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Print story structures applied to slide shows (photo galleries).

Print story structures applied to slide shows (photo galleries).

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  • 1. Slide Show Stories Michael Roberts, The Arizona Republic
  • 2. Slide Show Stories • Basic story forms • Identifying storylines / themes • Photo selection • Cutlines
  • 3. Basic story forms • Simple chronology • Block form • Wine glass
  • 4. Simple chronology
  • 5. Block forms
  • 6. Identify storylines and themes to guide photo editing, slide show sequence, and cutline writing.
  • 7. Anthrax: A rare look at this killer germ
  • 8. CUTLINE 1: (Petri dish) Take a rare tour inside an anthrax lab. Northern Arizona University has the world's largest collection of anthrax with about 2,000 strains. This photo shows gray colonies of Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax. CUTLINE 1 REVISED: (Keim and vial) Professor Paul Keim of Northern Arizona University played a key role in analyzing anthrax from the 2001 letter attacks, the worst biological attacks in U.S. history. Twenty-two people were infected and five died. Keim’s work made his NAU laboratory one of the leading anthrax research centers in the world. Keim is moving to a new NAU lab in 2008 that will allow him to expand his research on other dangerous germs. Keim is pictured here with a magnified photo of a vial that contains a sample of spinal fluid taken from a Florida photo editor who died of anthrax in the 2001 attacks.
  • 9. Living in Room 202
  • 10. Living in Room 202 Play Slide Show
  • 11. Deer Valley HS JROTC
  • 12. Deer Valley High School's Air Force JROTC program offers students a chance to learn military customs, discipline, leadership skills and teamwork. This year 85 students enrolled in the elective program, some with the goal of joining the military after graduation. The program can be demanding and not everyone makes it to the end. Here cadets march in the Heart of Valor Veterans Day parade in Phoenix, including Jake Suss (front), Michael Campos (left), and Ethan McMannis (right).
  • 13. Teens + discipline; military plans; teamwork.
  • 14. Ainsley
  • 15. Exercise: Kokopelli Winery Grill