Sponsorship perspectives
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Sponsorship perspectives



sponsorship presentation, partnership

sponsorship presentation, partnership



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  • Liesl - What experience do you have in sponsorship?
  • Jen - 25 years old • SPONSORSHIP’S BEGINNINGS: following the financially disastrous 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal • By 1984, the Olympic Games went from near bankruptcy to financial success Sponsors like Coca-Cola, who had used the Olympic Games primarily for hospitality for 50 yrs, began to re-think the potential of events to build their global brand
  • Liesl What do you think exploitable means? Can you think of an example? Orientation – SFU Microstore sponsored orientation – logo was on everything and we promoted their store to new students. They also donated iPods as a prize for our volunteers.
  • Liesl Donation – United Way campaign Fundraising – Starbucks– do you want to give a donation for Haiti Certification – Heart & Stroke Licensing – Hudson’s Bay has license for Olympics, this is why Lululemon got in trouble Partnership – The Beat coming to Week of Welcome – they promoted SFU and WOW, and themselves to our students Sponsorship – CA sponsors a student networking night, they get direct access to potential CA students, get to promote themselves to their target audience, and get recognized as a valuable, good, organization
  • Jen A few things to think about What's your pitch Sponsor benefits why should they partner with you: what do you have that they want? Are you a product of what you are selling? Do you encompass your cause Sponsorship person should represent the market you are selling eg: women's not for profit group, should be a woman doing sponsorship, University setting: students should be in sponsorship role Being Authentic: Can't fait it till you make it Believe in your event - if you don't no one will. If you are choosing to be in a sponsorship role make sure you are doing so because you are passionate about the cause
  • Jen
  • Liesl fill in
  • Jen Process – examples             sponsorship packages – have samples -       categories and pricing -       unique ways to recognize -       levels, gold, bronze ect -       knowing who you’re targeting and what they expect -       glossy or no frills? Contact management – excel filesJ!!             - soft ware -       developing your contact list -       researching who could be a potential sponsor -       warm and cold calling  - give them a script and get them to practice with each other – provide vague objectives -       initial contact methods Follow up      Meetings brings extra value to your special sponsors Follow up calls make notes of when you sent out package info Depending on time of event make sure you follow up calls allows for enough time for the sponsor to look at you package many times your follow up call will remind the sponsor that you sent them a package and they will look at it for the first time after your call eg: event in September:  package sent out in May follow up calls in June and July " Hello this is X calling from X organization. I had sent you an email three weeks ago regarding an exciting event we have coming up. I was wondering if you have had a chance to look at that email and if you have questions about anything" offer your help and information, don't simply ask them if they have agreed to your offer 
  • Jen Example pitches:  Hi May I please speak to  Hello My name is ____ and I'm calling from SFU's Club/DSU/Organization... After sending Package  I'm calling in regards to an email I had sent you a few weeks ago regarding {Event} I just wanted to check in and see if you have any questions, concerns or comments about the package as I would be happy to answer them now or at any time.   B) Before sending Package If I could check if the contact information I have is correct than I can send you this years sponsorship package.  Right now the package says that I would like to hear from you by June 20th.  Does that sound like a reasonable date to you?  Would you like me to remind you at a certain time? C) Returning Sponsor How was your experience with the student development & programming centre last year? Is this something along the lines that you are interested in continuing, or would you like to go another route The package is fairly similar to last years with a few new items if you would like to look at them  I’m excited to continue Student Development’s relationship with TELUS and hope you will consider working with us again. 
  • Liesl
  • Jen      -friendly reminders              - set time lines for yourself and let the sponsors know                     - eg: when you send them the invoice give them a payment due date             -confirmation letter             - making it easy for the sponsor: delivery, set up             - it up to you
  • Liesl Sponsorship becomes all about relationship building. Throughout the process you are building that relationship, and following it, you want to maintain it. Appreciation and relationship building.   - at the event, taking care of them and being courteous                         - thank you/ follow up email                         -  keeping semi regular contact that isn’t an ASK – aka Christmas card ect., info/announcements they might be interested in - take the time adding value to returning sponsors – discounts, extra benefits ect.

Sponsorship perspectives Sponsorship perspectives Presentation Transcript

  • Outline
      • Background & Theory
      • Your perspective
      • Sponsor’s perspective
      • Sponsorship process
      • Activity
      • Getting the goods in your hands
      • Appreciation & relationship-building
  • Background &Theory
      • History of sponsorship in Canada
  • Sponsorship vs. Donation
      • Sponsorship - A cash and /or in-kind fee paid to an event/cause in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property
      • Donation – something that is given in charity, esp. a sum of money
      • Source: Brita Cloghesy-Devereux, November 2009
  • To Think About…
      • What do you want from sponsors?
      • Do you encompass your cause?
      • How are you being authentic?
      • Why are you worth their time?
      • What do you offer that is unique?
      • Do your research!
      • What’s your pitch?
  • Your perspective
      • Get into your event groups
      • Discuss your event in terms of your sponsorship needs
      • What are you asking for?
      • Who might you approach?
  • Sponsor’s Perspective
      • What do sponsors have to gain by aligning with you?
      • What are their target demographics and how do you fit in?
      • What are their marketing avenues and how do you fit it?
      • What is their corporate social responsibility strategy and how do you fit in?
  • Sponsorship Process
      • The package
      • Contact management
      • Follow up
      • Meetings
  • The Pitch
      • New sponsor - Before sending package
      • New sponsor - After sending package
      • Returning sponsor
  • Activity
      • In your group, brainstorm what could be in your sponsorship package
      • Prepare a pitch to a sponsor
      • Pitch your idea to another group, then switch
      • Group debrief
  • Getting the Goods
      • Timelines
      • Reminders
      • Invoicing
      • Delivery/Set up
  • Relationship-Building
      • Meet and greet
      • Thank you’s
      • Regular contact
      • Adding value
  • Questions?
      • Thank you!
      • Contact us:
        • Liesl Jurock – [email_address]
        • Jennifer McParland – [email_address]