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Vocabulary Words:Acute               VI.     Objectives:Dissimulation               Conceptual: Given the Prezi presentati...
__ comic strips      __ projects _X_ illustration __ painting/drawing       __ portfolio         __ games    _questionnair...
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Lesson plan prezi

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN Date: School: Jose Campeche Teacher: ___Mr. Sosa_____________ Grade: 12th I. Theme: Appreciation for SuspenseComments: II. Phase: Exploration X Conceptualization Application III. Integration: ArtsThe class will be on IV. Standard(s) and Grade Level Expectation:Prezi. I want my classto be more dynamic and Content Standards 12th Grade Expectationsinteractive. Students LISTENING/SPEAKING: _X__ L/S.12.1 Listens carefully during a read aloud, presentation, or performance from a variety of literature, periods, genres, and styles tointeract, but not that The student uses the English language interpret and analyze character development, dialogue, and setting; makesmuch. I want to involve to interpret oral input, construct connections to text; evaluates tone, voice, and mood.them more and more. meaning, interact with confidence both __ L/S.12.2 Listens and responds to synthesize, explain, describe, analyze, verbally and nonverbally, and express justify, and debate information; answers and formulates closed and ideas effectively in a variety of openended questions.The video recording was personal, social, and academic ___ L/S.12.3 Uses appropriate language structure to analyze and evaluatedone on this day. contexts. issues, to problem solve, to explain a process, and to express opinions integrating comparison and contrast statements. ___ L/S.12.4 Expresses thoughts and opinions to evaluate text, debate current events, concepts, and literary elements; makes predictions and inferences, as well as draws conclusions from listening to a variety of texts, performances, and multimedia sources; listens to sort and prioritize information. ___ L/S.12.5 Analyzes and explains the main idea or topic and important details from learned concepts or readings from a variety of persuasive texts; summarizes, evaluates, and judges effectiveness of the text, performance, speech, or literature. READING: _X_ R.12.1 Evaluates context clues, reference sources, and vocabulary The student uses reading strategies, expansion strategies to assess word meaning; utilizes Greek and Latin root literary analysis, and critical thinking words to extend vocabulary; classifies, applies, and analyzes vocabulary as skills to construct meaning and develop academic, cultural, or contemporary based on current trends. an understanding as well as an _X__ R.12.2 Argues on characterization techniques and character appreciation of a variety of genres of development using text evidence to justify responses; evaluates the setting both fiction and nonfiction. in fiction and nonfiction; classifies point of view using text evidence to supp ort responses. __X__ R.12.3 Classifies genre, analyzes plot, establishes cause and effect; makes connections, predictions, and inferences in a variety of texts; draws conclusions; analyzes and determines conflict and resolution; uses text evidence to validate responses. __ R.12.4 Distinguishes between fact and opinion, infers and supports the main idea in a variety of texts; debates the theme or topic using text evidence to justify and validate position. ___ R.12.5 Uses elements of poetry and plays to analyze, interpret, and compare and contrast styles, genres, topics, and themes; debates using text evidence to justify position. WRITING: __ W.12.1 Analyzes and assesses word choice to convey meaning; incorporates transitions, correct grammar, syntax, and style. The student effectively communicates ___ W.12.2 Evaluates and applies a variety of organizational techniques to to a variety of audiences in all forms write effective narrative, expository, and persuasive essays using the writing of writing through the use of the process; demonstrates a preferred style of writing. writing process, proper grammar, and __ W.12.3 Uses creative writing styles to produce poems and other literary age appropriate expressive vocabulary. forms. ___ 12.4 Compares, contrasts, evaluates, and critiques two or more forms of writing on similar topics to write a critical essay.DOK Level: 2 ___ W.12.5 Organizes, synthesizes, outlines, and evaluates information to write a research paper; demonstrates voice and knowledge of topicMake prediction throughout the writing.ReadAnalyze V. Depth of Knowledge: ___ L1 Recall ___ L2 Skills/ConceptsAppreciation _X_ L3 Strategic Thinking ___ L4 Extended Thinking
  2. 2. Vocabulary Words:Acute VI. Objectives:Dissimulation Conceptual: Given the Prezi presentation on “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the student willProfound analyze the questions given by interacting with the presentation.SagacityCrevice Procedural: Given the Prezi presentation on “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the student willGesticulations answer the questions given orally.DerisionSuspense Attitudinal: Upon finishing the class, the student will understand the short story to a whole new level. VII. Materials:Guide Questions: a. Curriculum Material: “Literature Timeless Voices and Timeless Themes: Silver Level: The Tell-Tale Heart” b. Teaching Devices: c. Technological Materials: Board, marker, eraser, projector, laptop, Prezi presentation VIII. Procedure: a. Initial Activities: 1. _X_ Greetings 2. _X_ Date 3. _X_ Attendance 4. _X_ Review on: 5. Motivation Act. Reflection: “Do you fear the darkness? Be the light in the darkness!” 6. Other Activities: Diversity, X Creativity, X Leadership, and Soc. Trans. Students creativity will enhance by being exposed to new ways of interaction and will develop leadership skills by assuming interactive roles. 6. Statement of Aims: Ok students, today we are going to have a summary of The Tell Tale Heart” b. Developmental Activities: Students will Students will interact with the presentation given by standing up Clicking on the laptop Reading the premise giving Answering the question given Class will interact by helping answering the questions given c. Closing Activities: Students will review what the story was about. IX. Assessment Techniques: __ reflective diary __ collage _X_ summary __ conceptual map __ check list __ rubric __ interview _X_ group discussion __ concrete poems __ debate __ drama __ graphic organizer
  3. 3. __ comic strips __ projects _X_ illustration __ painting/drawing __ portfolio __ games _questionnaire __ anecdotic record __oral reports __ skitX. Homework:XI. Special Accommodations offered: None so farXII. Teacher’s Reflections (material, method, and objectives):