Adtelligence - Starting a company in Germany - Mannheim MBA School


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Starting a company in Germany, From Business Plan to product and market adoption, Adtelligence - an online marketing company

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Adtelligence - Starting a company in Germany - Mannheim MBA School

  2. 2. Agenda 1. Overview ADTELLIGENCE 2. High Growth Market 3. Product & Technology 4. Business Model 5. The Art of the Start 6. Financial issues 7. Starting in Mannheim 8. Competing with Silicon Valley 9. Scaling the company 10. +/- Germany
  3. 3. ADTELLIGENCE provides Agencies,publishers and eCommerce with leadingonline marketing technology for adserving,targeting, personalization and analytics
  4. 4. The Future is the Social Web »Theearly phases,may still be in its Social Web but it is likely to transform the fundamental businesses of the Internet far more rapidly than the incumbents anticipate. » (Accel Partners – The rise of the Social Web, 2009 / Facebook investor)Source: Computer History Museum 1979
  5. 5. ADTELLIGENCE provides Agencies,publishers and eCommerce with leadingonline marketing technology for adserving,targeting, personalization and analytics
  6. 6. About Us Founded in 2008 Awards 2010 & 2011 Located in Mannheim, Düsseldorf, London Team of 25+ tech- and media experts from e.g. SAP, Google, T-Systems and IBM 1 of 10 Facebook preferred developer consultants in Connected to e.g. Europe Only certified Facebook Advertising provider (API) Performance: Manage terabytes of data Deliver billions of impressions Cloud based solution Simple & efficient scalability Highest security and redundancy
  7. 7. References We increase your revenues and decrease your costs through automation.
  8. 8. Product PortfolioSocial Web Technology for Data driven AdvertisingHighly confidential
  9. 9. Market Overview
  10. 10. The Online Advertising MarketFigures & Forecasts Excellent outlook and high growth!
  11. 11. Competitive LandscapeCrowded but highly attractive Market
  12. 12. Competitive LandscapeCrowded but highly attractive Market Sorry that was only the US market!
  13. 13. Competitive LandscapeEurope
  14. 14. Product & Technology
  15. 15. Product ExperiencesPublisher - Ad booking platform Business Intelligence Social Targeting & Personalization Engine Social DSP+ - Ad booking for Facebook Sales Funnel Analytics
  16. 16. ProductHow it works1. Data is captured on a social network such as Facebook2. Matching data with targeted audience in real time3. Matching with the right ad4. Marketing Intelligence to prove the result and recommend audience optimization
  17. 17. Business Model
  18. 18. Business Models Two options to make money: 1.) Revenue Share with Agencies 2.) We sell a SaaS license eCommerce, Publishers & sales houses subscribe on a monthly basis and can use our white label platform for their clientsThe ADTELLIGENCE platform combines all chains in one platform from advertisers/agency to publishers‘ website
  19. 19. The art of startHow to start a VC funded startup in Germany?
  20. 20. How did we start the company?Like in every country: Learn from others – Events, Networking Talk to other founders, VCs, and Professors Learn in Silicon Valley and start in Europe Read books startup books from real entrepreneurs Learn from the stars - Watch youtube videos on Entrepreneurship e.g. Stanford Entrepreneurship cornerGerman specials Ask for subvention programs like Exist (funding for young entrepreneurs from university) Get money from the state - 9 months salary reduced to 65%+300€ based on former salary German Accelerator – up to 6months free offices, mentoring and support directly in Silicon ValleyQuestion to the audience: What do you get in France when you start a company?
  21. 21. FinancialsHow to get the money for your company?
  22. 22. Where to get Money from for your first Business?Like in every country: You have to now the lawyer of the billionaire to get introduced Go to a bank to get money? – How much do we get?  0€ Your own money Family, Friends & FoolsGerman specials VC scene was very exclusive in the past New incubators start in many cities like Y Combinator, Seedmatch and others We started a VC speed dating in Mannheim where entrepreneurs can speak to ~25 angels & VCs one by oneQuestion to the audience: How is the private equity/ VC scene in France?
  23. 23. Localization IssuesStarting in Mannheim but why?
  24. 24. Starting in Mannheim, but why?Like in every country: Good network in your home area Go to a bank to get money? – How much do we get?  0€ Your own money – I was 28 there was not enough Family, Friends & FoolsADTELLIGENCE specials Co-founder still works for SAP No money to move to London or US - we now have 1 person for biz dev in London Silicon Valley VC’s were not interested in the first 2 years, now they start calling usQuestion to the audience: Is Paris the only hub where it make sense to start a company?
  25. 25. CompetitionIs over 9.000 km away
  26. 26. The Social Web is coming with disruptive market forcein 3 core marketsCOMPETITOR OVERVIEW - FAR AWAY BUT FAST MOVING confidential
  27. 27. ExpansionScaling the Company
  28. 28. From Mannheim to London and Palo Alto For a European expansion you need at least 5-10M Market moves very fast – in online advertising it is not possible to expand globally without VC Business in Silicon Valley is two years ahead London is about 1 year ahead If we want to get bought by Google, we need an office in Silicon Valley First employee in London just started Raised capital in April Probably need >5M for the next two years Plan is to open offices in the Valley in 2012
  29. 29. Germany+/-
  30. 30. Starting in Germany +/- Good for the first year, hard for the third Germans want to be profitable US companies want to scale VC backed companies better go to London but much better directly to the valley Nobody gets VC in the valley from Europe in the beginning but later How to win against US companies in the long term? Nearly all German internet companies lost against the US competitors! Its not enough that we win; all others must lose!“ Larry Ellison – CEO & Founder of ORACLE - paraphrasing Genghis Khan
  31. 31. Thank You!