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Mobile WebDriver Selendroid
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Mobile WebDriver Selendroid


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Mobile WebDriver Selendroid Michael Palotas & Dominik Dary Productivity & Test Engineering Europe 2014-01-17 Nokia Here Unconference
  • 2. AGENDA 1.  Facts about eBay 2.  Selenium 3.  Mobile Automation Requirements 4.  Selendroid 5.  Borderless Test Automation Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 2
  • 5. EBAY INC. FACTS • Founded in 1995 • Based in San Jose, California • ~30000 Employees worldwide Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 5
  • 6. MOBILE FACTS Mobile Facts Mobile Fun Facts 162,000,000 downloads of eBay Inc’s apps Every 15 seconds, a pair of ladies shoes is purchased on eBay Mobile in the UK. Mobile transaction volume 2012: 13 billion USD – overall increase of 120 % from 2011! 2013: expectation is to transact 20 billion USD 4.2 million items are listed with using mobile apps every week 500 USD mobile transaction volume every second Every week, more than 11,000 cars and 690,000 car parts are sold through eBay’s mobile apps. Source: Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 6
  • 7. WHO ARE WE? Michael Palotas Head of Productivity & Test Engineering Dominik Dary Software Engineer SELENIUM FOR MOBILE 7
  • 8. DISCLAIMER • Test Automation is Software Development • End-to-End Tests are slow • Perfect vs. Good Enough – A Context where Time to Market Matters Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 8
  • 10. WHAT IS SELENIUM? Selenium automates browsers that’s it Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 10
  • 11. WHAT DO WE DO WITH SELENIUM? End to End functional test automation Manual Tests Selenium space E2E Test s Integration Tests Unit Tests Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 11
  • 12. SELENIUM JSON WIRE PROTOCOL Client Server Ruby Python Java C# i.e. Firefox driver Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 12
  • 13. CLIENT • Is seen as „Selenium“ by the users • Is called by the test framework or the CI server • Generates HTTP requests which are received by the server • Supported languages: Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, JS Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 13
  • 14. SERVER • Receives HTTP requests • Start and teardown of browser • Translates requests into browser specific commands • Communicates back to the client Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 14
  • 15. SCALING USING SELENIUM GRID Client Client CI server GRID Hub server server Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 15
  • 16. TECHNICAL HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW OF THE TEST INFRASTRUCTURE Selenium Webdriver / Grid Automated Test Development via IDE QE Engineer Tests can be started on Grid eBay web front end Version Control System Clone Source Files Start the Test Suite via Brower End-to-End Tests View the Test Session and the Result in the Browser + Build via Maven Test type? Agile Team Grid Hub API Call eBay API Run test via TestNG Continuous Integration System (Jenkins) DB validation Our virtualized test infrastructure hosted on VMware vSphere Database Testing Environment Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 16
  • 17. MOBILE AUTOMATION REQUIREMENTS • Use the same approach and infrastructure as web • Use the Load Balancer / Resource Management Features of Selenium Grid • Manage multiple applications / versions / languages • No modification of mobile app • Mobile App Runtime Inspection Support • No jailbreak / rooting of devices Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 17
  • 18. ANOTHER AUTOMATION TOOL? Android iOS •  Calabashandroid •  Robotium •  Appium •  UiAutomator •  Espresso •  Calabash-ios •  Frank •  UIAutomation •  Appium •  KeepItFunctional Selendroid & ios-driver Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 18
  • 20. SELENDROID Open sourced on github: – Documentation: • Committers: – eBay, Salesforce and Facebook Getting help – IRC : #selendroid on freenode Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 20
  • 21. SELENDROID FEATURES • The only mobile WebDriver that supports native & hybrid apps and testing the mobile web on Android versions (API 10 to 19) • Full compatibility with the JSON Wire Protocol. • The app under test must not be modified • Interacts simultaneously with multiple Android devices • Supports hot plugging of hardware devices • Selenium Grid Support for scaling • Advanced Gestures are supported • Built in Inspector to simplify test case development Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 21
  • 22. CLIENT / SERVER ARCHITECTURE MOBILE BROWSER CLIENT JSON Wire Protocol SERVER selendroid ios-driver Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 22
  • 23. TESTING NATIVE APPS • Elements are found by locators • Found element are used for different interactions • Example Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 23
  • 24. NATIVE DEMO Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 24
  • 25. TESTING HYBRID APPS • Built in support for testing WebViews with WebDriver • Example: Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 25
  • 26. HYBRID DEMO Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 26
  • 27. TESTING MOBILE WEB • Built in support for testing Mobile Web with AndroidDriver-App • Official replacement of Selenium’s AndroidDriver • Example: Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 27
  • 28. MOBLE WEB DEMO Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 28
  • 29. SELENDROID ARCHITECTURE WebDriver Client HTTP HTTP & WebDriver JSON wire protocol Selendroid Standalone Driver Selendroid-standalone Android SDK USB Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 29
  • 30. SELENDROID ARCHITECTURE Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 30
  • 31. TEST: DEVICE VS. EMULATOR • Hardware devices and Emulators can be used • Hardware devices are much faster • Android devices will be identified automatically • Hot plugging of hardware devices is supported Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 31
  • 32. SELENDROID INSPECTOR • View hierarchy • View UI element properties • UI screenshot with view locator • Record the click actions • Display the html of a web view • XPath helper Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 32
  • 33. SELENDROID INSPECTOR IN ACTION Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 33
  • 35. BORDERLESS TEST AUTOMATION • Our business is borderless à test automation needs to be as well • Use the same approach and infrastructure for web and mobile Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 35
  • 36. SAME API FOR WEB AND MOBILE A regular Web Test Case An iPhone app test An Android app test Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 36
  • 37. CROSS PLATFORM DEMO Uses an iOS app, web page and an Android app in one scenario. Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 37
  • 38. WE ARE LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTORS Mobile WebDriver Selendroid 38
  • 39. Thank You! Questions or Comments? Michael Palotas Email: Dominik Dary Fork us at Github: Email: Twitter: @dominikdary - - Mobile WebDriver Selendroid