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An introduction to the television station and what we can do for your business.

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Q3 Kstw 11

  1. 1. KSTW-TV 2009 Media Kit
  2. 2. KSTW-TV Channel 11 began broadcasting on March 1, 1953 as KTNT-TV in a Seattle-Tacoma market that consisted only of 189,000 TV homes. The first program was seen on state-of-the-art, seven-inch television screens. It was hosted by Ed Sullivan. Voila! A local television station was born! In 1974, KTNT-TV was sold to Gaylord Entertainment Company, who changed the call letters to KSTW-TV, which stands for (K) Seattle-Tacoma, Washington. On June 2, 1997, KSTW-TV became a member of the Paramount Stations Group, the third owner in its 50 year existence, and became an affiliate of the United Paramount Network (UPN) later that month. On September 18, 2006, UPN and Warner Brothers merged to become the CW network. KSTW-TV CW11 is part of the CBS Television Stations Group. About Our Station
  3. 3. Source: Nielsen Station Index May’08 Universe Estimates (Demos) and US TV Household estimates (HH) Source: NSI Seattle Universe Estimates May’09 1,819,000 Total Women 18+ 1,777,000 Total Men 18+ 988,000 M25-54 1,027,000 M18-49 507,000 M18-34 1,004,000 W25-54 1,018,000 W18-49 497,000 W18-34 2,002,000 A25-54 2,046,000 A18-49 1,005,000 A18-34 Key Demo Breakout 3,506,000 Total Persons 18+ 4,445,000 Total Persons 2+ Population 1,819,970 Total TV Households 14 Market Rank 27% HD Capable 24% HD Receivable 22% ADS 64% Comcast Cable HH Penetration
  4. 4. About The Seattle Market Source: Seattle-Tacoma Scarborough Research (Sep 2007-Aug 2008) 14.0% Lewis County Population Distribution by County King County 36.0% Pierce County 14.0% Snohomish County 12.0% Kitsap County 4.0% Thurston County 5.0% Whatcom County 4.0% Skagit County 2.0% Grays Harbor County 1.0% Chelan County 1.0% Island County 1.0% Clallam County 1.0% Mason County 1.0% Douglas County 1.0% Jefferson County 1.0% San Juan County 0.0% Pacific County 0.0% GENDER: Seattle Market KSTW Men 50.0% 48.0% Women 51.0% 52.0% AGE: Age 18-24 12.0% 13.0% Age 25-34 17.0% 14.0% Age 35-44 20.0% 16.0% Age 45-54 20.0% 23.0% Age 55-64 15.0% 17.0% Age 65+ 16.0% 17.0% INCOME $100,000 or more 25.0% 23.0% $75,000 to $99,999 18.0% 17.0% $50,000 to $74,999 20.0% 21.0% $25,000 to $49,999 28.0% 29.0% Less than $25,000 10.0% 9.0% EDUCATION Some College 35.0% 34.0% High School Graduate 28.0% 31.0% College Graduate 17.0% 15.0% Any Post Graduate Work 13.0% 3.0% Some High School 4.0% 6.0%
  5. 5. Daytime Schedule 9:00am Divorce Court 9:30am Divorce Court 10:00am Judge Joe Brown 10:30am Judge Joe Brown 11:00am Family Court 11:30am Family Court 12:00pm The People’s Court 1:00pm Judge Alex 1:30pm Judge Alex 2:00pm The People’s Court
  6. 6. Early Fringe / Access Schedule 7:30pm Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal 7:00pm 6:30pm That ’70s Show King of Queens 6:00pm 5:30pm My Wife and Kids King of Queens 5:00pm 4:30pm The Jamie Foxx Show The Wayans Brothers Show 4:00pm 3:30pm Judge Jeanine Pirro 3:00pm
  7. 7. Late Fringe / Overnight Schedule Frasier Frasier 11:00pm 11:30pm South Park 12:30am South Park 1:00am That ’70s Show 12:00am Bernie Mac 1:30am 2:30am Half and Half One On One 2:00am 10:30pm Seinfeld Seinfeld 10:00pm
  8. 8. 5:00pm Cold Case 6:00pm CSI: Miami 7:00pm CSI: NY 8:00pm Boston Legal 9:00pm Boston Legal 10:00pm CSI: NY 11:00pm CSI: Miami 12:00am Without A Trace Saturday Schedule
  9. 9. 4:00pm The King of Queens 4:30pm That ’70s Show 5:00pm Everybody Hates Chris 5:30pm The Game 6:00pm Drew Carey 6:30pm Drew Carey 7:00pm Jericho 8:00pm Sunday Movie 10:00pm Seinfeld 10:30pm Seinfeld 11:00pm Cold Case 12:00am Without a Trace Sunday Schedule
  10. 10. 3rd Quarter 2009 Prime Schedule 7pm Jericho/ Reaper Effective 6/21 ANTM Encore/Chris-The Game Eff. 6/5 Chris-The Game/ Privileged Eff. 6/5 FRI The CW Sunday Movie SUN 9 PM 8 PM Supernatural 90210/ Hitched or Ditched (5/27-7/1) 90210/ Hitched or Ditched (5/26-6/30) One Tree Hill Smallville 13 – Fear Is Real Reaper/ 90210 (Eff. 6/9) Gossip Girl THU WED TUE MON
  11. 11. Gossip Girl on the cover of Rolling Stone The CW’s own Gossip Girl received a prestigious honor when it was given a cover story on a recent issue of Rolling Stone. Here are just a few of the kind words bestowed upon the show that airs Mondays at 8:00pm on KSTW! “ The mania for Gossip Girl isn’t measurable by ratings – it’s more like a hypoxic obsession…”    “… the show has become the most talked-about, culturally relevant series on television.” “… it’s fun to watch, from the infighting to the insane clothes and snappy dialogue.” “ Gossip Girl may lay on the complex, Wire-thick plotlines, but fans love it for its unapologetic decadence…”    “ [Nielsen ratings] doesn’t account for the millions watching [Gossip Girl] in groups, online or downloading episodes from iTunes, where it routinely sits at Number One…”   
  12. 12. MEDIAN AGE OF SEATTLE POPULATION IS 39 50 50 49 46 45 MEDIAN AGE OF NETWORK PRIME 2007-08 Source: Seattle-Tacoma Scarborough Research (Sep 2007-Aug 2008)
  13. 13. KSTW CW11 Reaches the Key Audiences M-Sun 6am-2am % 25-54 Year Olds Median Age 43% 50 47% 50 46% 49 60% 46 57% 45 Source: Nielsen Seattle DMA (Jan’09 Live+3); Base A18+ Median Ages: Scarborough Seattle (March07-Feb08) % 35+ Year Olds 77% 86% 89% 88% 75%
  14. 14. Adults Spend More Time With Television Each Day Than They Do With Any Other Medium Television Reaches More Adults Yesterday Than Any Other Medium More Adults Learn About Products From Television Adults’ Image of Advertising in Major Media (%) <ul><li>Television Uses: </li></ul><ul><li>Sight </li></ul><ul><li>Sound </li></ul><ul><li>Color </li></ul><ul><li>Motion </li></ul><ul><li>Emotion </li></ul><ul><li>Television Reaches: </li></ul><ul><li>98% of all Households </li></ul><ul><li>Television Can Target: </li></ul><ul><li>Gender </li></ul><ul><li>Age </li></ul><ul><li>Income </li></ul><ul><li>Television Offers Details On: </li></ul><ul><li>Who’s Watching </li></ul><ul><li>When </li></ul><ul><li>In What Quantities </li></ul>% Reached Yesterday Minutes Spent % Where Adults Learn About Products/Brands The Power of Television Most Most Most Most Authoritative Exciting Influential Persuasive Television 49 78 79 70 Newspaper 22 4 7 10.5 Radio 10 5 3 6 Magazines 12 6 4 9 Internet 6 7 7 5 Source: TVB, Nielsen Media Research Custom Survey 2008
  15. 15. <ul><li>All cable homes are broadcast homes – but wired cable misses 30% of the homes in the DMA </li></ul><ul><li>Cable penetration is falling, down 3% from five years ago </li></ul><ul><li>Cable cannot touch broadcast’s reach </li></ul>All TV is Not Created Equal
  16. 16. Source: NSI Seattle May’08 Cable+ Penetration Estimates Comcast misses 653,530 homes in Seattle DMA… And Comcast also misses more than 102,460 of the Hardwired Cable Universe. 100% 89.3% 69.1% 63.3% All TV is Not Created Equal May08 Slide
  17. 17. Source: NSI Seattle Nov’08 Cable+ Penetration Estimates Comcast misses 656,230 homes in Seattle DMA… And Comcast also misses more than 95,510 of the Hardwired Cable Universe. 100% 90.2% 69.2% 63.9% All TV is Not Created Equal Nov08 Slide
  18. 18. Source: NSI Seattle Feb’09 Cable+ Penetration Estimates Comcast misses 622,730 homes in Seattle DMA… And Comcast also misses more than 86,950 of the Hardwired Cable Universe. 100% 90.9% 70.6% 65.8% All TV is Not Created Equal Feb09 Slide
  19. 19. Source: Nielsen Media Research, Market Universe Estimates, Feb 2009, Interconnect = Comcast Spotlight *ADS non-cable homes HOW THE MARKET BREAKS DOWN Seattle Homes Reached Total DMA 1,819,970 HHDS Wired Cable 1,284,190 HHDS Non-Wired 535,780 HHDS Interconnect 1,197,240 HHDS Non-Interconnect 86,950 HHDS Satellite* 370,950 HHDS Broadcast Only 164,830 HHDS      KSTW Comcast 100% 70.6% 29.4% 20.4% 9.1% 65.8% 4.8%
  20. 20. Considering Cable? Consider this… Source: Nielsen Media Research, Nov08 Net Weekly Circulation Broadcast has a significantly higher reach potential than any individual cable network However – that number does not take ADS into consideration. When we make the adjustment for ADS, Cable’s reach is even lower 34.9% 77.8% Seattle Top Cable Network DMA Cume % Top Broadcast DMA Cume % 34.9% Top Cable Network DMA Cume % 28.9% 77.8% Seattle Top Cable Network DMA Adjusted Cume% Top Broadcast DMA Cume %
  21. 21. Total amount spent on home improvements in the past year for KSTW Viewer Source: Seattle Scarborough Release 2 2008 Target: Watched KSTW M-Su 5am-2am 32.9% of KSTW’s viewers spent $1000 or more on home improvements last year. Category Spotlight: Home Improvement 3.2% Any addition 14.5% Other remodeling 13.7% Other home improvement 5.8% Replaced windows 10.1% Remodeled kitchen 17.2% Remodeled bathroom 21.4% Landscaping 17.5% Interior paint / wallpaper 3.3% Pool / Spa 3.0% Home security system 3.3% Heating / air conditioning 10.0% Exterior paint 7.9% Carpeting / floor covering Target % KSTW Viewer Home Improvements Past Year:
  22. 22. <ul><li>38.7% of KSTW’s viewers have purchased a new vehicle </li></ul><ul><li>50.4% of KSTW’s viewers have purchased a used vehicle </li></ul><ul><li>11.0% of KSTW’s viewers plan to buy a used vehicle in the next 12 months. </li></ul><ul><li>65.7% of KSTW’s viewers own more than one vehicle </li></ul>Amount viewers plan to pay for a new vehicle Category Spotlight: Automotive Source: Seattle Scarborough Release 2 2008 Target: Watched KSTW M-Su 5am-2am 0.4% 1.9% 0.2% 1.1% 1.2% 0.1% 0.5% New 0.6% Van / mini-van 2.6% Sport Utility Vehicle 1.3% Pickup Truck 2.4% Midsize car 1.7% Luxury vehicle 0.8% Full-size car 1.6% Compact car Used Vehicle plan to buy in next 12 months for KSTW viewers
  23. 23. <ul><li>69.5% of KSTW’s viewers own their home </li></ul><ul><li>10.5% of KSTW’s viewers have a second home or real estate property </li></ul><ul><li>8.0% of KSTW’s viewers used a real estate agent to buy/rent or sell a home </li></ul>KSTW viewer market value of owned home Category Spotlight: Real Estate Source: Seattle Scarborough Release 2 2008 Target: Watched KSTW M-Su 5am-2am
  24. 24. Audience Composition M-F Daytime; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 9a-3p
  25. 25. Audience Composition M-F Early Fringe; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 3p-6p
  26. 26. Audience Composition M-F Access; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 6p-8p
  27. 27. Audience Composition M-F Prime; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 8p-10p
  28. 28. Audience Composition M-F Late Fringe; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 10p-12a
  29. 29. Audience Composition M-F Overnight; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Jan’09 Live+3 Audience Comp. 18+, M-F 12a-3a
  30. 30. Audience Composition M-Su Sign-on to Sign-off; % Distribution of Seattle-Tacoma DMA Viewers Source: Seattle / Tacoma Nielsen Feb’09 Audience Comp. M-Sun 6a-2a, 18+
  31. 31. Hitched Or Ditched The CW Announces New Reality Series! * Premieres: May 26 Tues 9-10pm * Originals: Tuesday 9-10pm Encores: Wednesday 9-10pm HITCHED OR DITCHED is a one-hour reality show focusing on couples who are in long-term relationships but have not yet taken that big leap into marriage. Nominated by a friend who believes it’s either time for the couple to tie to the knot or break up, each episode features a different couple who accept their friend's proposition to set a wedding date in one week’s time. Throughout the week leading up to the big day, the couple is put through a series of personalized exercises that test their relationship, all while planning their dream wedding. When the wedding day arrives, the couple will make the final decision – will they tie the knot or call the whole thing off? CW PROGRAMMING - NEW SHOW!
  32. 32. Blonde Charity Mafia The CW Announces New Reality Series! * Premieres: July 7 Tues 9-10pm * (back-to-back episodes) Encores: Tuesday 9-9:30pm Originals: Tuesday 9:30-10pm BLONDE CHARITY MAFIA is a docu-series about the lives of Washington, D.C.’s most influential 20-something Alpha Girls. The BCM runs the D.C. social circuit from charity events to society parties. Their events are the hottest ticket in town, and everyone vies for an invitation – from Congressmen to Hill staffers. Gossip about the BCM is played out and played up on LATENIGHTSHOTS.com (a local, invite-only social website), where minute-by-minute gossip updates about the BCM's daily (and nightly) exploits are shared for the D.C. public to devour.  A25-54 1.6 RTG/4 SHR/39.7 PVT HH 1.8 RTG/3 SHR/59.9 HUT This is a working proposal and subject to revision and approval of all parties. The concepts are the property of CBS Television and KSTW-TV. This cannot be used or copied without the express permission of KSTW-TV. Coming Soon!
  33. 33. “ The Office” Comes To KSTW in Fall 2009! <ul><li>Critically acclaimed “The Office” comes to KSTW in Fall 2009! </li></ul><ul><li>“ The Office” ranks #4 in A18-49 (8.9) and A25-54 (8.4) in Prime for Nov’08! </li></ul><ul><li>“ The Office” on NBC prime was up in all demos from Nov’07 to Nov’08! </li></ul>The Office estimate is based on a conservative 50% HH share of ”The Office” on KING/NBC in Nov'08L3 (yields 6 share) applied to Nov'08 Live+3 Hut/Puts. Demos in prop to “The Office” on KING/NBC in Nov'08L3. Access is already a proven success for syndicated sitcom “Two & A Half Men” on KIRO/CBS which delivered a 3.3 A25-54 and 2.9 A18-49 in Nov08. The syndicated sitcom delivers 64% it’s CBS network HH share (Nov’08 Network HH share = 14; Syndicated HH Share=9). Monday - Friday 7-7:30PM and 7:30-8PM The Office
  34. 34. Inside KSTW.com <ul><li>Detailed Programming Information on CW11-KSTW shows </li></ul><ul><li>Exclusive Video Content </li></ul><ul><li>Comprehensive Local Events Section </li></ul><ul><li>Ongoing contest and giveaways </li></ul><ul><li>Featured Sections </li></ul><ul><li>CW11’s Underground </li></ul><ul><li>Project Green </li></ul><ul><li>The Pulse </li></ul><ul><li>Games </li></ul>
  35. 35. A Unique Format KSTW.com stands alone as a bastion for local entertainment and lifestyle, tailored specifically for The CW generation. Flexibility With a greater potential for online contests and advertiser integration, KSTW.com brings more value to sponsorship by allowing more creative solutions than other local TV websites. In addition, KSTW.com offers clients a greater value by allowing clients to “own” a position on the site, and promote several products at once. Growth Why Advertise on KSTW.com? KSTW.com was Seattle’s online success story of 2008; and continues to grow in ’09! 2007 2008 +99% 2007 2008 +123% 2007 2008 +92% 2007 2008 +103%
  36. 36. Online Banners Leaderboard, Skyscraper, and Message Unit (Cube) Ads that appear throughout the site Video Player 15 Second Pre-Roll Spot, clickable logo and online video announcements appearing in video players throughout the site. Section Sponsorships Place your brand on some of our most popular sections User Generated Content and Contests Uniquely customized and exclusively sponsored contests that can be used to promote products, increase brand awareness, generate leads and more! Multi-Platform Campaigns Using the power of CW11 on-air, Texting and KSTW.com online, we can develop campaigns that deliver for you! Sponsorship Opportunities Options For Every Campaign Goal!
  37. 37. TRADITIONAL MEDIA 1 Television Station (KSTW) 4 Radio Stations (KZOK, KMPS, KPTK, KJAQ) Sponsorships: Program, Feature Dedicated Customized Programming Commercials/PSAs Look Live Commercials DIGITAL MEDIA Homepage/Section Sponsorship Custom Micro Sites, Contests, Slideshows, Banners, Message Unit Rich Media – Flash, Expandable Images or Streaming Video Mobile Text/E-Mail Blast Marketing :15 pre-roll Content provider Discount Coupon Offers Contest or Promotion Page Multi-Platform Campaign Elements USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC) APPLICATION Photos, Videos, Voting, Commenting, Viral Capabilities Barn-Door Interstitial 4/13/2009 SPONSORSHIPS Judgment Day Last Laugh Underground Project Green The Pulse Who Said that? Season Premiere Season Finale Programming Blocks Movie Screenings Animation Hero The Crew (Street Team) Fashion Icon Ugliest Couch America’s Next Top Model Search Battle of The Bands PRODUCTS/SERVICES Creative Services – Logo, Tagline, Commercial Concepts Production & Editing Services Graphic Design Research Elements Research Data Collection Tickets (Sporting Events, Plays, Concerts, Events) Cross Promotional Partners (3 rd Party Underwriters) PR/Communications Consulting Incentive Trips (Super Bowl, China, Mariners Spring Training) Office Space to Host Meetings/Info Sessions EVENT MARKETING Evergreen State Fair Children’s Bike-Helmet Giveaway Taste of Tacoma Seafair Hydroplane Races KUBE Summer Jam Renton River Days KSTW – CW11 Station Capabilities