The Ways to Change/Convert AAC to MP3 on Mac You Should Know


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Your player doesn't support AAC audio? Then take a look at the easy and inexpensive solutions here to learn how to convert AAC to MP3 on Mac for better compatibility now!

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The Ways to Change/Convert AAC to MP3 on Mac You Should Know

  1. 1. All rights reserved— The Ways to Convert AAC to MP3 on Mac You Should KnowAAC is widely known as the default audio format that used by Apple iTunes and theiTunes music store. It is a compressed audio file format similar to MP3 but retains bettersound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. It can maintain the quality nearlyindistinguishable from the original audio source. Even this audio format is designed to bethe successor of the MP3 format to create small digital audio files with good quality; it isnot compatible with as many devices as MP3.As a result, if you once to make your AAC format music files work with all your devices,the surest way would be that to convert your music files from AAC to MP3 format. Thisarticle is here to introduce two easy and inexpensive methods for you to convert AAC toMP3 on Mac. If your most commonly used player doesnt support AAC audio, then goahead to take a look at these solutions to change AAC music to MP3 on a Mac for bettercompatibility now!Way 1: How to convert AAC to MP3 on Mac via iTunes (Free)Way 2: How to turn AAC into MP3 on Mac with Mac MP3 Converter (Cheap butEffective)Method 1: How to Change AAC Music to MP3 on Mac Free with iTunes?There is a very common Mac media program that can help you to convert AAC audiofiles to MP3 for free. Thats the iTunes. If you try to use iTunes for the audio conversionfrom AAC to MP3, heres how to do it.Step 1: Directly go to "iTunes >Preferences" from the menu bar once you launchiTunes. And then hit the "General" tab from the Preferences window.Step 2: Click the "Import Settings" button in the second section of the window, and thenyou will see a screen like the one shown below. In the drop down menu of the "ImportUsing" option, select "MP3 Encoder". At last, press OK.Tips: Here in this "Import Settings" window, you can also customize more detail settings.Just do it as you like before you click the "OK" button.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— 3: Import your source AAC music files into iTunes library. Highlight one or moreAAC songs in your iTunes library, and then choose to "Advanced > Create MP3 Version"to start making a MP3 format copy of your source AAC files.Once start creating the MP3 version files for your selected AAC songs, the new MP3 fileswill appear in your music library. According to the source file size, the whole process willtake you a few seconds to a few minutes.Pros: Free.Cons: A bit complicate. Cause audio loss when creating a MP3 version for the sourceAAC files.Method 2: How to Convert AAC to MP3 on Mac with Mac MP3 Converter?iPubsoft MP3 Converter for Mac would also be a good choice for you to change AACmusic to MP3 on a Mac. This software provides you a much easier way to convert abatch of AAC files to MP3 with the minimum audio loss. Go to check it out for yourselfnow! Purchase the MP3 Converter for Mac (Only $3.99)Step 1: Launc the converter on your Mac and directly drag and drop your source AACfiles to the left panel of the program. Or you can also click "Add File" or "Add Folder" iconto select and load your target files to the software.Step 2: Hit the "Browse" button from the lower portion to set an output folder. Andsimply hit "Start" to proceed with the AAC to MP3 conversion on your Mac.
  3. 3. All rights reserved— long, all your AAC files will be converted and saved as MP3 files with theminimum audio loss in the folder youve set. Just click on the "Open" button, you will bebrought to the output file folder instantly.Pros: Works fast to convert AAC to MP3 on Mac in batch; reduce audio loss to theminimum extent.Cons: Paid but not expensive, just $3.99.More about Mac MP3 ConverterThe practical converter you see in the above tutorial is a well-designed and excellentsoftware for Mac users to convert not only regular music files to MP3, but also extractsounds from videos on Mac in a breeze. So, if you once want to convert video or audiofiles to MP3 on a Mac for your player, then dont hesitate to let this helpful Mac MP3conversion tool do you a favor now! Purchase the MP3 Converter for Mac (Only $3.99)You may be also interested in:How to Change M4R Ringtones to MP3 on MacFeel Easy to Extract MP3 from Flash Videos on Mac