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  1. 1. DocumentariesBy Michelle Asafu-Adjaye
  2. 2. March of the penguins • What I learnt from this documentary is that a documentary can still be successful with a voiceoverThis is a nature documentary following throughout.the life of the emperor penguins in the • When making a nature documentaryAntarctica. It shows us how penguins a lot of post-production is needed tosurvive, how they breed and how they make it interesting to the audience.mate. E.G-the music and the transitions. • I also learnt about the life of Likes penguins and what they go through • I liked the way they made the every year chronologically. penguins seem like real people. • The voiceover added emotion to the film and created an emotional response from the audience( well most) • The music was really good and fitted in well with E.G- When the narrator jokes whatever mood they were that male penguins are similar trying to create. to men the music here is upbeat and comical.
  3. 3. Analysis of scenes During scenes like this when the penguins where walking there would be a voice over which was good because it made it more interesting and less boring.Whilst showing some of the emperor penguins searchingfor food in the water they also showed the penguins mainpredator, the leopard seal attacking as soon as theyentered the water. The music and the jump cuts from theseal to the penguins trying to escape created tension andanticipation. Also the close up shot of the inside of theseals mouth highlighted the danger the penguins were in.
  4. 4. They use a lot of close of shots which shows the audience lots of detail. E.G.- the egg being carried, one of the eggs cracking and how penguins feed their young.There was a good use of long shots and itwas really effective when they whereshowing how penguins choose oneperson to mate with for life.
  5. 5. How it met the conventions of a documentary? Who the target audience was and This met the conventions of how they reached their target documentaries through the use of audience? the ‘voice of god’ narration and use of natural sounds. The target audience for this documentary is for kids and adults. The rating is a G so How this documentary has inspired its very family friendly. I me? think they where able to reach their target audience It has inspired me because it by including loads of facts shows me that animal for the adults and showing documentaries dont have to be how the penguins act like boring if u have a good humans would have voiceover and good use of appealed to the kids. camera movements/shots.
  6. 6. SICKOThis a documentary film by MichaelMoore is about health care in Americaand the American health insuranceindustry. Likes Dislikes• It gave us a lot of information• They used lots of examples and evidence • Sometimes the narrator to support points made. Michael Moore was very bias and it is obvious he has a thing against the American government. • At times the tone of his voice was very sarcastic. • He didnt explore the downside of having universal healthcare. E.G- long waiting lists.
  7. 7. Analysis of scenes They introduce the participants they are interviewing and clearly introduce them by showing their names on the screen and their profession.The narrator gets informationfrom doctors in other countriesand compares it to the healthcare in America. He uses close-ups of important documents and highlights important information for the audience to focus on.
  8. 8. Good use of graphics He uses CCTV images as evidence of how patients in America are treated and the music here is very emotional.They use old clips from variouspoints in history.
  9. 9. He gets true life stories from various people in order to build an emotional response from the audience and even shows the method he used to contact these people.Most of the images that are used are in sync withthe voiceover. E.g. This newspaper article of awoman.
  10. 10. How it met the conventions of a documentary?It met the conventions of a documentarythrough the use of the shakycamera, archival footage and interviews withexperts. Who the target audience was and how they reached their target audience? The target audience is adults and young adults because the documentary covers an issue that is of great concern in the United States How this documentary has inspired me? It has inspired me by showing me that documentaries can be about anything and you can represent issues in anyway you like.
  11. 11. Misbehaving mums This a TV documentary which researches pregnant women who are doing things that are putting their unborn babies at risk and this documentary shows how specialised nurses try to help them. Likes•Very factual•The music was very modernand fitted in well becausethey’re using young/teenagewomen in their documentaries
  12. 12. Analysis of clips Good use of graphics. E.g. the baby scan with the baby smoking and drinking was very affective. The participants in the documentary talk to the camera sometimes. They write down the details of the They also follow the girls around to see person as well. how they get on after the advice they’ve been given.They introduce the characters they’ll befeaturing in each episode and also giveinformation about the nurses who willbe monitoring the women.
  13. 13. How it met the conventions of a documentary?It met the conventions of documentaries through the use ofmontage, interviews and voice of god narrationWho the target audience was and how they reached theirtarget audience?I think the target audience was women in particular massmarket women. I think they reached their target audienceby putting this on bbc three.How this documentary has inspired me?It has inspired me through their filming techniques and I willconsider using the method of giving some backgroundinformation about people taking part in my documentary asthis can make it more interesting and entertaining.