Test Automation and Innovation with Open Source Tools

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slides of the presentation about test automation with open source tools at Credit Suisse in Zürich

slides of the presentation about test automation with open source tools at Credit Suisse in Zürich

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  • 1. Testautomation & Innovationwith Open Source ToolsMichael PalotasHead of Quality Engineering EuropeeBay InternationalZürich, May 2012
  • 2. eBay Inc. Facts Founded in 1995 Based in San Jose, California 27770 Employees worldwide
  • 3. Platform Facts 104 million active buyers and sellers worldwide 68 Billion USD transaction volume 2011 2000 USD transaction volume every second
  • 4. Data Facts 9 petabytes of data In our Hadoop and Teradata clusters 2 billion page views each day 75 billion database calls each day
  • 5. Mobile Facts 70,000,000 Downloads of the eBay apps 5 billion USD transacted 2011 on mobile devices 1 million items are listed with using mobile apps every week
  • 6. Who am I? Michael Palotas Head of Quality Engineering Europe email: mpalotas@ebay.com
  • 7. Topics today •  Introduction •  Testautomation why? •  Automation history at eBay •  Why open source? •  Testautomation who? •  Testautomation how? •  Outlook
  • 8. Test Automation – why? To get early and instant Feedback regression tests only safety net to save time & which is reinvested into manual testing NOT to replace manual testing
  • 9. End-to-End Automation History at eBay Selenium 2 Selenium GRID Selenium RC Selenium IDE Home baked solutionhttp://www.argyllhoteliona.co.uk/home_baked.phphttp://www.seleniumhq.org
  • 10. Why open source? (Forget that) It’s free Faster innovation cycles Independence Engagement / opportunities to grow Hiring easier It’s free
  • 11. Potential risks Support for tool drops Your competitor uses the same tool Need a different mindset You need to solve your problems yourself
  • 12. Testautomation – WHO?http://gigidavidge.com/
  • 13. Testautomation – HOW?
  • 14. High Level Test Architecture Tests •  Modularization and reuse of components: Flow Objects maintainable & Biz Domain extendable e2e tests Page Objects Layer •  Crucial to have in Biz Domain Layer depth knowledge of WebDriver the domain Browser •  Enable data driven testing by generic test cases
  • 15. Pages and Flows eCommerce shopping site like eBay Select View Order Review Payment Category Summary Provider Search View View Update Item Category Orderlist View Delete Product View Item Shopping Cart Page Page Checkout Page Success Page
  • 16. Instant Feedback - Selenium GridSequential Execution Parallel Execution Test Test Test TestParallel Execution Parallel Execution Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test 1 2 3 … 4500 Execution Time Execution TimeExecution time: Execution time:7000 minutes (~116 hours = ~5 days) 60 minutes by using 150 Virtual Machines / Browsers using the WebDriver GRIDFootnote about the scale of the tests @eBay Europe:-  4500 end-to-end regression test cases-  2-3 minutes execution time for each test
  • 17. Summary & Outlook •  Automation is changing •  Open source •  Skillset •  Mobile … stay tuned • Try it yourself
  • 18. Thank You!Questions or Comments?