Boom day 2


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Boom day 2

  1. 1. Using the BRAIN BINGO sheet given to you, fill in the blanks with an assortment of the words below— your choice! Memory Stress Brain Sleep Neurons Nutrition Tummy Attention Study Memory Activate Learning Information Katniss Dendrites Dreaming Energy Hemisphere Laughter Gale Potential Class Human Primacy-Recency Four Multi-tasking Unconscious Prefrontal BOOM
  2. 2. BRAIN QUIZ! How are the answers usable in YOUR LIFE?Adapted with permission from Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, PhD
  3. 3. True or False?1. Past information influences how we learn something new.2. Sleep is important for learning.3. People judge each others’ faces and tones of voiceimmediately and almost unconsciously.4. Nutrition impacts learning.5. Some people are more right-brained, and some are moreleft-brained.6. Attention + Memory = Learning?7. Stress impacts learning.8. Students can pay attention for a full class period.9. The brain can hold more than 10 items in its working memoryat any one time.10. The brain cannot multi-task.
  4. 4. True or false? Past information influences how we learn something new.
  5. 5. Activating Prior Knowledge Rupban Kanya Trailer Hunger Games Trailer
  6. 6. TRUE! Connecting new information to prior knowledge facilitates learning.
  7. 7. True or false?People judge each other’s faces and tones of voice immediately and almost unconsciously.
  8. 8. TRUE! The human brain judges others’ faces and tones of voices for threat levels in a rapid and often unconscious way, influencing the way information from these sources is perceived.
  9. 9. True or false? Sleep isimportant for learning.
  10. 10. TRUE!Your brain works while you are asleep. Both sleep as well as dreaming impact learning. Sleep Brain Rule
  11. 11. True or false? “Some people are more right- brained and others more left- brained.” “Brain parts work in isolation.”
  12. 12. FALSE!Brain areas do NOT act in isolation. Most brain functions involve complicated systems that involve both right and left hemispheres.
  13. 13. True or false?Stress impacts learning. Laughter Yoga
  14. 14. TRUE!! Both positively and negatively“Good” stress heightens attention and helps learning, while “bad” stress detracts from learning potential.
  15. 15. True or false?Attention +Memory =Learning?
  16. 16. (Oversimplified, but…)TRUE! Without ATTENTION and MEMORY there is no LEARNING. To learn something new means you have topay attentionto it as well as remember it.
  17. 17. True or false?Students can pay attentionfor a full class period (40-90 minutes).
  18. 18. FALSE!The human attention span is limited. 10-12 MINUTES
  19. 19. The “Primacy-Recency” Effect People remember best what happens first, second best what happens last, and least what happens in the middle.
  20. 20. True or False?The brain can hold more than 10 items in its working memory at any one time.
  21. 21. FALSE!4
  22. 22. True or False?The brain cannot multi-task.
  23. 23. TRUE!Rub your tummy. Pat your head.At the same time.