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What is Brand Personality?
About Brand Personality
Brand Personality Scale Measures
5 Personality factors

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Brand Personality

  1. 1. Brand PersonalityBrand Personality Reported By: Stephanie B. Bonifacio
  2. 2. What is Brand PersonalityWhat is Brand Personality ►Brand Personality is a set of humanBrand Personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand.characteristics associated with a brand. ►Personality is how the brand behaves.Personality is how the brand behaves. ►Gender, age, socio-economic class,Gender, age, socio-economic class, psychographic, emotional characteristics.psychographic, emotional characteristics.
  3. 3. ►Brand personality is what distinguishes oneBrand personality is what distinguishes one brand from another or a particular brandbrand from another or a particular brand from a product.from a product. ►It is easier to intuitively understand brandIt is easier to intuitively understand brand personality rather than define itpersonality rather than define it
  4. 4. About Brand PersonalityAbout Brand Personality ►Brand Personality is the weighted averageBrand Personality is the weighted average of previous impressions.of previous impressions. ►Brand Personality is searched by brandBrand Personality is searched by brand strategies and researchers.strategies and researchers. ►In consumer’s mind, these impressionsIn consumer’s mind, these impressions merge to form an overall concept of what tomerge to form an overall concept of what to expect from a brand.expect from a brand. ►Brand Personality like human personality isBrand Personality like human personality is both distinctive and enduring.both distinctive and enduring.  Both are built over a period of time.Both are built over a period of time.
  5. 5. Brand Personality Scale MeasuresBrand Personality Scale Measures
  6. 6. ► 5 Personality factors namely are5 Personality factors namely are 1.1. SinceritySincerity 2.2. ExcitementExcitement 3.3. CompetenceCompetence 4.4. SophisticationSophistication 5.5. RuggednessRuggedness
  7. 7. ► Each personality factor composed ofEach personality factor composed of several sub-factors which is illustratedseveral sub-factors which is illustrated below as a brand personality scale.below as a brand personality scale. 1.1. SinceritySincerity ► Down to EarthDown to Earth ► HonestHonest ► WholesomeWholesome ► CheerfulCheerful
  8. 8. Brand personality of DABURBrand personality of DABUR ►Strong heritageStrong heritage ►Herbal or ayurvedic benefitHerbal or ayurvedic benefit ►HealthyHealthy ►NurturingNurturing
  9. 9. 2. Excitement2. Excitement ► DaringDaring ► SpiritedSpirited ► ImaginativeImaginative ► Up-to-dateUp-to-date
  10. 10. 3. Competence3. Competence ►ReliableReliable ►IntelligentIntelligent ►SuccessfulSuccessful
  11. 11. Inspire a leadership brandInspire a leadership brand
  12. 12. 4. Sophistication4. Sophistication ►Upper ClassUpper Class ►CharmingCharming
  13. 13. What we buy often speaks aboutWhat we buy often speaks about ourselvesourselves ► Van HeusenVan Heusen
  14. 14. 5. Ruggedness5. Ruggedness ►OutdoorsyOutdoorsy ►ToughTough
  15. 15. Brand Personality SymbolismBrand Personality Symbolism ► The Marlboro Man is oneThe Marlboro Man is one of the most famous andof the most famous and controversial ads of allcontroversial ads of all timetime
  16. 16. The Marlboro Man represents/is:The Marlboro Man represents/is: ► Being a cowboy (a boy’sBeing a cowboy (a boy’s fantasy)fantasy) ► CoolCool ► IndependenceIndependence ► Rugged/ToughRugged/Tough ► AbilityAbility ► StyleStyle ► SteadinessSteadiness ► FearlessFearless
  17. 17. Some ExamplesSome Examples ►Marlboro is “masculine” whileMarlboro is “masculine” while Blackbath is “feminine”Blackbath is “feminine” ►Microsoft is older while Apple isMicrosoft is older while Apple is younger.younger. ►Coca-Cola is “conforming” while PepsiCoca-Cola is “conforming” while Pepsi Cola is “irreverent”Cola is “irreverent”
  18. 18. Notable examplesNotable examples ► Jollibee - child friendly, affordable, and familyJollibee - child friendly, affordable, and family oriented.oriented. ► Red Horse Beer – masculinity, strong andRed Horse Beer – masculinity, strong and tough.tough. ► Levi’s – Rebellion, sensuality, being cool.Levi’s – Rebellion, sensuality, being cool. ► Axe – Seduction, masculinity, and individuality.Axe – Seduction, masculinity, and individuality.
  19. 19. Why use brand personality?Why use brand personality? ► Guides Communication EffortGuides Communication Effort  Communicates brand identity with richness and texture.Communicates brand identity with richness and texture. ► Creates Brand EquityCreates Brand Equity  Builds long-term brand equity.Builds long-term brand equity.  Serves as powerful relationship device.Serves as powerful relationship device. ► Contributes to differentiating IdentityContributes to differentiating Identity  Can differentiate brands especially when brands are similar in productCan differentiate brands especially when brands are similar in product attributes.attributes.  Example: BMW(luxury) vs Volkswagen (family)Example: BMW(luxury) vs Volkswagen (family) ► Enriches UnderstandingEnriches Understanding  Helps gain an in-depth understanding of consumer perceptions of andHelps gain an in-depth understanding of consumer perceptions of and attitudes towards the brand.attitudes towards the brand.  Can provide more insights than is gained by asking about attributeCan provide more insights than is gained by asking about attribute perceptions.perceptions.
  20. 20. Elements of Brand PersonalityElements of Brand Personality Appeals to the reason (Beliefs) sensible, practical, hardworking, affordable efficient Appeals to the senses (Reactions) stylish, sizzling, tasty, attractive Appeals to the emotions (Feelings) warm, caring, fun, exciting, trendy, trusted Appeals to the Self- image (Associations) asp rational, status-conscious cult figure, macho Rational Sensory Emotional Symbolic Brand Values