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  • 1. A flexible system for multimedia management and publishing M. Bertini, G. Becchi, A. Del Bimbo, A. Ferracani G. Ioannidis, A. Stan E. Bijk University of Florence - MICC IN2 Ltd Utrecht School of the ArtsC75 C60M70 Y100 The IM3I platformY62K80IM3I provides a service-oriented architecture that allows for multiple viewpoints of multimedia data deep insiderepositories, providing better ways to reuse, repurpose and share rich media.Automatic multimedia annotation is performed by user definable processing pipelines, and services for syntacticand semantic audio and video annotations are provided. Visual annotation is performed using an implementation ofthe BoW paradigm, based on a fusion of MSER, SURF and SIFT features and the Pyramid Matching Kernel.An ontology-based search and browsing engine can be used as a service or through Rich Internet Applicationinterfaces. Other services and specialized interfaces allow tagging and CBIR. Publishing functionalities are providedby a set of services and interfaces of the authoring platform. Automatic and manual audio/video annotation The video annotation system allows to browse videos, select concepts from an ontology structure, insert or modify annotations and download previously saved annotations. Annotations, managed by the search engine, can be exported to both MPEG-7 and OWL ontology formats. Annotations can be geotagged using Google Maps Semantic and content-based search Simple or advanced search interface to build composite queries that may include concepts, boolean and temporal operators, metadata and geo tag or using the CBIR engine with a query by example. Web-based authoring toolsThis work was supported by the EU IST IM3I project (contract FP7-222267). http://www.im3i.eu