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A presentation based on Chapter 10 U-Learning? From The World is Open By Curtis J. Bonk

A presentation based on Chapter 10 U-Learning? From The World is Open By Curtis J. Bonk

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  • 1. R U Learning?
    Opener #9 : Real-Time Mobility and Portability
    Adapted from Chapter 10 : U-Learning?
    From The World is Open
    By Curtis J. Bonk
  • 2. Explore with me…
    The idea of mobile learning
    The tools for mobile learning
    The mobile learners
    The global mobile learning landscape
    The implication and potential of mobile learning
  • 3.
  • 4. “Education is the goal, learning is the means. A lot of learning can happen without teaching.”-Nicholas Negroponte,Chairman Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab
  • 5. The Idea of Mobile Learning
    Mobile Learning = Ubiquitous learning = Learning on the Go! = “…an exciting form of learning that uses mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience.”
    u-Learning : The use of technology (mobile techonologies, WiFi Internet access, mobile devices) to learn without reflecting on it.
  • 6. The Idea of Mobile Learning
    Characteristics of Mobile Learning (among others):
    Gap-filler materials (not necessarily formal learning materials)
    Greater learners’ autonomy
    Learning is personalized and customized
  • 7. The Mobile Learning Tools
  • 8. Some of the Tools for Mobile Learning
    Chumby – Fun + mobile internet device; streams newsfeeds, weather reports, short language course
    iPhone – 3-in-1 mobile device : phone, media player and internet surfing device, represents a convergence of technology
    Live Scribe – Digital Pen + Digital Notepad + Laptop/PC dock + Internet = Portable Thoughts!
  • 9. Possible M-Learning Applications
    • Webcam feeds of lectures?
    • 10. Informational videos?
    • Quick guides?
    • 11. Dictionary?
    Live Scribe
    • Sharing of lecture notes?
    • 12. Sharing of lecture audio?
  • 13. That basically means…
  • 14. Meet the 21st Century Learner
  • 15. The Mobile Learners
    21st Century Learners = Multitaskers Personified
    Access is KING
    Perpetually online
    Shared online social space
  • 16. The Global Mobile Learning Landscape
    3.3 billion people have mobile phones, the
    number will potentially hit 4 billion by 2010
  • 17. The Global Mobile Learning Landscape
    In IBM, employees download more than 4.5 million podcasts to keep up-to-date and get cutting edge knowledge.
    In Korea, more than 90% of households are already connected to cheap, broadband internet
    We are increasingly relying on digital info, storage and access
  • 18. The Global Mobile Learning Landscape
    In Japan
    Cyber University of Japan
    Free courses offered via streaming videos, PowerPoint slides, text info, audio files
    In Korea
    Portable Multimedia Players
    Can broadcast TV programmes from the Korean Educational Broadcasting System
  • 19. The Global Mobile Learning Landscape
    In Latin America
    Pocket School
    Grammar and spelling lessons stored in customised MP3 players
    In Africa
    Digital Education Enhancement Project (DEEP)
    Illustrated e-books installed in handheld devices for rural primary teachers
  • 20. The Implications of Mobile Learning
    The creation of learning environments where learning is going on 24/7 for anybody seeking it
    Greater need for digital learning skills or competency
    • Searching/Googling/Identifying authority
    • 21. Networking/Facebooking/Ninging
    Participation vs Consumption
    • Participation does not necessarily translates to consumption, vice versa (lurkers in the midst?)
  • The Implications of Mobile Learning (for ID)
    Addressing collaborative learning
    • Mobile devices are mostly solitary devices – the connection (to the internet) makes it a gateway to collaboration
    How to effectively chunk information?
    • Bite-size info
    • 22. Still relevant and useful
    • 23. Digestion rate
    Engaging content
    • Bigger audience – what’s the common lowest denominator?
  • Mobile Learning, the Final Frontier?
  • 24. All of us now can be learners, all the time, anywhere.
    What say you?
  • 25. Thank you
    Well, that’s it!
    Slides Presentation By : UmiHanimMohd Ibrahim