Bali 31 Abdul Aziz a great Indonesian Artist


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Abdul Aziz is now regarded as one of Indonesia’s greatest artists of the 20th Century. Originally from Central Java but a resident of Bali for the last part of his life, Aziz was widely known and highly sought after for his realistic paintings of village scenes.

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Bali 31 Abdul Aziz a great Indonesian Artist

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 31
  3. 3. Abdul Aziz (1928-2002) a great Indonesian artist Born into a Javanese noble family in 1928, the student Abdul Aziz became a revolutionary fighter against the Dutch, then going on to win a scholarship to study in Rome, Italy in 1959. Six years and two diplomas later he returned to Indonesia and settled in Bali. In his studio in the globally-famous art village of Ubud, he created some of the most beautiful and famous works of art, (paintings, sculptures, and sketches), ever to come out of South-East Asia. However, he was also a dedicated and talented musician who spent his final years proving to the world that an Indonesian could make a violin to challenge Stradivarius. Technically, the paintings of Abdul Aziz exhibit remarkable virtuosity, due to his fascination with and mastery of „trompe l‟oeil‟ – the use of the frame to create a three-dimensional illusion, so that his subjects appear to come forward out of the frame. This technique, combined with his appreciation of chiaroscuro and human anatomy, and his appreciation of the Balinese people, particularly women, have created some of the most impressive and enduring images of Asia ever. Never one to strive for wealth or fame, Abdul Aziz only painted when inspired, and his output over his lifetime was comparatively small if compared to many prolific artists, hence the great demand for his works by knowledgeable collectors and by international auction houses. The only public collection of works by Abdul Aziz is the Neka Art Museum in Ubud, where art lovers flock to see “Mutual Attraction” and otherNude wonderful paintings.
  4. 4. My Dear Little OneNeka Art Museum Ubud
  5. 5. Nude GirlNeka Art Museum Ubud
  6. 6. Mother & BabySayang Anak Neka Art Museum Ubud
  7. 7. Mengwi, Pura Taman Ayun Self Portrait in Rome
  8. 8. Mother and Child, 1989Two Girls
  9. 9. Komodo Vs Rusa(1968)
  10. 10. Bali GirlRamas Promise
  11. 11. Girl with Rambutan
  12. 12. The GirlNude with flowers
  13. 13. Spirit of Horses
  14. 14. Balinese Girl The Pink Painter
  15. 15. Market scene, Bali, 1972Four young women (Christies,Hong Kong)
  16. 16. Market, 1987 Pasar (Market), 1975
  17. 17. Pasar (Market) (Christies,Hong Kong) Portrait of Teuku Cik Haji Mohamad Thayeb
  18. 18. Woman withPeople in front of a house(Christies,Hong Kong) Water Jar, 1972
  19. 19. Preparation
  20. 20. Waiting To Dance (1983)Neka Art Museum Ubud
  21. 21. Reclining nude Portrait of a girl
  22. 22. Neka Art Museum Ubud RajapalaPerjanjian Rama Kepada Sita (Ramas Promise to Sita) Masterpiece Auction Singapore Sold (11 Dec, 2011) USD 81,200
  23. 23. Jegeg (Beauty), 1967 Singapore Asian Contemporary and Modern Art - Spring 2012 Auction Sold (09 Jun, 2012) USD 24,730
  24. 24. Untitled - Window seriesGadis di jendela (Girl at the window), 1995
  25. 25. Head ofa Girl Ricefields
  26. 26. The water carriers, Bali,1972 Penjual souvenir 1974Portrait of young woman from Bali (Sold 2003 - 4,998 GBP) Mary Northmore (his wife) A gallery of one‟s own
  27. 27. Abdul Aziz and Mary Northmore, Ubud 1994 The Symphony Sold Singapore Masterpiece Auction, USD 95,694 (11 Mar,2012)
  28. 28. Berpandangan (The loving gaze)Price Realized $160,643 26 October2003 Hong Kong Christies
  29. 29. Mutual AttractionNeka Art Museum UbudAlthough painted as separatepieces during different years,these two works later werejoined together into a singlepiece in 1980 by Suteja Neka,founder of the Neka Museum,after he noticed that the manappeared to be admiring thewoman.
  30. 30. Girl holding an elaborate headdressPortrait of a dancer, 1993 1986
  31. 31. Village Maiden Balinese Girl, 1976
  32. 32. Abdul Aziz (1928-2002) is now regarded as one of Indonesia‟s greatest artists of the 20th Century. Originallyfrom Central Java but a resident of Bali for the last part of his life, Aziz was widely known and highly soughtafter for his realistic paintings of village scenes. His works are copied on every street corner, his techniqueeven borrowed in advertising, but to see the originals, his subjects „speaking out from the canvas‟, reminds usthat fine art is empathic and very much alive. The only public collection of works by Abdul Aziz is at the NekaArt Museum in Ubud, where art lovers flock to see Gazing and other wonderful paintings.His widow Mary Northmore Aziz, founder of the female Seniwati Gallery, has published a book showcasingthe brilliant output of her late husband. Painter of the “Mona Lisa of Bali”, the Indonesian artist was anextraordinary Renaissance man, a revolutionary fighter, sculptor, musician and violinmaker. Never impressedor swayed by people‟s status or wealth he treated everyone with the same respect, gentleness and grace.
  33. 33. The book - Abdul Aziz, The Artistand His Art, by Mary NorthmoreAziz is available from the SeniwatiGallery in Ubud. The Abdul Azizretrospective was featured at theNeka Art Museum.
  34. 34. Text & pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Jalan Jalan - Firefly Sanctuary Bali