumblebee maleand female falling in love.Dancer: 2 pax ( male and female)
  • Oleg Temulilingan Dance
  • Satya Bhrasta Dance - This warrior dance is performed by a group of young maledancers, which illustrates a warrior’s prowess in battle. The theme is taken from"Bharatayudha", a Hindu Epic, in the scene where Gatotkaca is killed by Karna.
  • Satya Bhrasta Dance
  • Satya Bhrasta Dance
  • Teruna Jaya DanceThis dance originated fromNorth Bali area (Buleleng) whichdescribes the moods of a youngman as he moves fromchildhood to adolescent. In thiscase, the performance wasdone by a lady.
  • Taruna Jaya (The energy of youth)Traditional Gamelan dance about youthfulenergy and changing moodsWith its frenetic chain of melodies, tempiand textures, Taruna Jaya is considered aquintessential kebyar dance composition.
  • Emily Grace a good photographer
  • Text : Internet Pictures: Internet & Nicoleta Leu Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Bali World Music, Gus Teja, Morning Happiness