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Early in his career, Aghdashloo took great interest in the Renaissance and Sandro Botticelli's paintings in particular. He even used to test his own skills by copying Botticelli's works to the last detail. His admiration for Renaissance paintings leads to the creation of his "Memories of Destruction" series in the early 1970s which became his most celebrated and famous series. In these series Aghdashloo depicts destruction of identity and beauty by painting a complete Renaissance masterpiece and then partially destroy or deface it.
"Memories of Destruction" continued after 1979 but went through a transformation in which Islamic art became his main model instead of Renaissance art, while in both periods he uses Islamic and Renaissance models simultaneously.
He also uses Persian miniatures extensively in his paintings after 1979. The crumpled Persian miniature series are the best example.
Aydin Aghdashloo born October 30, 1940 is an Iranian painter, author, art critic, art historian and graphic designer. He currently lives in Tehran and lectures in different Iranian Universities besides his professional work.

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  • Latest Auctions Results Christie’s Sale 7802 international modern and contemporary art Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Lot Description Aydeen Aghdashloo (Iranian, b. 1940) Untitled signed and dated in Farsi (lower right) gouache on paper 30 x 22in. (76 x 56cm.) Painted in 2006 Price Realized :$25,000
  • Latest Auctions Results Christie’s Sale 7933 Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art 19 April 2011 DubaiAydeen Aghdashloo (Iranian, B. 1940) Memories Of Annihilation signed and dated ‘Aydin 2010′ (lower left of left panel); signed, dated and titled ‘Aydin Aghdashloo 2010 Memories of Annihilation’ (on the reverse of both panels) oil on canvas; diptych each: 78 x 54½in. (199 x 138cm.) overall: 78 X 109in. (199 x 276cm.) Painted in 2010 (2) Price Realized: $104,500
  • Latest Auctions Results 3 Jun 2009 Bonhams Sale 17362 – Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern & South Asian Art, New Bond Street Aydin Aghdashloo (Iran, born 1940) Untitled , gouache on cardboard, signed and dated 1372/A.D.1993 in Farsi lower right, framed, 92 x 68cm (36 1/4 x 26 3/4in). Sold for £14,400
  • Latest Auctions Results 30 April 2008 Christies international modern and contemporary art Sale, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Falling Angels/ANNO 1373 each panel signed and dated in Farsi (lower right) gouache on card, diptych each 39 3/8 x 27½in. (100 x 70cm.); overall 39 3/8 x 55 in. (100 x 140cm.) Painted in 1993 (2) Price Realized :$145,000
  • Latest Auctions Results 11 Oct 2010 Sale  18600 – Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern & South Asian Art Royal Mirage Dubai Aydin Aghdashloo (Iran, born 1940) Memories of Destruction, oil on canvas, signed and dated 2010 lower left, framed, 200 x 140cm (78 3/4 x 55 1/8in). Sold for $36,000 inclusive of Buyer’s Premium
  • Aydin Aghdashloo, Iranian artist2

    1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/michaelasanda-1434424-aydin-aghdashloo2/
    2. 2. Aydin Aghdashloo, born 1940, is an Iranian painter, author, art critic,art historian and graphic designer. He currently lives in Tehran andlectures in different Iranian Universities besides his professional work.His father was an engineer and the Interior Minister in AzerbaijanDemocratic Republic between 1919 and 1920. After the invasion ofAzerbaijan by the Soviet Red Army in 1920, he had to flee Baku,Azerbaijan and take refuge in Tabriz, Iran. To avoid identification bythe Soviet spies in Iran, he changed his last name from Hajiev toAghdashloo and moved to Tehran when Aghdashloo was 5 years old.Aydin Aghdashloo started selling his paintings from the age of 14, twoyears after his fathers death as a result of kidney complications.Aghdashloo was appointed by the Shahbanu (Empress) of Iran, FarahPahlavi, as the "Head of Artistic Affairs of Shahbanus Special Bureau".His responsibilities included purchase of artworks from contemporaryartists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet for theTehran Museum of Contemporary Art. He also helped establish the RezaAbbasi Museum in Tehran in 1977 and was the head of the museumuntil 1979.After the Iranian revolution of 1979, Aghdashloo lost both his official jobs and wasunder threat by Khomeinis regime and was barred from leaving Iran for over 10years, until 1989. He had to adjust himself to the new strict rules imposed by thegovernment to control and Islamicize arts and culture. Before being allowed to teachin Iranian universities in 1981, he started his private art classes which he stillcontinues to teach, besides lecturing in a number of universities in Iran.
    3. 3. Memories of destruction, 2008
    4. 4. .End of an Era, 1980
    5. 5. .End of an Era, 2005
    6. 6. Memories of destruction, 2008
    7. 7. Memories of destruction, 2008
    8. 8. Memories of destruction, 2008
    9. 9. Cover Design, For A Book onIranian Constitutionalists 1992
    10. 10. Loneliness of Ali, 1991
    11. 11. Dying Calligraphy, 2000
    12. 12. Falling Angel, 2005Memories of destruction, Crumpled Miniature, 1999
    13. 13. Untitled, 2006 Falling Happiness 2003
    14. 14. Galactic destruction, 2010.
    15. 15. Crumpled Miniature, 2004
    16. 16. Memories Of Annihilation, 2010
    17. 17. Falling Calligraphy, 2001Falling Calligraphy, 2003
    18. 18. Memories of destruction, Sand Storm, 1980Broken Beauty, 2006
    19. 19. Flowers, Oil on canvas,1961A Miniature, After Reza Abbasi, 1980
    20. 20. Years of Fire and Snow, 1980
    21. 21. Falling Beauty, 2003
    22. 22. Falling Star, 2005Falling Beauty IX , 2006
    23. 23. Memories of destruction, 2010
    24. 24. End of an Era, 1980Victorious Death, 1980
    25. 25. Crumpled Miniature, 1980Wounded Calligraphy, 1981
    26. 26. Lovers, 1980Scratched Calligraphy, 1980
    27. 27. Renaissance Tree, 1974
    28. 28. Sura Hamd, The Koran, 1983
    29. 29. Memories of destruction, 2009
    30. 30. Exhibition Poster (by Takin Aghdashloo)
    31. 31. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to Aydin Aghdashloo Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Abdol Vahab Shahidi - Bahar Ghamangiz