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  • Documentary ideas

    1. 1. Documentary IdeasBy Michelle Asafu-Adjaye
    2. 2. The family Three Ideas BullyingE.G-: E.G-:•How the family has •Bullying in schools.changed in the last few •The different types ofyears. bullying. E.g.-cyber bullying,•Why the family has gang bullying etc.changed/ factors that have Documentary Ideas •How bullying has changedinfluenced the change. over the years.•The different types of •How it effects peoples Crime in After meeting with London my teacher we E.G-: decided that a •Does the area you live in affect the crime rate documentary about in London. family would be a •How has crime changed over the years. E.G- gun and knife crime good idea. •Gender and crime •Crime and ethnicity
    3. 3. The Family
    4. 4. Research • One of the subjects I study at A-level is sociology and within it I learn about the family, the different types of family and how the family has changed over the years. • During the 1950’s and 60’s, the most common type of family was the nuclear family, which consisted of a mother, father and children. • There are many sociological theories on the function of the nuclear family and how it benefits society and the members of the family. E.G functionalists argue that the family is functional for society and feminists argue that the nuclear family only benefits men and is unfair to women. • The feminist theory highlights the fact the nuclear family isnt absolutely perfect and behind closed doors it could be a different story which is known as the dark side of the family. E.G domestic violence. The mum stayed at home to cook, clean The dad was the main and look afterOver the last 50 years it could be breadwinner in the the children.said that the Nuclear family is no family and would golonger existent and its no longer out to work everyday.the norm. There has been anincrease in other types of families.E.g.- lone parent families,reconstituted families, extendedfamilies, horizontally extended The children were expected tofamilies, vertical extended families, obey their parents and mostmatrifocal families etc. importantly to respect their father.
    5. 5. Reasons for the change There are several reasons for the changing family structure. Some of these changes include: Women now have I would like to careers due to the fact that they now get incorporate these ideas Advances in medicine mean equal opportunities in in my documentary as that couples can now put off employment, so they well as various points in having children until they are are delaying marriage history that have ready. This also means that men and having children. and women can have several influenced the change. different partners without E.g. womens right to worrying about babies and vote. marriage. E.g.- contraception Secularisation (changing Its easier to get attitudes towards religion) divorced now means that people no whereas before longer view the family as you had to have it an important unit and approved by a certain behaviour is moreEqual pay act means that judge. E.G you van acceptable. E.g.-woman can go to work and now get divorced cohabitation, same sexearn the same pay as men so on the grounds of relationships and marriagedivorce is now affordable. irretrievable break no longer being down. important.
    6. 6. My first episode would beabout the nuclear family andits history and the new typesof family that are emerging. I Episodes My third episode would be about. ‘the dark side of the nuclear family. I willwould talk about when it was explore how the nuclearmost popular and how it family wasnt completelybecame the ‘norm’. I would My second episode would be perfect as some familiesput in different sociological about how the family structure suffered from domesticperspectives of the family, by has changed over the last couple violence from theinterviewing sociologists as of years and what has husband and sometimeswell as gaining the view points influenced the change in the the children often feltof other people. structure. As well as including neglected. I will look at the reasons I stated in the true stories of people who previous slide, I will include have been victims this various points in history that have influenced the changing family structure. E.G. The introduction of the contraceptive pill in the UK in 1961, Women gaining the right to divorce their husbands in 1857 and the ‘equal pay act’ in 1970 etc.
    7. 7. Research• Crime has risen a lot in the UK in particular gun and knife crime.• According to biologists you can tell who’s a criminal by their facial features. At one point people who where deemed ugly by society were considered criminals. The Biologist theory also states that Biological theory states that people commit crimes because of genetic, biochemical, or neurological deficiencies.• Psychologists say that people commit crimes because of personality imbalances developed during early childhood.• Also the is sociological research on gender and crime which shows that males commit more crime than females.
    8. 8. Episodes My third episode My second episodeMy first episode will will be on the would be on genderexplore gun and knife psychology of and crime. Sociologistscrime. I will look at how crime, biological have found that menthe law enforcement explanations of commit more crimesystems try to tackle the crime and than women and Iproblem. I will get sociological would like to presentinterviews from people explanations the the theories on thison how they feel about fear of crime and such as; women notthe rise in these two how people deal having time to committypes of crimes. with crime in crime, socialisation in society. I will look which girls are at the extreme socialised at home lengths people got and boys are to protect socialised outside.etc. themselves from being victims of crime.
    9. 9. BullyingFirst episode will be on My second episode will be My third episode willcyber bullying and how it on physical bullying and be on bullying In theaffects young peoples how peers influence young home and how somelives. people to become people suffer violence depressed. in their houses.