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Lunch & Learn about Lecture Capture and Camtasia Relay trial at NLU.

Lunch & Learn about Lecture Capture and Camtasia Relay trial at NLU.



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  • The concept of lecture capture is certainly nothing new. Faculty and institutions have been using various methods of recording classroom activity for years.
  • As I said, the concept and practice of “lecture capture” has been around for decades. But it’s a new breed of advanced tools that have emerged in the past 10 years that have given rise to talk about institutions implementing a “lecture capture” system. These tools are similar to screencasting tools, but are pumped up with more features and automated processes that make the recording, processing and publishing aspects a lot easier for instructors. For some, the instructor simply hits a record button when beginning their class and a stop button at the end. For others, where recordings are scheduled by facilities, the instructor does absolutely nothing. In either case, when class ends the recording is automatically uploaded to a server which adds institution branding and converts the recording into a format that students can easily access online. The system then published the recording to the location of the instructors’ choosing. This could be a course website, Blackboard, screencast.com, etc. It may even send students a notification that a new recording is available.

Lecture Capture Lecture Capture Presentation Transcript

  • Lecture Capture
    Lunch & Learn
  • Today we will learn about and discuss the growing interest in ‘lecture capture’ tools in Education.
    • What is it?
    • Lecture Capture tools
    • Benefits and Downsides
    • Lecture Capture options at NLU
    • Camtasia Relay Trial
    Lunch & Learn: Lecture Capture
    Michelle Goeders
    Director of Academic Computing
  • What is Lecture Capture?
    EDUCAUSE: “an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally.”
    Wikipedia: “the process of digitally capturing and archiving the content of a lecture, conference, or seminar.”
  • Question
    Have you ever captured a lecture/classroom activity?
  • Examples of Lecture Capture tools
    Digital Recorders
  • Examples of Lecture Capture tools
    Pencast from LiveScribe
  • Examples of Lecture Capture tools
  • Examples of Lecture Capture tools
    Lecture Capture Systems
  • SonicFoundryMediaSite
  • Echo360
  • Possible Features
    • search
    • table of contents
    • playback slow
    • playback fast
    • automatic captioning
    • editing
    • scheduled recordings
    • live web-casting
    • off-line recordings
    • reporting
    • PowerPoint integration
    • LMS integration
    • Facebook integration
    • Remote proctoring
    • computer screen
    • audio
    • video of instructor
    • document camera
    • white board activity
  • What are the benefits?
    • an alternative when students miss class
    • an opportunity for content review
    • content for online course development
    EDUCAUSE: 7 Things You Should Know About Lecture Capture
  • What are the benefits?
    • flexibility
    • extended outreach
    • Addresses learning disabilities, language barriers, learning styles
    • sharing of rich library of content
    • increase student learning
    • less focus on note-taking in class
    • content can cross courses and disciplines
    • increased student success and retention
  • What are the potential downsides?
    • students will skip class (no, they won’t)
    • no live interaction or Q&A
    • difficult to capture audio from students in classroom
    • large amounts of storage needed
    • privacy issues?
    • faculty resistance
    • intellectual property issues?
    • new citation rules?
  • Is it effective?
    University of Maryland Dental School – MediaSite
    • 142 students (91%) responded strongly agree or agree that lecture capture made it easier for them to learn.
    • Given attendance level, performance equal to or better than straight lecture.
    Coppin State University - Tegrity
    • 73% say it “somewhat increased” or “significantly increased” their satisfaction in the course
    • 54% say it “somewhat increased” or “significantly increased” their grade in the course
    • LCS is associated with roughly a 10% increase in student retention in one course
    EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, 2009
  • Is it effective?
    St. Mary University STEM Courses - Tegrity
    59% of students said it increased their satisfaction in the course
    50% felt increased depth of their learning
    57% felt increased impact of success in course
    54% felt increased amount of material learned
    Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
    Spring 2009
  • Is it effective?
    Columbus State CC Nursing Program – Camtasia Relay
    88% students find it easy to use87% say improved their experience in class79% easier to achieve learning goals91% said useful to learning experience
    7/7 courses showed increase in passing grades4/7 courses showed decrease in withdrawal rate4/7 courses showed increase in mean GPA score
    Faculty perceive that it increased student performance, student satisfaction, was a medium for uninterrupted education, and increased time on material.
  • Lecture Capture @ NLU
    • digital voice recorders
    • computer and microphone
    • Jing
    • Centra
    • Camtasia Relay Trial
  • Camtasia Relay Trial
    • Does this tool have a place at NLU?
    • Through March 2011
    • Recordings will remain available
    • Super-easy to use
    • Saves to faculty server space
    • Contact Michelle for an account
    • records what happens on your entire screen
    • ability to do automatic captioning
    • also record to a USB drive
  • Insert example of Camtasia Relay recording
  • Encoding Formats for Camtasia Relay
  • But…
    I don’t lecture.
  • What can you use it for?
    • record an entire classroom session
    • record a tutorial or demonstration
    • record an orientation or preparatory materials
    Is there something you spend classroom time on that could be covered outside of class in a recording?
    • record audio to a PowerPoint in a web-friendly file
    • record audio feedback on student work
    • record a visiting speaker
    • have your students record their presentations
  • Discussion
    Would you use this?
    What would you use it for?
    How do you think your students would benefit?
  • Thank You for Participating.