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Romania is a country located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea. Romania, a beautiful country, is my HOME
Greetings from Romania!!!! (5)

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    Thanks Friend, Băile Herculane was the main spa destination for the Roman aristocracy of the time – Emperor Marcus Aurelius himself visited the thermae pretty often. Later on other important personalities of the history came here for treatment, including Goethe and Hans Christian Andersen, Emperor Joseph II, Emperor Francisc I, Empress Charlotte, Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph who also said about the resort:

    “here we have, on the Valley of Cerna, the most beautiful spa in the continent.“

    Enjoy be here in such a company!!!
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  • I'm so happy having you as my personal guide,I'm really enjoying touring your beautiful homeland.... thank you.
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  • Thank you Pilar, I corrected and changed it. If you downloaded please do it again. Thanks
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  • Magnífico trabajo querida amiga, Rumania está siendo para mí un descubrimiento tras otro de bellas iglesias, Densus es preciosa, monasterios increibles y ciudades maravillosas del XIX, con Sisi por allí de visita. Gracias, Pilar
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Acasa 13

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Densuș Church(also known as StNicholas Church) inthe village of Densuș,Hunedoara County, isone of the oldestRomanian churchesstill standing.It was built in the 7thcentury with additionsmade in the 13thcentury on the site of a2nd century Romantemple, with somematerials from theDacian Sarmizegetusafortress.
  3. 3. The Densuș Church
  4. 4. The Densuș Church
  5. 5. Bigar waterfallCaraş-Severin CountyWhat makes it ineditedis the 7 meter heightfrom which the waterfall directly on a blockof tuff. Izorul area (orIzbucul Bigar area)has been included from2000 in the NationalPark Cheile Nerei-Beusnita
  6. 6. Bigar waterfallCaraş-Severin County the dramatic moss-covered falls aresituated in the forests of the Anina Mountains and is formed by an underground water springthat spills into the Miniş River.
  7. 7. Vila ElisabetaBãile Herculane is aunique resort inRomania, situated onCerna Valley, one of themost beautiful ones inthe countryIn the old times, it usedto be a luxury resort,that has been visited byPrincess Sissi and FranzJoseph Emperor.
  8. 8. The spa was foundedby Romans in 102 CE.During their rule, itwas one of empiresmost fashionableresorts, visited byaristocrats from allthe Roman world.Many ruins ofaqueducts, thermae,monuments havebeen erected duringthat time. Six statuesof Hercules have beenunearthed since 18thcentury. A copy of oneof them stands in thecenter of the oldtown.
  9. 9. After the Romans, the resort was abandoned for morethan 1500 years. The Habsburg empire refounded the spain 1718 preserving its ancient Roman name, "HerculesBaths". During the Austrian rule (1718-1918) somptuousBaroque and Neoclassical buildings have beenconstructed.
  10. 10. Bãile Herculane – spain the middle of themountainsAlthough it is only 168m high, HerculaneResort is surrounded bymountains from everywhere
  11. 11. A symbol of Bãile Herculane Resort, Herculess statuepresents a bronze sculpture the hero dressed in the skin ofthe lion Nemeia , holding a club on the shoulder. Thestatue was installed in 1847.One of the main attractions of Herculane is the  DomogledNatural Park, where you can soar into the varieties ofanimals and plants species. And the most exciting thing isthe impressive number of 1500 butterfly species that can beseen on Domogled mountain.
  12. 12. Bãile Herculane – The railway station
  13. 13. Bãile Herculane – The railway station
  14. 14. Bãile Herculane detail railway station wall decoration Bãile Herculane details Casino
  15. 15. BãileHerculanethe formercasino,monumentof AustrianBaroquearchitecture,built in1862
  16. 16. Bãile Herculane – the former casino,built in 1862
  17. 17. Statue of Decebalus near Orşova, Romania
  18. 18. The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus is a 40-m high statue that isthe tallest rock sculpture in Europe. It is located on the Danubesrocky bank, near the city of Orşova, Romania.The idea belonged to Romanian businessman and historian IosifConstantin Drãgan and it took 10 years (1994–2004) for twelvesculptors to finish it, at a cost of over one million dollars.Right in front of the statue, but on the Serbian shore facingRomania, there is an ancient memorial plaque (Tabula Traiana)commemorating the victories of the Roman Empire over the Daciankingdom in 105.
  19. 19. The Trajan Bridge stood just belowthe site of the present museumTurnu Severin MuzeuPortile de Fier
  20. 20. Relief depicting the bridgeover the Danube in Drobeta–Turnu Severin, Plaster castfrom the Trajans Column,113 A.DTraians Bridge wasbuilt between 103-105at the order of EmperorTraian by famousarchitect of antiquityApolodor of Damascus.It was the longestbridge in the RomanEmpire, which permitedthe passage of theRomans to conquerDacia.
  21. 21. Henri Matisse: "Blouse Roumaine" (1940) Hurez pottery
  22. 22. The monastery of Hurezu has been inscribed by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage Sites.
  23. 23. The Monastery of Horezu was founded in 1690 andrichly endowed by the Cantacuzene Prince ConstantinBrancovan. He and his family were responsible for thecreation of many monastic ensembles and churches inWallachia, paintings, richly adorned with wallsumptuous iconostases, and other decorations.
  24. 24. The monastery of Hurezu
  25. 25. Door detailHurez pottery The monastery of Hurezu
  26. 26. Rucãr - Bran
  27. 27. BraşovBiserica Adormirea MaiciiDomnuluiChurch of the Assumption
  28. 28. Munții Bucegi,Lacul Bolboci
  29. 29. Hotel Staţiunea Moneasa
  30. 30. SalonulNaţional deFotografiepentruTineretFotogeografic2012Fotoreportaj,premiul întâiZoltánGergely NagyParculNaţionalCeahlău
  31. 31. Romanian costumes
  32. 32. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Gheorghe Zamfir - Antonio Vivaldi - Spring - Primavara
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