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Law Enforcement






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Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Presentation Transcript

  • MindTouch Collaborative Network Fo r L a w E n fo r ce m e
  • So What’s the Problem? I need to find the rightinformation to do my job
  • But currently you don’t have a way to share and retrieve Information easily…
  • Because it’s stored HERE HERE HEREBrad Jim & HERE
  • And not available toHIM or HIM HIM Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • Or at the station for the Dispatcher InvestigatorCrime Analyst Investigator And Supervisor
  • So your job is much more difficult than it needs to be
  • Like when you need to testify about Johnny the Gangster
  • But your gang sheet is 4 years old Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And Johnny’s updated information is spread out across the departmentHERE & HERE HERE HERE and you can’t find it…
  • So you’re not prepared to prove Johnny’s a gang member
  • And he gets 6 months instead of 3 years forrobbery, because you didn’t have direct access to the right information
  • Now there is an alternative
  • Because now you can have a complete history of the Johnny’s gang here in one place HERE & HERE HERE HERE WIKIPD
  • And it’s easy to update withtext, pictures and forms– Really! It’s like using Microsoft Word but easier WIKIPD
  • And it can be updated by DetectivesPatrol Officers Your existing systems Analysts Dispatchers WIKIPD Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And it’s available 24/7 on all shifts No need to track down information
  • And it’s easy to add and retrieve information
  • So next time you’re preparedand get the right result – 3 years!
  • And there’s much more!
  • We can connect to almost ANY CAD system
  • Which means you can have real time dashboards and alerts from your current CAD system Crime Dashboard TYPE Vandalism Car theft Assault Robbery Daily Call Activity Weekly Call Activity Monthly Call Activity Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And more intelligence because not only can we provide dots on a map, we can also…
  • Automatically translate the dots into actionable intelligence Rank Make Model Year Car Thefts 1 Ford Taurus 2002 2 Honda Accord 2001 3 Honda Civic 1995 4 Chevy F/500 1994 Last 5 stolen cars Time Make Model License 8:20am Honda Accord CER465 6:40am Honda Civic GHT627 3:21:am Honda Civic KLI771 1:15am Chevy F/500 KWE667
  • This data can even be collected from legacy CAD systems
  • And turned into this
  • So when there’s a rise in Car Thefts TYPE Vandalism Car Theft Assault Robbery
  • You’re armed with the latest actionable intelligence Car Thefts Rank Make Model Year 1 Ford Taurus 2002 2 Honda Accord 2001 3 Honda Civic 1995 4 Chevy F/500 1994 Last 5 stolen carsTime Make Model License8:20am Honda Accord CER4656:40am Honda Civic GHT6273:21:am Honda Civic KLI7711:15am Chevy F/500 KWE667 Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And you can act more strategically to reduce it TYPE Vandalism Car Theft Assault Robbery
  • Institutional knowledge is available 24/7
  • We make it easier to work together quicklyBut they don’t have a way to share criminal activity… Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And break down walls Organizational wallsdetectives Technological walls Economic walls (need lower cost)
  • We give you the tools
  • And instant access to information
  • And it can be accessedAt the station In your vehicles
  • Introducing a revolutionaryCollaborative System for Law Enforcement
  • WikiPD is the very affordableContent Management System (CMS) A WIKI based Content Management System
  • Add our Tactical Information Portal (TIP) to WIKIPD make your CAD system more strategic and usable Connects to most CAD Systems
  • MindTouch’sTactical Information Portal (TIP) Look at CAD data in a fresh new way! CAD activity Feeds Heat Maps Call Activity Volume Dashboards and alerts Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And it’s completely customizable Straight from your CAD system LIVE!Customize itto fit YOURorganization.It’s up to you.
  • MindTouch’s Tactical Information Portal (TIP)ActivityDashboardsto monitorlawenforcementactivity
  • MindTouch’s Tactical Information Portal (TIP)FastTemplateDrivencontentcreation Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement
  • And many FREE applicationsfrom the MindTouch community Law Enforcement Applications
  • Remember it works here
  • And in the field
  • And even here…
  • And it can be shared over your existing secure network
  • How it Works
  • WikiPD is a content management system (CMS) that’s much easier to use Analyst Department Personnel A robust Wiki-based content and document management systemOfficer Documents Forms Content Internal Wiki Website Send and Vehicle receive
  • Easily upgrade WikiPD to Include TIP Data from CAD CMS Department Personnel Dashboards Management Internal Wiki Website Tactical Information Portal (TIP)
  • “How will this benefit differentmembers of your organization?”
  • The Patrol OfficerGives me easy access to in-houseexperts and informationQuick access to referencematerials, policies and proceduresAnd allows me to collaborate withpeople in other shifts or divisions
  • The DetectiveProvides an avenue to collaboratewith field personnelHelps them recognize overallTrends and focus efforts
  • The ManagerTo view high level activity dashboards (e.g. calls for service)Quick access to on the groundrealityRecognition for the agency asbeing innovative and smarter
  • The Crime AnalystProvides a place to publish work product so that it’s easily located and usable Get graphical representations of data. (e.g. what cars are being stolen?) Create dashboards and share with the department
  • Which makes solving crimes easier Arrested
  • Because everyone is working from the same page Department Personnel
  • Getting Started
  • For the price of two portable radios
  • You get a powerful ContentManagement System & Dashboard
  • Expanding the system is easy 100’s of free add-ons and applicationsWIKI Content Management Site TIP Portal
  • In Summary Today’s Content MindTouch WikiPD and TIPMindTouch WikiPD with Tactical Information portal (TIP)… • Gives you instant access to training, bulletins, documents, etc. • Supersizes your current CAD system • Share and collaborate across the department and shifts
  • Contact usGlobal HeadquartersMindTouch, 646.3868 US Toll Free(619) 795.3948 Fax+1 (619) 795-8459 International401 West A Street, Suite 250San Diego, CA 92101 International Headquarters MindTouch, Inc. +44 1708-616413 Adelaide House Number 1, Perth Trading Estate Slough SL1 4XX United Kingdom Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement