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Andrey Remnev, Contemporary Russian Painter 3
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Andrey Remnev, Contemporary Russian Painter 3


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YOU CAN WATCH this Presentation with MUSIC on the link:

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Andrey Remnev is a Russian painter, born in 1962 in the city of Yachroma, near Moscow. He was influenced by the Old Russian painters of the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries as well as Russian medieval icon painting. He has however, developed his very own unique, fairy-tale like, surreal style and he uses the Old Renaissance recipes to make his own hand-made colors and natural pigments mixed with egg yolk.

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  • Andrey Remnev Decadence Detail
  • Andrey Remnev Tete-a-tete Detail
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. I was born in the town of Yachroma nearby Moscow. This is a place on a hill, from which a perspective reminding Brueghel paintings opens. The crossed landscape with significant differences of heights, channel between the rivers Moscow and Volga, small rivers and springs, woods, fields and villages, the railway, an ancient town Dmitrov in the neighborhood, ships going along the channel and trains overtaking them, and so on and so on… - all this I saw through a window of my house since my birth. The view was like a picture, which includes all the variety of the world. So I can say that for my inspiration impressions of my childhood and youths - beautiful nature and the non-ordinary people which surrounded me, are more important. In a museum of Spaso-Andronikov monastery, Moscow, I copied the best samples of Old Russian paintings of the 15 - 17 centuries. At the same time I worked on my own paintings. By this period I had finally created my individual technique, which was founded on combination of methods of the Russian medieval icon painting, the 18th century Russian painting, composition methods of art group «WORLD OF ART» («MIR ISKUSSTVA») and the Russian constructivism. Following the artists of the past, I work with hand-made colors and use natural pigments ground with the egg yolk.
    • 3. Agrayrabbit,2003 Syrinx
    • 4. Arachne "Source of inspiration for me is; my impressions by nature refracted through the “magic crystal” of the world art". - A. Remnev
    • 5. Archeolog Habitat,90x60
    • 6. Womaninautumn,2001 Silkybirds,120x80,2006
    • 7. Woman in autumn, 2001 Detail
    • 8. Decadence ExpulsionfromParadise
    • 9. Lot'swife,110x95,2005 Life,stilllife,100x50
    • 10. Lot's wife Detail
    • 11. Hunting for Actaeon 110x110, 2006
    • 12. Tete-a-tete.
    • 13. Siesta Thunder-storm,110x90,2006
    • 14. Nero,2009 WaterMusic,100x50
    • 15. Nero Detail
    • 16. Atlantida,120x120,2006 Deepbreath,110x60, oiloncanvas,2013
    • 17. Birthday2005
    • 18. Flight of Bumblebee 2001
    • 19. Seasons
    • 20. Separationofbraids
    • 21. Separation of braids Detail
    • 22. Duel,125x116,2005
    • 23. Duel Detail
    • 24. Winter-Spring
    • 25. Volga Windrose
    • 26. TheHuntoftheUnicorndiptych,2010
    • 27. Tomorrow will be a breeze, 2002
    • 28. The seller of toys, 1994-2001
    • 29. Song on a way, 80x112, 2004
    • 30. Pine nuts, 80x100, 2001
    • 31. SwanLake Puddles
    • 32. Andrey Remnev was born 1962 in the town of Yachroma, Moscow region. 1976 - Painting lessons with Deserved Artist of Russia Fyodor Shapaev 1979 - 1983 - Moscow Art College named in memory of the revolution of 1905. Diploma: Bachelor of Fine Arts. 1983 - Participation in an exhibition by Artists Union of Moscow «Our Contemporary». 1983 - 1985 The artist- designer in the USSR army RedSea
    • 33. Morning, 90x90, 2005
    • 34. Metamorphosis 90x90, 2010
    • 35. Horned kichka (bonnet) 50x60, 2007
    • 36. Fantasy and Fugue 120x110, 2009
    • 37. Echo,2011
    • 38. Blue bird diptych, 60x120x2, 2007
    • 39. Bagatelle, 120x80 2010
    • 40. The Fifth Element (The first approach to the subject)
    • 41. Quinta Essentia second approximation
    • 42. Quinta Essentia second approximation
    • 43. Quinta Essentia Detail
    • 44. Dune triptych 2012
    • 45. Dune triptych 2012
    • 46. Dune triptych 2012
    • 47. Sound: Jan Garbarek - In praise of dreams Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş