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Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (F08)
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Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (F08)

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  • 1. Investment Banking Cover Letter & Résumé Workshop Presented by: Jessica Delfino September 9 th , 2008 With contributions by Annie Deng & Ekaterina Petrovitch
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Overview of recruiting process
    • Preparing your application package
      • Résumé
      • Cover Letter
      • Unofficial Transcript
    • Examples of résumés and cover letters
  • 3. Introduction
    • Jessica Delfino
      • Highlights Producer
      • NBC Sports, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles
      • [email_address]
  • 4. Overview of Recruiting Process
    • Recruiting starts in early September
    • Banks come to McGill and give information sessions
      • Attend every information session and speak to as many people as possible
    • Interview process:
      • First round interviews are held in Bronfman, at the bank’s office in Montreal, or by telephone
      • Second round interviews are conducted in NYC/Toronto, typically as a “Super Saturday”
      • Offers are extended following successful second round interviews
  • 5. Application Package
    • Serves one function: to get you an interview
    • Consists of
      • Résumé (1 page)
      • Cover Letter (1 page)
      • Unofficial Transcript
    • Read instructions carefully …
  • 6. Preparing your Application Package
    • Read job descriptions very carefully and tailor your application to fit the descriptions
        • Check out the company’s website
      • Some qualities of a great analyst:
        • High degree of initiative and motivation
        • Strong quantitative & analytical skills
        • Attention to detail (perfect formatting, no errors, on time)
        • Quick learner
        • Results-driven
  • 7. Résumé - Format
  • 8. Résumé - Content
      • Prioritize points you want to get across, such as summer internships and quantitative work experience
      • As much as possible, what you write should relate to investment banking
        • Relate you experiences to skills/attributes they are seeking
        • Go back to the job description/analyst skills checklist
      • Keep your statements concise, and quantify where possible
      • Use power verbs!
      • Make sure you can talk about everything you write on your resume, including interests and hobbies
  • 9. Cover Letter
    • One page, 3 – 5 paragraphs
      • Paragraph 1: Self introduction and why you want to apply for that particular bank
      • Paragraph 2-4: Talk about relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, awards and achievements
        • Relate all these experiences to how it will help you in your role as an analyst, i.e. Captain of sports team = leadership skills, competitive spirit
        • Show, don’t tell
      • Paragraph 5: Summarize why you are a good candidate and your passion for the job; make a good closing
    • Make a reference to the bank, i.e. conversations with an executive, etc.
  • 10. Transcript
      • Copy-paste from Minerva into a Word document
      • Do not edit anything
  • 11. Helpful Tips
      • Have your résumé and cover letter read over by Career Services and several other people
        • (Having an investment banker edit it would not be such a bad idea …)
      • Make sure there are NO typos. Even one typo is unacceptable
      • Remove any extraneous and irrelevant info. Less is more
      • Always send to recruiters in PDF format
  • 12. Resources
    • CC website
      • Your guide to résumés, cover letters, and interviews
      • Access to Vault Guides
    • CC office
      • Several books available, sample résumés and cover letters
    • Lots of great websites including:
      • http://ibankingresumes.blogspot.com/
      • http://www.mergersandinquisitions.com/investment-banking-resumes/
  • 13. Coming Up!
    • Technical Interview Workshop
      • Thursday, September 18 th ; 4:30 – 6:00 pm in Bronfman Room 204
      • Join our Facebook group for updates!
  • 14. Question and Answer